Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015


So I think I'll start off this email responding to your email? K good, glad you agreed. Cuz I was gonna do it anyways. ;)  
I am glad you are enjoying MY weather over there. It has been a lovely 80, with humidity, so in all actuality it's like 100. Yay for sweating! 
I do in fact remember Megan, she was a pretty cool girl and it kinda broke my heart to hear what happened to her. I hope Jenna is doing ok, because I know she knew her a lot better than me. This is a lesson kids, don't do drugs 1. cuz hello, they're bad for you 2. because you don't always know what's in them and if the maker is telling the truth when he sells him. Real sad stuff. But I do know that God has a plan for each of us. That He has all of us in His sights, ALL the time. He knows our pain better than anyone. And He loves us.
Crazy cool that Ty is going to Washington!!! I feel so bad, I didn't acknowledge the date of his birth. I went to send him a letter and then realized the folly of my plan when I remembered I didn't know his address...yup. SO he got an email today haha :)
Congrats on your clean closets! We cleaned out our apartment (cuz ew it used to be an elders') and came up with 6 bags of random stuff. So holla for summer cleaning!

OK. Letter time now! Wait til you hear about my week folks. And yes, I am sending a LOT of pics, but that's because I'm a girl and I enjoy them so don't hate cuz you aint and all that jazz.

     We got to Newark (which, ok, awesome! In the plane my window had the view of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty! SO COOL) and were immediately taken to the middle of the city. We got there and there was a bunch of missionaries that have been out for a while. We got companioned up and started to sing Called to Serve in the middle of this busy courtyard we were singing the APs yelled GO! Oh my goodness, you have to stay with your comp. and mine was halfway down the street before I caught up to her! I am sure ppl thought we were crazy running through the streets in our skirts and suits. We contacted as I told you, and that was our Fearbuster as it's called! Pretty cool right??? (Which ok, IDK if I'm allowed to send you the video, becuz the white handbook says no videos...but the APs took it on my camera, so IDK. Maybe next week?)
     We slept over in the mission home- the Taggert's are AMAZING! Seriously. They are. I love them so much. AND THEIR KIDS! Just fantastic! AND their grandkids. Just adorable. I can't say enough good things about them- they're so chill, but so focused it's awesome.
Tuesday morning we got our trainers. Mine is Sister Brown. She's 1/2 Tongan 1/2 Samoan and she's from Lehi. She is literally cousins with everyone Polynesian. Her cousins sing and dance with everyone professional, and her uncles were all NFL players. Anyways, she's super chill and exactly what I need. Coming from my experience at the MTC, I am seriously loving her. She is so laid back, and we have the same humor, and the same joke/quotes. It's wonderful. AND craziness: she's basically a Poly Mallory from Studio C- no joke! All her gestures and expressions and everything is the same as Mal! I lucked out hardcore.
     Emerson is a fantastic first area. It's been a bit of a culture shock, as I had only met one white person until church where I met 5 more (more on the one later). I've met a Jamaican, a Dominican, a Brazilian, 2 Cubans, and an Indian. And those are just the Less Actives (LAs) I've met with- this week! They're all so cool! The food has been soooo good. Like please, take me to the Dominican or to Brazil, because shoot- it's amazing. The Lord has blessed me with tastebuds that appreciate out here: I've had mussels and stromboli, and Dominican chicken&rice, etc. But it's ALL so good!  And the people here as so humble and sweet. It costs SO much to live out here- everything is at least 30% more expensive than out West. Out apartment costs $1400 a month and it's a 1 bedroom, and pretty ghetto, but it works! (Um sorry my email sent here? I have no idea what happened haha)
     SO. The white man I met. Super funny! He's a really sweet guy and I really like him. He's a bit, um...wildly inclined? He feeds squirrels. In his house. Like he opens his back door and invites them in to chill with him. Ya, he's named them all. And he's filmed a lot of videos of them, so I got to watch all 45min of that...yay! Also, he has every copy of the BoM EVER made. Literally. NO joke. EVERY. COPY. The old ones were super cool to hold and look at, and he had a lot of other books that reference the 10 Tribes from back in the early 1800s. He's not a member and doesn't want to be baptized- but he knows the BoM is true. He's put every copy through a word processor multiple times and has marked every change (all grammar and spelling), and he's checked the literacy of each book in the BoM. Says it's true and no man could have wrote it without God. But he won't get baptized. Stubborn old man, my goodness :)
   Church was interesting yesterday. There's only like 50 people, 1/3 of them are kids. The chapel is 6 pews I think? Pretty crazy stuff, but they're all real nice. I love them. I never knew that I could come to love people so fast, it's only been a week for goodness sake! But I do. And it's wonderful.
   I get to go to Ellis Island on the 22nd and again the first few weeks of August- I'm super excited! I've heard great things, and I'm told the view is amazing! I also might get to go to the temple with Sister Brown and her Recent Converts (RCs) sometime this month! Fingers and toes and arms and legs and errthang crossed please!!!
     So my zone is a Brozone which is awesome as well. There is only 4 sisters but 12 elders. Super sweet, cuz they're the best to play sports with and they're normally super chill (sorry sisters). In my zone is Sister Cobb (who is amazing, ok, amazing) who is the writer of the letters of the blog that I obsessively stalked before I came out here...ya, so I know basically everything about her mission but I've only talked to her once. Awko Taco.
   Sorry these paragraph things are so short and that I'm so all over the place and jumping from subject to subject but these letter are actually a lot harder than you'd think to type. Like I have no idea what to write and then I think of something and just spit it out onto the page (no I'm not spitting on the computer mom, I'm not that crazy yet).
    I am definitely coming to love Jersey. Even if I can't pump my own gas, and groceries cost an arm and a leg, and the humidity might actually kill me one day, or the drivers might kill us one day, or the thugs might, or the bugs might, or the lack of mountains might, or the lack of altitude might, or the amount of food eaten might, or Sister Brown might because I'm too cool for her...but despite that- I LOVE IT! Actually, because of that, I love it. I've only been here a week and I absolutely positively do NOT want to leave anytime soon. I can't imagine what this love will be like in 18 months.
    But I do know that it isn't even a fraction of the love that God has for us. He knows us each individually. He knows our pain and our suffering and our trials. He knows when we want to give up. But He also is waiting to pour down blessings upon us, if we but ask for them. "Ask and ye shall receive." We ask first, and He answers. He is giving us tender mercies and miracles EVERYDAY. We just need to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives. If you want something cool to read, open up my poems and read em- you'll probably find something in there that will help you! I know the Lord has blessed me with that talent, I KNOW I wouldn't be able to write those poems so quickly or so well without His help.  

Sorry my letter is so spastic! A lot has happened today- we had an all mission conference! We went to the park and played sports for a few hours, had Cafe Rio for lunch (the Taggert's man), and then did skits in the gym. So I'm basically beat right now haha.
   I love my mission. It's truly the greatest! It's the right place at the right time with the right people for me! I'm so glad to be here! I love you all so much! You are the greatest examples to me. Keep on keeping on you beautiful people!

Stay Jersey Strong.
 Sister McAllister

P.S. I have a mini pday on Fridays because the Taggert's are awesome. It's 1.5 hrs long, but it's beautiful and much needed.
P.P.S I have my iPad, so I can read all your emails you send throughout the week at anytime, I just can't respond til Mondays
 assuming view from their apartment
 Her Trainer....Sister Brown

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