Monday, September 12, 2016

Trees Trees and More Trees...September 12, 2016

Hola everyone!
Right now we're bowling, so I apologize if this email is super spacey
and short haha

I am now in Sparta (aka the tree boonies)! It's been a pretty
interesting week this week lol, I don't think I've ever seen as many
old people as I have in the past 6 days. Legitimately.
We've served in 2 nursing homes and visited people in 2 others, I've
smelt gross things for hours at a time, look at suspicious oozing
sores, gotten frustrated at the lack of care in these less-affluent
homes, answered ladies with Alzheimer's 20+ times on what my name is,
just grown to love and adore the elderly and wish I could help them
more  than I'm able to! We did puzzles and bingo with them all, and I
just loved em. Made me miss spending so much time with grandma and
grandpa (not that their so old and senile hahaha)
The one investigator we have is a 74 year old diabetic that's lost
both her legs and lives alone in a trailer park. She's miserable and
lonely, but we've seen a new light come into her eyes as we've taught
her about the gospel! She's so sweet. Although, funny story of the
week, we accidentally knocked on her door...she called for us to come
in....and it was the exact moment she was on her portable
commode....yup. She then proceeded to change into her PJ top while she
was sitting there....I can now say I unexpectedly and unwillingly and
blindingly saw everything. Yup. So. That's my super awko story for the
week...and like, other stuff happened, but I already feel bad for
saying this much lol.
Other than that though I've just been adjusting to the area,
companion, and RPM life. It's been slow, and rough, and we're trying
to find but no ones interested. OH! I got to meet the ward yesterday,
and we had 8 people sign up to feed us this month! That's more than
I've had the past 2 transfers combined! Haha, I'm super excited for
this area, they're all so nice! I love the members already!!!
I'm a little worried that I'm going to slip back into my lazy self now
that I'm not an STL anymore, words of motivation would be wonderful
But yup, that's about it for me! I'm loving NJ and trying to make
every moment count! Tomorrow I go on exchanges with my STL's (both of
which I was there when they were born lol) and we have a special
training from the Assistants and President tomorrow (meetings from
9:45-3:30, yay sore bum!)

I just broke 100 in bowling!!!!! Woot.

Love you all!!!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

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 Goodbye old comp
 deep fried hot dogs eaten by the girl who hates hot dogs
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