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HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!!! In Other News: Thanksgiving Is NEXT Week!.....November 16, 2015

Anyways, on to the real reason for this email. DAD! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY. TODAY!!!!!!  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF [ME] TO YOU!!!! Holy moly its such a grand and glorious day! I hope you have the BEST. DAY. EVER! (#Tangled) Love you Pops!
Mother dearest, you went to AZ! How super awesome was that?? Glad you got to see your fam- thanks for the pic!!- and that you could have such an awesome time! Us kids sure did luck out with the 2 families we were born into :)
Elden is stinkin adorable! Can't wait to hold/see him in a year (he'll probs be Ian-sized by then, but oh well haha)
SO MANY BABIES ITS WONDERFUL!!! gosh i love babies- they're the best :)
awwwww Grandpa is so cuuuute! Yay that they get to be there for things now- I loved it when they came to my softball game and to graduation- they're so stinkin awesome.

okie dokie, my weeeeeeek:

Monday was super fun and super rough which is becoming the story of my life, becuz opposition in all things is not just a fancy tag line that Nephi decided to throw out one day- it's real. *sigh*  so. It went like this: (cue cheesy flashback music and visual effects) we all showed up for our last zone activity. Everyone was an hour late becuz they're all flips. But that's ok, becuz I love them all anyways. We played basketball for a few hours, and I love the elders who played- they are solid ballers and I have been dubbed one as well... I have been assimilated into their clan. I am one of them. (Dramatic look into the distance) on that, the final day together, we had become one. (Stare dramatically back at the camera with war paint now suddenly on my face) Zone One was truly Zone "One". (A single, silent, dramatic, beautiful tear rolls) and then {"the fire nation attacked" haha jk ;) }   and then, I realized these elders and sisters I had come to love were being transferred. And the ones I really loved were getting transferred the furthest or were dying. They were going home, and I realized I wouldn't see them again for at least 13 months. So I got super sad, and they got super sad. And warrior pacts of weekly emails and monthly letters were made that day. (Cue sad violins) That day, as we sad goodbye for the last time, our pact was solidified. And we would forever be friends. That day- we had become warriors in the Army of Heaven, true brothers and sisters. That day....I died a lil bit inside but it's ok becuz I'm still (mostly dead) but I'm "not dead yet"!  I'll miss all those goobers SO. STINKIN. MUCH. But alas, that is the unfortunate reality of mission life. #AllMyFriendsAreOldAndDying      hahahahaha that just made me think of the book "All My Friends Are Dead" hahahahah that's a funny book :)

Tuesday was transfer conference in which I did not get to go, and the last time I didn't go.....the Whole. Mission. Changed. *sigh* there is no longer traveling APs, there is no longer an English set of STLs in the north, there is only 8 zones now instead of 9, and district and zone leaders and STLs are not called beforehand- it's all announced at conference. Sooooooo, ya. Haha, I was SO out of the loop. But then S. Brown texted me and told me all this, so it's all good! #BestMommaEver. And she's also in Manchester now, which is the absolute furthest you can get away from me in the mission. #WelcomeToTheSouth. We also went and had 3 lessons with Less Actives, so that was awesome! People here seem to really be opening up to me now...probably becuz I've been here almost 5 months, but I'll take it!

Wednesday. Wednesday was rough haha. Wednesday we found out that our entire zone got switched around and only 3 missionaries from our previous zone stayed with us. They switched around all the areas, so now there's 14 missionaries I don't really know in our zone hahahahahahaha...haha..ha...ha.......gaaaaaaaaaaah. I didn't even get to say bye to the others! I jokingly said to the elders on Monday "hey, at least they're keeping the cool missionaries in this zone!" And now ironically, and probably on purpose becuz I didn't knock on wood, President has flipped everything around. Everything. Holy moly, my mind was flippin blown that day. S. Carlson and I were sitting in the church (always early cuz we have to open it) waiting for our zone to walk in and say hi to the newcomers and stuff, and then all the missionaries from zone 2 walked in! I was like "uuuuhhhhhh, this isn't your zones chapel..." It was super awk- cuz it was their chapel-cuz they're now zone 1 as well.... Blah. It's a good thing all my friends are pretty young- we got time to serve around each other again!  Also, we were told that this zone only plays Pokemon. All. day. Every. Pday....Pokemon. Pokemon.  I might die this transfer. Please, look for my remains in Westwood when I don't email next week. Don't let me be forgotten! Remember the wise words of one super smart alien: "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." *sniff* so wise.

