Monday, September 14, 2015

Bed Bugs, Hospitals, Allergies, and Ferraries...Sept 14, 2015

my goodness, it doesn't even feel like I'm in the east coast with all the amazing weather we've had the past few days. its been 70 degrees and raining for the past while, and I LOVE IT!

yay for vball tournaments. i miss those days :(
Way for jenna to be a baller and play on her ankle, so proud.
i loved the pics, thanks so much for them! its great to see my sisters being lil bosses on the court. they're fantastic.
also, how have y'all grown up so much in just 3 months???? my sisters look so old!!! when did this haaaappppeeeennnnn?!?!?!?!
STLs are Sister Training Leaders, they go on exchanges with the sisters like DLs do with the elders. they also help out S.Tag with anything she needs
Transfers are Sept 29 and I'm trying not to think about them becuz every time i do i just want to cry becuz s. brown and i are besties/basically sisters IRL and i dont want her to leave and i dont want a new comp i only want to stay with her 5ever :'(  

my week went a lil like this:

Monday- pig out at the International Buffet and eat alllll the shrimp and crab and sushi with our fav Jamaican.
Tues- have district meeting and chill with all the awesome elders in our zone.  find a credit card in the parking lot belonging to our member, go to their house and have his mom give us alllll the food in their fridge as thanks. Have a car accident happen right in front of the aprt and then have members drop off Boston Market for you. basically start your day off with little food, and then end with a full fridge.
Wed- go to our black families house and help Alex pack for BYUI. shes awesome and we wish her all the luck
Thurs- wish the STLs well as they leave to go stay at a different aprt. have a super empty aprt now that their stuff isn't everywhere. check for bugs obsessively just to make sure they haven't come to infest our aprt as well. flip out that a little speck of lint IS a bug, but then breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when you realize it isn't. 
Fri- have 6.5 hr leadership conference, with lots of role plays and lots of awesome stuff from the APs and PT. look around at the packed gym and realize just how much you love your mission, the missionaries, and everyone else there. Bask in the knowledge of this army of missionaries in NJ. Love it. Cherish it.   Then go to sports night and play with the cutest lil kids ever who speak Spanish and not a lot of English so they're adorably saying "que" about everything you say <3
Sat- get super sick and want to die because your head hurts and your body aches and you just want to sleep for 21312 days because the past week you've had hardly any sleep and now you're sick and want to dddiiiiiieeeeeee. go out and teach anyways. have everyone, literally everyone, say you look like death. fall asleep in the car in between appts as s. brown drives. take a power nap during lunch time at home. teach a LOT of lessons that day anyways because God is real and He will help and make you feel fine in lessons, and then the second you're in the car again- feel like death. God is amazing. He is real.
Sun- have an awesome church where everyone you want to show up to church does! a lot of our LAs and Inves. were there! it was great :)  do more fam Hist work, eat lunch at the RS Pres home with her and her husband who are just the cutest lil things.  Go to the baptism for the bishops daughter. love it. feel the Spirit super strong when they sing "I like to look for rainbows". go outside and play in the rain afterwards.

So that's basically my week. It's been crazy hectic and hard, but super awesome as well! The members here are fantastic, they take care of us so well!! I love them all so much, they're truly my mission families out here. i want to take pics with them all so that you can see them, and so i have that memento <3  

We went to the hospital today to see S. Stout (one of the STLs with bugs) because shes been there for a while. we stopped by and saw how she and s. cobb were doing. They're both so wonderful. i really love em. it makes me sad they're dying the next 2 transfers.
also, there was a Ferrari in the hospital parking lot when we got out today, so we had to take ballin pics by it. its a cherry red one ("for freeeeeeeeee"). so yup. it was cool.

i loved this week despite the hardness- here's to next week!

love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong
Sister McAllister
 hospital visit
 and they are still besties?????

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