Saturday, July 16, 2016

Merica...July 4, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! *cues music* "Oh say can you see? By
the dawns early light"--- it's her 240th birthday!

This week was a great week.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was on exchange with S.Carlson over in
Eatontown, so it was pretty cool! We got to talk about our Emerson
people, and then the people she's getting to know in Eatontown! And we
got to talk about all the good times together, and our families, and
all things new in our lives- it was a blast! It's so cool to be her
leader 6 months later, and see how far she and I have grown since
being comps.
And Friday we had a wonderful, spirit-filled Mission Leader Council. I
learn so much from President Taggart each time, I'm so grateful to be
a leader just so I can participate in those. Well...I don't really
participate...I just listen. I'm such a chicken. Haha, man. It's never
going to leave! #ShyTilTheEnd
Then we had District Leader Council on Saturday at a diner with the
elders. Man, I get so attached to elders it's terrible...ok,
clarification. Not that attached, but like a brother attached. I've
been so blessed to be in BroZones my whole mission so far *knocks on
wood 1000x*  They're just super cool and not nearly as much drama as
sisters.  ok sorry this is so scattered, I'm getting super distracted
by the other missionaries right now haha
Ok ok, Saturday was our MIRACLE day! It's gonna take me forever to
detail it out, hopefully I can make it!
First we had a lesson with a guy named Jorge, who had spent 15min on
Wednesday arguing with us about who Christ is and was just being super
rude until we tried to give him a card and walk away and he proceeded
to tell us he wanted us to teach him more lol. So we taught him the
restoration and he's real cynical and analytical like every other
stinkin person in Jersey ive met, but he said he'd read the BoM! Then
we met a guy named Luis who was talking on his phone, but we chatted
for 5 min and he said he'd love to meet with us! THEN as we were
driving back we passed Main St and saw a guy in pajama pants that we
had seen 2.5 hours earlier as we had passed it! We thought we should
probably pull over, but then we saw one of investigators further up
the street and knew we NEEDED to pull over. We couldn't track down the
pj guy, but we did manage to see Justin and meet his 3 friends and
give them all BoMs :)  one of them said he had been beat at bball by a
sister out contacting a few hrs ago hahaha! Then, we were by the lake
by Main St and a lot of people were fishing so we were going to start
contacting them one by one. We walk towards the 1st guy, and out of NO
WHERE a lady and her daughter ride up on bikes and stop right in front
of us. Her phone fell out of her bag and I was able to grab it before
it hit the ground, she about lifted me off the ground when she hugged
me haha! Then she straight up said "where's your church? When does it
meet? Can I come and bring my daughter? Do you have a message for us
today?"......whut!? S.Baine and I were flabbergasted. It was so
psycho. This kind of stuff happens only in dreams!!!! We were able to
give her all our info and the church's, and we got all of hers, and we
have a return appt, and she took a BoM, and she's just amazing! That
was one of the most spiritual contacts I've ever had. It's wonderful
to see how the Lord works. God knew we needed to meet Grace, so he
placed the pj pants guy for us to get our first nudge from the Spirit,
and then Justin so we KNEW we had to pull over. We were put in the
exact spot we needed to be in for it all to play out. ITS SO COOL!
Oh, and yesterday we got fed twice, and one was by this new couple in
the ward who's pregnant with their first child and they are soooooooo
funny! I love them so much already! I want to be their best friends

I hope you have a fantastic 4th!!!!!
Love you all ❤️
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

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