Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There's a Sun & a Moon & a Coconut Cream Pie, but There Are No Bananas in the Sky (in the Sky)...September 28, 2015

Holy moly, my sisters are little bosses at life! How'd y'all get so much cooler than I ever was?! Y'all need to calm down and stop being so fantastic! Singin the anthem at homecoming game? Killin it at vball in middle school? Being drop dead gorgeous the both of you? Y'all are too much.
Also. We have the cutest dog on the face of the earth and holy cow I miss him soooooo much. Do you think you can fly him over to Jersey? I'll take good care of him I promise! 😭
How did the moon look through the telescope????? Amazing, wonderful, everything you've ever hoped and dreamed of??? I love space so much. God is so fantastic. He made everything so perfect and amazing. Gah. I can't. I have too much love.

My week was not bleak, nor chic, but slightly on fleek. ;)

So Sister Brown and I are putting together a journal for the Taggarts to show our appreciation for them. They feel slightly underdemiciated (bedtime stories voice) becuz a lot of the missionaries judged them when they first started their missions becuz they weren't the same as the prev mission president and wife.  But hey, those missionaries got the Jeppsons in their prime as they're leaving, the Taggarts had just gotten here. Aren't we all a little green when we get here? Don't we all make rookie decisions and things? Anyways, that was last year in July, and ever since it just seems like the missionaries are always doggin on PT and S. