Monday, August 29, 2016

The Week of Craziness....August 29, 2016

Hello All!
Forgive me if this email stinks, but my motivation to email and
actually do a good job at it has severely declined as I age hahaha

For Monday we did beach volleyball in Perth Amboy as a zone. It was a
blast! I got to go to the ocean for the first time in 8 months and I
LOVED it! It was the perfect day and we had lots of fun :)

Then I went on exchange to Perth Amboy the next day with Hermana
Holguin from El Paso,TX (but really from Chihuahua, Mexico)- and guess
what?? It was a walking area. Again. Hahahaha, ouch. My blisters
doubled in size, and I got 10 more mosquito bites. But I also ate
super good Hispanic food, and had awesome Korean drinks, and just
enjoyed life with S.Holguin. We found out we're basically the same
person, and I'm so glad I got to get to know her better. I also
learned some more Spanish, which is awesome!

On Wednesday, we had a special MLC with Elder Dube of the Seventy. He
came and taught and counseled with us leaders in the mission, and the
Spirit was so strong. The second he walked in the room, you knew he
was important and has power. He's pretty short, pretty average
looking, but he packs a spiritual punch. He did a role-play with
another elder on sister wood and I, and I almost started crying with
how he taught it. The Spirit just went whoom into my heart. He was
amazing, and I'm so glad I could learn from him.
Then on Friday we had all of the southern missionaries in a conference
with Elder Dube and President and Sister Taggart who all gave us
trainings  and it was super awesome. I wish I had gotten a picture
with him, but I never could.

We've been fed a lot this week because sister wood is goin home and
she's been in this Ward for 5 transfers now, so thats been cool too.

Oh! And Ellis Island on Saturday was the

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 volleyball pictures from last Pday
 Ellis Island

Blisters, Guyabas, and Chaufas de Pollo...August 22, 2016

This week has been CRAZY! But nothing like how this next week will be,
we literally have almost every hour planned for with meetings and
appointments and service!
But first, let me talk about this past week haha, I'm getting ahead of myself

I went on exchange with Sis Shaffer on tues-wed, I love this girl so
much. My 3rd exchange with her, in 3 transfers (1 of them being 3days
long) and I just wish sooooooooo badly to be her companion haha! We
fell right into a teaching rhythm, and basically it feels like we've
already been companions- but now I want it for real! She's such an
amazing person and missionary. I have super high respect for her-
she's a boss. In the best, humble kind of way :)
It was a cool exchange too, we saw a lot of miracles. We were able to
help a woman who said she wanted to leave the church, and we saw her
turn her thoughts around in the space of an hour to say she loves the
church. The Spirit works in wonderful, beautiful ways! We also met
some super awesome guys while we were contacting on E. Front St in our
area. A couple were high, a couple were Muslim, a couple were
Christian, a few were Hispanic, lots of them were bosses, and
basically I just love people. I don't know why I get in my head so
much when I'm about to talk to a person, because 60% of the time
they'll at least be nice even if they're not interested...blah. One
day I won't be shy anymore!!!

One thing we do every Friday and Saturday is set up a table
stand/booth on E.Front St with the 6 other missionaries that attend
services in our building. It's super fun, because it lets people know
you're going to talk to them and it automatically gives you something
to say, instead of the awko taco
method we use in street contacting hahahaha. I love it! It's a great
way to find people, and we've seen lots of success come from it. Lots
of seed planting, but lots of new investigators as well :)
On Saturday we were leaving the booth and getting in our car and there
was this man sitting under a tree by the parking lot. I said hi and he
was super nice in his reply, but I chickened out and walked away. Then
as we were all packing up to leave he moved closer and i told  him to
have a great day, k, I felt an impression I needed to talk to him...I
ignored it and got in the car and started driving away. The other
elders and sisters were behind me, so I figured maybe one of them will
be courageous enough to do it. I was a onto drive out of the parking
lot, when I flipped the car around and when back. In the process of
doing that, we met a man named Greg! He was selling stuff for his
addiction recovery group he's a part of. He was asking $5 for a tin of
Guyabas, but all I had was $2. He took them and we started talking
about how God has helped him remain sober and how Christ changed his
life around. He was amazing and so kind, and basically a miracle. We
talked with him for a while, and then continued on to where we had
left from, and a sister was talking to the man. I'm sad I ignored it,
but so glad I turned around to try and fix it, otherwise we never
would have met Greg! God takes our efforts and blesses us for them-
now I just need to listen on the first go-round. Oh, another miracle
attached to that, I didn't have $2 in cash on me all day. When we were
packing up at the booth, a Spanish couple was walking by and noticed
$2 on the ground. They walked back to give it to me, I tried to
refuse, but the little old lady seemed to give me a stern talking-to
in Spanish, so I took it haha. Well, that's where the $2 went, to help
Greg and his organization. Wow! God works in weird, awesome ways :)

Oh, I also went on exchange to Kearny this week with Hermana Allen.
And guess what!?!? It's a walking area. K, I don't even have walking
days, let alone a walking area. But the Lord called me to there for a
reason (still trying to figure out what it was lol, but it'll come to
me one day). I walked at least 6 miles, in the blazing sun and
humidity, and I got 2 blisters on my feet as proof of my labor
hahahaha. Nah, but it was great! I learned a lot more Spanish, ate
some Peruvian chaufas de pollo, and learned that it is still indeed
possible for me to jump ship and swim back to my awkward shyness when
I'm in uncomfortable I basically failed my 1st
exchange as an STL...woohoo! In pain, hot, sweaty, thirsty,
blistering, sore, shy, etc etc- I was a hot mess, and my poor sister
had to suffer for it. I feel so bad, I wish I had a do-over for those
24 hours. But lesson learned I guess. Hey! Maybe that was what I was
supposed to learn- give it my all ALL the time! Never fall back into
"shy mode", stay the new me...*sigh*   One day.

Anyways! Then on Sunday we got to have lunch with the Acampora family
(yes, the same kind man who cracks my neck and back for me) and it
felt like a slice of home, just a little more Italian and Filipino :)

Today we're going to be playing volleyball on the beach in Perth
Amboy! And Sister Wood and I are getting our hair done (1st haircut
for me in 14 months!), so I have to run. But know I love you all!!!!!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Plainsfield, NJ
 Rita's is Life
Helpers at the Soup Kitchen

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Smells of Plainfield: Laundry Detergent and Weed.....August 15, 2016

Hello All!!! Boy, am I ready for fall. It's felt like 108 for the past
week straight, with 60%+ humidity as well- I guess you can say I've

I had the awesome opportunity to go on 2 exchanges this week! One with
Sister Henry in Maplewood, and one with Sister Fernandez here in my
area. S.Henry is from St.Lucia in the Caribbean, it was so fun to
spend that time with her! We taught a lot of people together, and
she's a real stellar missionary. She puts the "work" in "hard work"!
And then with Sister Fernandez, man, we had a blast!!!! It was soooooo
fun! She's such an awesome missionary as well! Her sarcasm is on
point, and we made some pretty cool videos together too #ThugLife
Lol, both of them have only been out for a few transfers, so it was
weird. They have as much time left, as I've been out almost! I've
become the grandma of the mission 😂
One thing that's been pretty awesome this week is the kindness of the
people here! Everyone we talk to, either on the street, or on the
doorstep- they've all given us water! I have been given a nice,cold
water bottle 6 times this week. It has been such a huge blessing.
Because if any of you know me, you know I hate heat. And that's before
humidity gets involved. So I double hate heat here. But God has been
giving me little tender mercies :)

We were knocking doors a couple days ago, pretty late at night, and at
one of them we talked to a lady Adrienna through her window. She
wasn't interested, but when we asked, she gave us 3 houses we could
try. We've been trying them periodically ever since, and so far 2/3
have been amazing! The 1st house actually was good friends with a
member that feeds us all the time. So we were able to have a great
conversation with him! And he already has a connection to the church!
And the 2nd one is this sweet-as-can-be grandma from the south. She
literally let us right in, and wanted to feed us and have us stay for
a little while! We unfortunately had an appointment we had to get to
pretty quickly, but she was just so kind to us- and interested in
having us come back! She actually asked us to before we could even say

Then on Friday night, S.Fernandez and I were able to set our
investigator Rachel on date for Aug 28!!!! This is only my 2nd time
meeting her, but she was super willing to be baptized. When we asked
her what a good goal would be she said "next Sunday"! We had to
explain that she needs to come to church a couple times first so that
she can have a support system and family in the church, but it was
awesome! She's super sweet. Her accents so strong sometimes it's hard
to understand her lol

One thing Ive learned on the mission is how important the Sabbath is.
It really is our recharge, restart, replenish day that the Lord has
given us to recuperate before the next week. When we give it to Him,
He gives us waaaaaay more in return! I love it!

