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Grateful For Ham, Left Legs, and Water...November 28, 2016

Hello (hello) Hello (hello) I welcome you today! Hello (hello) Hello I'm glad you came my way- to share with me a Preparation day, and be my guest in a very special waaaaaaaaaaay! Hello (hello) Hello (helloooooooo) I welcome you today (hey)!!!!!!

Ahhh, the good ole Primary days, full of snacks, songs, and the never-ending urge to wiggle out of your seat like it was on fire. Those were the days *wipes away a tear*

Hey, so this week was super awesome. And before I get into it, I'm going to go on a side tangent and make a remark on how weird and completely random my email opening paragraphs have what the flip?? I'm so weird. The mission is getting to my brain haha!

Super sorry I was a lameo about emails last week! I hate to say it, but I'm super unmotivated to take 2 hours and email, when I could be doing something whooping elders at dodgeball! Haha, so ya, sorry about that. I promised myself that I would be better this week. So I'm making sure I'm better. Cuz I'm trying to call myself a "truther" (10 points for whoever gets that reference)!

Ok! So! This week! Yes. On to that. Right now. No more tangents. Focus. *hee hee who who hee hee who who* Wait, why do people breathe like that anyway? I feel like it would just continue to stress me out, not make anything better. Huh. Weird. Hahahah I'm just pulling your legs, I'll get on to the letter now ;)

This is going to be a long've been warned.
This week was a BLAST! Oh my goodness I am thankful for SO. MANY. THINGS. I'll list some, and get to others as I go along. I'm grateful for this ward and how kind and loving and funny they are, I'm grateful that 2 of our 3 dinner appointments on Thanksgiving served turkey AND ham, I'm grateful that my team won so much in the Turkey Bowl and that our color was camo, I'm grateful my trainer gave me an extra blanket 14 months ago so I'm not freezing now, I'm grateful for my companions past and present and for all they taught me (and for all they put up with!), I'm grateful for my dog who is cute and lovable and not weird like some of the dogs out here, I'm grateful for the use of my left leg (I shall explain later), I'm grateful for indoor plumbing and clean water that you don't have to boil whenever you want to drink it (also will be explained later), I'm grateful for my cuckoo family and for how I grew up, and most of all I'm grateful for my Savior and my Father in Heaven and all they did for me!

So I probably haven't told you this yet, seeing as I'm a total flip on Pdays and all, but guess who is singing in a sextuple at the statewide Christmas Missionary Fireside...yup. This girl. The one with NO musical or singing talent WHATSOEVER. Tip of the day, never say yes to a nice Korean Elder who asks for a favor- don't be deceived by their niceness!!! I will now be singing a 5 minute long song, in front of 500+ people, with only 5 other voices to mask mine. Aye ya yie. I'm so nervous about this! I need vocal lessons, or I need to pull an Ursula and steal Adele's voice or something. So yeah, this is my next greatest adventure into the unknown and uncomfortable! Woohoo!

As you may have already guessed, the highlight of this week was Thanksgiving. Literally EVERYTHING happened on Thanksgiving. Everything. We woke up around 6am, got ready, donned our football-domination-clothes, and headed out with the Elders to a diner in Florham Park to have breakfast as a zone before the Turkey Bowl. As we were leaving  we noticed the streets were flooded on both sides with running water, though it hadn't rained. So we knew something was up, but we kept going. Anyway, it was a super fun breakfast! We got some cool pics that I'll be sending later today! Then we had the Turkey Bowl!!! I was SO pumped for my team! It was E.Hicks, E.Oakley, E.Peterson, E.Manuma, and S.Millington with a couple others- and we looked super tight. We had black, camo, and eye black as our uniforms. It was sweet! We played for a few hours, and on one of the fields it was covered in dew/water...k, I literally took 2 steps and slipped flat on my back. And that happened 3 times in the course of 15 minutes. After the game I noticed my left hip was suuuuuuuper sore. I couldn't lift my leg very high without it hurting. I shook it off and kept playing though (I know I know, don't give the screen that look mom!) Ya, so my hip continued to be on fire until I woke up on Sunday. I literally couldn't even lift my leg to put my pajamas on it hurt so bad. And it's funny, because I learned I do a LOT of things with that leg: get into bed, get into the shower, climb stairs, etc and I couldn't anymore haha! So I'm grateful for the functionality of my left leg!! Also on Thanksgiving, all that water we saw on the streets? Yup, the water main broke. No showers for us after football haha! Our whole town was without water....alllllllll day. And we've been on a boil advisory ever since- we've had to boil any water we want to drink. Some members came to the rescue and got us a couple gallons of water, but we've still boiled some and left it to cool overnight. Craziness! So I'm grateful for indoor plumbing and clean water.

On Thanksgiving we got to go to the Trunk's for lunch, the Jensen's for appetizers, and the Cook's for dinner and dessert. Boy lemme tell ya, I am SO glad I wore my stretchy skirt! Ain't no way I would have fit into anything else after that- I almost needed to be rolled home. Our food comas hit hard that night haha! It was an awesome day and I'm so grateful for this ward and all it does for us.

Speaking of which! Drum roll please..................IM STAYING IN SPARTA FOR MY LAST TRANSFER!!!! I was honestly so scared they'd pull me and pop me somewhere random to die, but now I get to die here! And S.Hall will still be my companion, and E.Victor and E.McBride will still be in the ward too! Woohoo! This is going to be the BEST 6 weeks ever! I'm excited! And's my last 6 weeks. Yikes! No thanks. Send me back to the MTC. Sorry mom, I'm going on another mission! I'm not ready for the real world yet haha

Ok, last little bit about my week, and then I'll hush up! On Friday and Saturday we helped Sister Harriott and Sister Boyle with the thrift store they're opening at the bottom of our building. We've been moving tables and chairs, loading and unloading trucks, dusting furniture, organizing and pricing knickknacks, etc etc. Boy are we sore!! But it was so fun, and I just love giving service. I'm excited for the new Christmas initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD and how it focuses on giving service each day. We also got to watch a Thanksgiving parade from the store on Saturday, it was our own teeny tiny Macy's Parade! It had 5 Santa's in it, so I'm sure that confused the children, and it also had LOTS of fire engines too! So that was awesome.

Life is good over here! I love it!
Some things i loved from this week:
President Harold B. Lee “Life is God’s gift to man. What we do with our life is our gift to God.”
President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994): “Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace.”

Love you all!!! Hope you had good turkey :)
Stay Jersey Strong!
Love, Sister McAllister
 Turkey Bowl
 Thanksgiving Parade

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