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Erica, Lisa, YSA, and exchanges....November 21, 2016

Ok, I sincerely apologize, but I have like no time today to email. We went to an appointment earlier because he couldn't meet any other day, and we had to travel 40 minutes to get to the zone activity. Sooooooo, I'm forwarding my companions email. Sorry if it's weird and doesn't sound like me and talks about me in the 3rd person. I'm trying to fix it :)

Today was Role Play class and District Meeting! For Role Play class we did family time, so we were all assigned someone the other night to compliment them and tell them what we appreciate about them and share it with the whole zone. We also talked about prayer, how if we don't ask we won't receive. We did an object lesson: one person was the Holy Ghost, then there was someone blindfolded and the rest of us were tempters of Satan! He could only ask questions to the Holy Ghost of where to go. It was interesting afterwards as we talked about it all that we assume that the Holy Ghost or Heavenly Father will just tell us where to go but really we need to ask, they are ready and willing to answer!  After we finished district meeting and had lunch we helped out some Morristown members with a few things to set up for the Special Cresche event! We got home talked to Sister Harriott for a bit then got on the road to drive to Pennsylvania! We have a family that lives there who comes to our church. The Elders also joined us and we had a fun evening. 
Today we had a miracle happen! During our companion study Sister McAllister saw that she had a message on messenger and it was from a lady who she met 2 months ago knocking doors. We messaged her on Friday to see if we could meet and we never heard back from her until this morning and we met with her at a dunkin doughnuts! She's the cutest thing in the whole world!! We talked about the difference of our religions and she was so surprised how similar our beliefs are. We are praying that she will continue to desire to meet with us. We went home had lunch then headed to service! We played 21 again with Helen and the Elders. Helen was hilarious today, we were all laughing nonstop it was so fun :) next we headed to go see the Teets! We met with Sister Teets and read the Book of Mormon with her.  Then we drove up to Morristown to exchange companions with the STL's! 
Today we got up and did our studies and were waiting for the other sisters to join us. We grabbed pizza and had lunch together before we started our weekly planning! Weekly Planning was good, tiring but all good. We were super busy most of the day, we had linner with a less active named Fabricio! It was really good and we had apple pie for dessert which was divine! We asked if we could share a message and he said yes but then he was like oh I was reading in the gospel principles book about prayer and I need some help with a few questions. It was so great we were so happy to help clarify the story of Enos and it was interesting because the wording that bugs him is that god is a jealous God yet he's perfect so we are trying to study up on that for him! . But Sister McAllister and Sister Pace had a great night! They found 2 new investigators which is awesome!! I'm super excited to meet them. We also found an investigator near our house and her name is Ronda! This woman has gone through 3-4 sets of sisters but she wants to meet with us! Sometimes they just need to meet the right missionaries and we pray that we will be able to help her in every way possible! 
We all got up and got ready then did our studies then afterwards we took the sisters to the church to get their car. Once dropped them off we went back home to finish our weekly planning and to make brownies for some members! Next we had service at Bristol Glen and we played matching games and help make decorations for their thanksgiving dinner! These women are super funny, they can't remember the matches even though they just saw what they picked up. We had fun with Helen, she's my favorite :) Sister McAllister afterwards had to call one of her recent converts to see if they will be going to the temple next week for her endowments so I just hung out for a bit. We were suppose to have 2 lessons with 2 less actives but they both juked us....lameos. We decided to run the brownies to neighbors so we went to the Trunk's sadly they had a babysitter so we weren't able to talk with Sister Trunk but it's all good. We were talking to Sister Harriott before and she asked us to grab her Diet Coke and chocolate ice cream from friendlys! She taught me a new float, Diet Coke and chocolate ice cream! Haha it's interesting :) so we were able to finish our night out with her as we talked about certain things for the ward, how we both want pomskys, Ellen and jazz! It was a fun Friday night with Sister Harriott! I love her to death! :) 
This morning we went to the church to do family history with Sister Mathusek! Bingo was super fun today! I have a new boyfriend, he calls me tootsie! I was playing bingo for a woman who fell asleep haha and had to wake her up when she got a bingo. Then we had to go to a store to get Sister McAllister a Gatorade because that's what our mission nurse said to do. We then had dinner at the Thompson's! They are so kind, I was admiring their Christmas decorations :) we had roast, mashed potatoes and blueberry pie :) it was so delicious! We were talking about why missionaries have to get their endowments out before they go. We were thinking because we needed more knowledge of the plan of salvation and jazz but the real reason is the protection of the garments. It all makes sense because we are constantly protected! If you go to a ghetto area and there are gangs everywhere they tell you if anyone bothers us we tell them so they can solve it haha! I'm so grateful for all of the prayers that are sent to us everyday. In the temple, families, random people throughout the world praying for missionaries! I am trying to take full advantage of this because when this comes to an end I won't have the constant prayers blessings me haha! Well it's starting to rain and get cold, here comes the fun! :) 
It snowed!!! But melted Later. We got up early to eat waffles made by our ward mission leader as we discussed our peoples we are teaching! Then we had ward council and talked about the Christmas season coming up with parties and sub for Santa. Church was really good! We went to gospel doctrine today and I learned that it's a commandment to study Isaiah....what? Haha oops I'm usually skipping over it because I don't understand! Now I know we really have to read it and ponder. Also this comment made in Relief society was really cool, instead of asking your children what they learned that day ask them when they felt the spirit that day because it's very important to teach your children at a young age to recognize when they feel the spirit! I thought that was so neat :) after church Brother Carroll called us in a panic and asked if we could come help him. His health is really decreasing, it's scary and sad. We made him lunch, threw his laundry in the wash, did his dishes and situated his oxygen tanks outside and in his car. He couldn't walk 10 steps without running out of breath and having to sit down, he had to get another oxygen tube to help. So he had 2 things of oxygen pumping at once because he was not getting enough. I never want to get old, he says he's ready to go and he knows it's coming soon. We ran to the Murray's after and had dinner there! This family kills me, they are hilarious and so weird but I love them to death! :) we ran over to Gene and Sister Menendez's house because they invited us over for their grandsons birthday party! He was turning 1, we had some cake and talked a little then headed out. We headed to the church for our YSA thanksgiving dinner! It was really fun, we all just laughed and partied the whole time then played phase 10 for a bit. 

Sorry I didn't email really! But just know I love this area and hope that I get to stay here for next transfer! I'll let you know next Monday what's gonna happen. Hopefully good things! Also, I might get to go with Laura from Plainsboro to the Philly temple on Saturday for her endowments...with Sister Bulson!!!! I'm super excited and hope it all works out. Please pray that she'll be able to make it :)
I love you all MUCHO!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Newton graffiti
 YSA Thanksgiving dinner

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