Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Mom, that is a beautiful prank. "So great my man, so great!"
Yay dinner with the Gparents! They're the best!!!! WISH GMA A HAPPY BDAY FOR ME!!!!!!
Wowee, SC's perfect record??? So beautiful. They're such a good team... *cough*
Um so just saying I'm SUPER glad that Jenna did not decide to go, becuz just reading the 1st cpl lines of your paragraph I was like "dont go dont go dont go pleeeaaasssseeeee". So whew. Thank goodness for the Holy Ghost, right?  And Jenna? Way to flippin go blocking that boys number, cuz uh uhn he's getting mad at you for listening to the Spirit. Bam. So PROUD!!
I love pictures, so don't worry becuz you'll get alot! Not all of them becuz lets be real, i got like at least 1000 by now....soooooo ya. haha. Look forward to sitting with me at the computer and browsing thru at the end (aww that just made me super sad, i only have 13 months left :( )

OKkkkkk. My week.

Monday we had an awesome zone activity, and actually Sister Bonhard (the coolest lady in the ward) was kind enough to invite us to her backyard to play games and jump on the tramp and play basketball- and she ordered pizza for the 14 or so of us! It was sweeeet! And she gave me a nice long sleeve shirt (lil girlie for me, but shoot I love it). We also went and saw a less active and had a really good lesson with her, she's great- we learned that she's moving to Florida sometime soon tho, I'm gonna miss her! She's one of those ones that talk for
days about everything under the sun, so entertaining. Also, we may or may not have gotten a parking ticket..... ya. Still super peeved about that one. We were out of the door of an apt at 9:05, and the cop had come and put a ticket on our car- cuz we hadnt seen the no parking after 9pm sign- so ya. thats $55 of bogusness down the drain. But it was a good lesson. So whatever.

Tuesday we had an awesome Zone Meeting with lots of great, Spirit-filled trainings and role-plays. It was sweet! Then we had Hot Seat because there's 3 missionaries dying this transfer, so we just got to ask them lots of questions about their missions and experiences and everything. It was amazing! I love this Zone so muuuuucccchhhh!!!! I never want it to end :( We also had a training by President, he came to our zone and gave us a training on the fundamentals of missionary work. It was a great reminder and really got all of us motivated to go and work! Then we went and saw Br.P and talked about his chipmunks and such. We got to know him and S. P better too. He's an engineer that got a lot of patents, and his house is full of a lot of really old, really cool books! They also "met" in their 2nd grade class, although they didn't realize it at the time, until they one day happened to have out a class pic and one of them's like, wait a second. Haha :)

Wednesday was a really fun day! We picked up service at a assisted living home where one of our LAs lives. Basically we go every Wednesday morning and play a word game with those that want to for an hour. We write a big word on the top, and then see how many 4-letter words we can make out of it. We had 177 out of the word "accomplishment"! The old people their are so nice, and real funny! I think I'd like to work in one of those places one day...it'd be fun. Then we got a text from one of our members that she needed help raking her yard. So we went over there after, and she fed us for days.  I'm pretty sure I've never eaten that much food in one sitting in my life. But it was such good Filipino food! And she gave us lots to bring home to. So beautiful.    We then went to rake her yard and she realized she only had one rake. So she used a snow shovel and I used a broom....hahaha didn't work too effective but it got the work done! She's the best, she's so stinkin funny! She has this awesome Filipino accent and her sarcasm is on point. It's so great. I'd be her best friend in a heart beat. Sorry mom, I'm moving to NJ when I get back so I can be with my sarcastic people over here ;)
THEN we went and had lunch....with Br.M....30 min after that. Oh my gosh I was sooooooooo fullll, I could hardly eat 2 bites! But it's ok, cuz he's awesome and he understands and we just took our food to go :) Then we went and tried a lot of people with no success, nobody was home or had time. Soooo there went a couple hours. Then we stopped by a LAs house and her parents were there from Ohio! They're members so we had a really nice chat with them, which was awko cuz the actual couple that lived there didn't really talk to us that much...but oh
well. Her parents are awesome and they live in the Colombus mission (which I couldn't remember if that's Emily's of not...*cough* but in my defense, with all my friends goin on missions right now it's hard to keep track of them all.) 
Then we picked up dinner from another awesome members house and had a really good talk with her about everything. She's super great, and I wish we had more opportunities to talk with her more often. She told me some of the news goin on around the world! Which ok, it's horrible and not good, but she told me news! It was wonderful to know even just a tidbit about what's happening in the world. I mean, it is nice to be so cut off and separated from the world and still in it, but sometimes I just want to know why the flags are half mast or why people are on the corners protesting. It was a real nice visit. And we got more food for our already full fridge soooo #SorryNotSorry

