Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015

     Alright alright alright! I am safe and sound in NJ y'all! It is very humid here, like the house has to have dehumidifiers on 24/7 and mildew grows in the bathroom without the fan on...craaazy stuff!
     So we got here and they immediately took us to downtown Newark to start contacting ppl. I'll have to send you the video they took of us running in our nice clothes through the ghetto, it's pretty hilarious. :)   We went and just handed out pass along cards and contacted for 30 min. Gotta start running before we can walk, ya know? But I actually loved it. My skin was a minority for once in my life, and there was some sketch ppl out and about at 6pm, BUT the ppl I talked to were actually pretty nice. They listened to what we had to say and took our cards, so there's something! Also, got whistled at by some construction workers, so we shared the gospel with them as well! Here's Jesus folks ;)
Anyways, I'm safe here in the mission home. Stay awesome all you wonderful people. I love you!
 Sister McAllister
MOM NOTE:  Got to talk to her on the phone for about 20 minutes before she boarded her flight to Newark. It was great to hear her voice and the enthusiasm that she has. She was excited but a bit nervous to get out into the field. She informed us that her MTC companion had messed up her knee last Friday and had to return home for surgery and would come back out in about 4 months....kind of crazy.  She was sad to be leaving the MTC and her District. It was a good learning and growing experience for her and she had a great group of people she was with and will miss it, but she was anxious to get on to the next thing.  She was not looking forward to the heat and especially the humidity, but it was suppose to be raining when she got there so maybe that would not be so bad....maybe. :) Yea right! I can already see (hear) a change in her ....she is still the same crazy fun loving Megan as you can tell from her few letters she has written so far, but she has grown in ways only this experience could give her, and maybe only a mother can see. But she would love to hear from all of you either by email (text me or PM on FB) or by snail mail (which she does not have an apartment address to me as of yet). Keep her in your prayers and know that she loves you all.

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