And I love all of you as well!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 found elders old coats in their closet
 Panda after 13.5 months...finally
 S. companion
zone picture

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lazy Sister McAllister....August 8, 2016

Soooooo pictures are worth a thousand words right? And I just sent
like 10 of them, so technically I've already sent you all 10,000
words. Your welcome. Hence, my letter will be short today. Annnnnnnd
I'm just super lazy right now, and email are such a bother sometimes
hahahaha- sorry. I'm lame. But I honestly will try!

This week was crazy. We went on 2 exchanges, and I left the area both
times! Aye ya yie! By the time Sister Wood goes home I'll have NO idea
about this area....and I'm leaving the area again on Tues! Yikes. But
exchanges were fun. I went Spanish in Perth Amboy one time, and then I
went to Plainfield a couple days ago. I met a lot of cool people each
time! Sometimes I wish I could just hop around the mission, or hop
between missions, so I can learn and experience everything!

Cool story this week- I met 2 amazing people at QOTS this week
(Questions Of The Soul, it's a booth we set up on the sketch streets
of Plainfield). The first is Cornetta, an 85 year old from Bridgetown,
Barbados! She was the cutest thing, and our 30 minute conversation all
started from  me complimenting her shirt!  I was able to give her a
Book of Mormon for her to read on her flight back, and she said after
talking to me that she would stop the missionaries next time she saw
them in Barbados! Super awesome. And THEN! I met Samantha! She was
wearing a Deadpool shirt, so it gave me an automatic opening to ask
her if she loved Marvel...she did. And we talked for a good 40 minutes
about life and kids and Marvel and God!!! Ah! She was the easiest
person to talk to ever! We related so well and quick! I love her
already. I'm hope I can see her again, she gave us her number, so I
have high hopes!

 Thursday we had an all Mission conference to train us on FB and all
the glories that can be found there....woooooo. Lol, it's been fun
learning how we can help the work move forward online. Online

I love Sister Wood so much! I'm getting a little trunky with all the
home talk and prepping for life after etc etc etc. so hopefully I can
stawp that lol :)

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 clever sign
 QOTS...Questions of the Soul booth??
 comp unity in black seaweed masks

HoodLyfe....August 1, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!!!
You'll have to forgive me this week, im typing on a computer for the first time in 4.5 months...theres going to be typos everywhere!!!!

Also this might be scattered and short because ya, i cant focus right now lol!!! Hopefully you'll get it all!

So being in Scotch Plains now i have been in the hood for a week! It's great! Theres so many people on the streets and in the houses and literally we can just talk to everyone everywhere! I loooooooove it! Theres doo-rags and garbage and peeling paint and sketch grocery corner stores and little children on bikes and drunk people and random other things EVERYWHERE! Im in heaven.

We found a really cool guy named Fred on Thursday. He had a stroke a couple of years ago and so he's deaf and has other health problems and is just a super humble guy. We were walking to another appointment and he was taking out his garbage. We stopped and said hi and he asked US "which church are you from, what do you believe, etc etc". Wow! We ended up having a 30-40 min conversation with him and set up an appointment to see him on Saturday at 6pm. He juked, but its ok because later we learned that he just couldnt hear us knocking on the door. Lol, we totally didnt take that into account :P

Then we had MLC on Friday that went from 10-5pm- whew, that was long! But it was super spiritually uplifting, even if they did pack on way more responsibilities for us STLs than we used to have. I'm super stresssed right now. But its all good inthe hood (hahahahahahah i can LITERALLY say that now!!!!! yaaas!)

Then we went to Ellis Island on Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL TO SEE NYC AGAIN!!!!! AND TO TALK TO ALL THE FOREIGNERS!!! AHHHHHHHHH! *tear* so beautiful :)

Thats about all for me! sorry for the shortness, im getting kicked off the computer by the newbie elders who need a computer to email becuz they dont have an ipad!

OH! NJMM finally got FB too. So, if you see my profile change- its me, not some random hacker hahaha. Love you all!!!

Stay Jersey Strong!
Love, Sister McAllister
 Ellis Island
 new Comp...Sister Woods
 STL training with Pres