Thursday we deep cleaned our apartment for transfers, weekly planned, and ate lunch. So by that time it was 4:30 and it gets dark here around 5. Which is a super bummer for missionary work, cuz no one wants to open their door to you in the dark. Anyways, we went back and tried a lady whose door we knocked 3 weeks ago, who's always too busy to let us in. BUT this time? She let us in! We had a long discussion, got to know her, shared the He Lives video, and it was all great! After the video she said it was "perfect" because her grandma had just passed away that morning, and she really needed that reminder. She's basically a dry Mormon with her upbringing and values and everything, and she has the cutest lil 4 month old. Gah. It was great!

Friday we had our mini pday where i tried to sleep but of course my body was lik no. and then when I got up it was like, oh sorry you're tired now. Blah. So i kinda have, uh, verbal fights with my body sometimes? It's a hate-love relationship. Then we went and paid off our parking ticket at the municipal building, then we had lunch of leftover chili from the Fall Festival forever ago- but our whole fridge is full of everyone's food. Maybe that's why my stomach has been rebelling against me for 2 weeks.... huh. "Who knew?" (aka flynn rider)  Then we had some awesome lessons with our main man Richard, and with and old lady in a home. Shes super sweet!

Saturday we went and raked leaves with the cutest family ever. They are the ones that moved here recently from Alaska, and their sons are THE cutest lil things! (they're the ones in the video, well 2 of them anyways. And yes, he's a ginger latino). Then we went and had a lesson with a very interesting man. He's a referral from the Spanish sisters, and we think he might have a good frame of mind, but he's also kinda...different... so we dont know about him. Haha, but hes a character for sure! Then we saw sister walker and then we had dinner with a new couple that moved in. They're super cool too!

(sorry im running out of time! I'll send pics in an hour or so...we're heading out to have lunch with s. walker)

Sunday was crazy awesome because ward council was cancelled so instead of getting ragged on like we do each week, we got to have personal study before church!!! yay!!! also church was awesome. We taught sharing time, and the kids are so stinkin cute! Gosh I love them. Then we saw Richard again, and we went to the squirrel house to do a lesson, and then we ran to the Alaskans house for dinner an we were literally running from each apt it was crazy! Then we had a lesson with a LA/Part member family that night and we were just running like crazy all day super hectically. But it was a beautiful day!


BUT S. BROWN IS LEAVING THE ZONE! thats not supposed to haaaappppppeeeeennnnnnn! She's only STL for one and then they get doubled out??? she was supposed to stay!! what. the. flip. and we were gonna go on the zone temple trip together in a cpl weeks and turkey bowl and her friend Nelle is coming and now everything just like feel apart but it also didnt becuz im staying and i love this ward so much- like a 2nd home- but gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Anyways. I have to run right now!!!!!

Love you all so stinkin much you're awesome!!!
i will send you a part of my christmas list mom, and also pics in an hr or 2!
k bye

Stay Jersey Strong!
Sister McAllister

P.S. shout out to KK for being a baller. Love you!!!! :)
 She loves getting things in the mail
 Parking ticket...gah

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