Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Fourth Floor. Last Door."....September 26, 2016

Hola hola hola everybody!

It's beginning to look a lot like FALL-TIME, everywhere you goooooooo- the crisp air, the leaves, the pumpkins, the pumpkin flavored everything, the Halloween decorations, boots and sweaters and hoodies and scarves and flannels and jeans and cardigans etc etc and I know I ranted about this last email but I am just SO. BEYOND. EXCITED. You don't even KNOW! If I could live in eternal fall, I totally would, and I'm completely convinced that's what heaven will be like. 🍂 The leaves are starting to change color here, and seeing as I'm in The Land-Of-Endless-Trees NJ, it's gonna be epic!

This week was a blast and I really love the ward here!

Sister Burk and I went knocking Monday night and found an awesome, sweet as can be lady! We went along a whole street, talked to a couple people, and got rejected by a lot more; when we got to the dead end at the back and so switched to the other side of the street to knock back towards our car. Well, it was pitch black and it was a dead end  road into the woods, so basically I was creeped out of my mind imagining what could be in there staring at us! The first house was dark, so we were about to move on to the next house, when Sister Burk noticed a light in the building right next to the woods (I thought it might just be a garage for the other house). We walked towards it, and sure enough, it's a little cottage house tucked back in a corner in the woods...yippee!, lets just say we were both kinda chickens going up to knock that house. But we did it! And a woman named Lisa came out on her porch and talked with us for 15 minutes! We became friends on FB, and now we chat pretty regularly since she's a super busy mom, with a job, going through school. 

Then on Tuesday I was in Morristown for the day on exchange. Yay for Spanish exchanges! I'm almost fluent ;)   Well, not really, but I'd like to be! I was there when both my STL's were born, so that's a little weird. I still see him as greenies, but they've been out for almost a year now! Yikes, time flies.

Thursday we had dinner with the Walkers. He served here in this mission! And was here at the same time as me! He went home about 2 months into my time here, but now he's married and living I this ward- super weird! We talked all night about the missionaries we both know and everything else. They're an awesome couple that are SO involved in helping the ward and doing missionary work. I want to be like them when I grow up haha

Friday we had a cool experience while walking to a less active's house from our car. We had decided to just stop by, but as we pulled up he was packing his car. We waited a minute, and then decided to just go for it. As we were walking towards his door, we hear a man call to us from faaaarrrr behind us. We turn around and there's a guy running towards us from the park across the street. He makes it to us and says "Sisters! I've been reading that book you gave me and I have soooooooo many questions! I love the book, but I need those questions answered. I got a new phone so I lost your number and couldn't call you." Apparently the sisters had talked to him a month or so ago and gave him a BoM. He was the time so they didn't think much of it. But we had a good 20 minute conversation with him about the BoM right there! We gave him our number again and we're going to meet with him soon! Miracles!!!

Saturday was an AMAZING day! We went over to our Ward Mission Leader/Relief Society President's house to watch Women's Conference. They are seriously one of my favorite people here in New Jersey. He does a lot of wood working, so he said we could make a pen next time we come over! I picked out my wood and everything, it's called cocoa-bola :)  also, he made nunchucks, so he taught us how to swing them and break someone's wrist and basically I'll be super prepared if I ever have a random pair of nunchucks in my purse when someone attacks me! Then we ate dinner with them and watched Women's Conference which was SO AMAZING I COULD CRY....OH WAIT. I DID. FANCY THAT. HAHAHhahahahah....ha....ha.... *tears*. My new motto in my mission and in life is "4th Floor. Last Door." Because you never know if a future Apostle's wife is behind it waiting to be brought into the Lord's kingdom! Oh man I was bawling all during Pres Uchtdorf's talk. And then Sister Oscarson's talk was AMAZINGLY BOLD AND POWERFUL! Holy moly, we need to teach our children the doctrines and principles of God or "the world will teach them Satan's lies." Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowosls,a,manshcjsksldkfjfhidieekkehdhxuxisosldmfjcjdid. I'm so spiritually fed and SO EXCITED for General Conference this weekend! It's better than Christmas!

Then Sunday was just a beautiful day full of the Spirit, food, and members. I love this ward a lot, I feel like they're finally starting to warm up to me! 

Love you all!

Have a great week :)

Stay Jersey Strong.

Love, Sister McAllister

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