Thursday weeeeee weekly planned- and funnily enough all our plans for that day fell apart and we got hardly anything done and what little we did get done was ruined by an update to our Area Book Planner app...all our data we had just spent 2hrs putting in was wiped. So guess what we got to do Friday? Put it all back in. Yaaaaay...  Also, idk if it's just in Jersey or if it's nationwide (it should be nationwide: becuz it's beautiful.) but Wendy's has this 4 for $4 meal and it is literally life. It is sooo good, and filling, and glorious. I want to sing Wendy's praises from the mountain tops that are nonexistent in NJ. I mean, I guess there are enough trees I could just climb to the top of one of those....yes! Plan: I will become the new "Jane" but missionary style! ;)

Friday we had a meeting with S. Mathusek, she's the coolest RS president. Oh my goodness is she a rockstar. I'm literally in awe of her- I want to be able to serve in a calling like she does one day! Also, it was super cool because she gave us a whole loaf of banana bread just for stopping by and talking with her about the sisters in the ward- and y'all know how much anything banana is my weakness...such a beautiful thing. And we had dinner with S. Cardoso and Joe that night. She's soooooooo. Stinkin. Awesome. Gosh I love her! She's feeding us for thanksgiving too haha :)   Also, I may or may not have made a pact to come back for Joes baptism in June of 2017- so I'll be saving up for that when I get home! #Jobz

Saturday we got a text at 7:50am asking us if we could run over to the Paterson chapel because the Ammon Academy was goin on and they didn't have enough Sisters there. Haha so we finished getting ready super fast and then ran over there to help with that.  Basically every year the stake here puts on this academy, and what happens is the youth get paired up with a missionary companionship and then go out and be a missionary for a little while. It was super fun. We were with these 2 17 year olds, and they're stellar. It seriously amazes me how awesome the youth and the kids in the Church are. We went and knocked doors for a couple hours, gave away a few cards and pamphlets, and then we headed back to Paterson for lunch and to hear their testimonies of their experiences. They're great kids here! Love em. ALSO ADVICE: Go. Out. With. The. Missionaries. Go on team ups, go out and knock doors with them, go on splits- whatever! But go! You'll never know missionary work unless you do so- cuz I sure didn't know a thing about missionary work til my 1st day out here. And there isn't anything you can do to learn, until you do it.  Anyways. Then we went and saw a man named Leeroy that night and talked with him a lot. He's a super interesting guy, like interesting interesting (picking up what I'm throwing down?). Ya so, he was talking a lot about demons and vampires and stuff and then he showed us a scratch on his arm that he says is from when a vampire lady bit him....hahaha, but he's a super sweet guy! We talked about prophets with him, and just cleared up a lot of confusion and misconception with him. One thing that always cracks me up, is that whenever I think about him my mind always yells "Leeeeeeroy Jennnnkins". Lol, you can take the girl out of the nerd zone, but you can't take the nerd out of the girl. ;)

 Also- Satan is so real. He knows my love of 80's music and he uses it against me the lil flip! Gah. I'm so done with him. Like why, oh why, oh WHY are all the stores- in Jersey of all places- playing 80's music All. The. Stinkin. Time?! It has become my weakness and the bane of my existence at this moment in my life. I can't sing to it, I can't dance to it, and I can't enjoy- and it is literally all I hear everywhere I go. *facepalm*

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a less active and her 12yr old son whos not a member. It was a super sweet lesson about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. We were talking about it with her, and she came to her own conclusion that she needed to actually read the book often, AND he piped in and started asking all these super awesome questions about what a testimony is, how do you get one, what are prophets and apostles, etc. So we watched the amazing Tesimony of Jeffrey R. Holland of the Book of Mormon (its a Mormon Message) and then SHE testified to him about the Book of Mormon and about how her friend found out it was true after like 10 years of reading and questioning it. The Spirit was super strong, and he was really into it all. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and he said he would read it that night, and then he asked his mom to help him! They're both helping each other become stronger in the gospel!!! :D

Sorry my letter was kinda all drama queenish- i'm really not that beat up about the transfers (i mean, I waaassss, but not now...) but it makes for a more entertaining letter soooooooo ya. :)

Love love love love love you all!!! Tell Emily and Sci good luck and that I love them! They're gonna be fantastic missionaries! A mission really does change your life. I'm so grateful I came on mine.

Love yous!
Stay Jersey Strong,
Sister McAllister

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