Saturday, June 27, 2015

First Letter! June 26, 2015

Hey Fam Bam!
          Whelp. I'm officially official. Say hello to your new Sister McAllister! It's so weird to get called that and to wear the tag, but I love it!
Sooooooooo, a LOT has happened and it's only my 3rd day. We began life as Sister missionaries living in building 17M- the brand new, spacy, lovely 17M....until a bat was sighted. Yes a bat, as in the ones that fly in your hair (They really do fly in your hair! #Epic). SO they moved ALL of the Sister missionaries out of that building and into 3M and 5M, which are not as nice, nor spacy, nor lovely. AND in moving all of our stuff out, I was carrying my big suitcase up the stairs (I mean its only 40 lbs) and strained or pulled something in my lower back....yay 2nd day at the MTC!..... Man, I did not sleep at all last night, and I can't even sit down without it hurting like crazy. It's a good thing my pain tolerance is so high- but I have cried quite a few times today (it's ok, it's very therapeutic ;) I did get a priesthood blessing though, so despite my pain and my stressing (we're teaching an investigator...TOMORROW!) I'm doing alright. It is a lot harder than I ever imagined, but I am loving it. My Companion Sister Kang is real sweet- I mean I've had to drag her all over campus with me trying to find out what to do about my back.  Anyways, I only had a short time so that's it for me til Tuesday!
I love you all SO much! Make is back to the lovely CO safely please!!!!!

Love, Sister McAllister

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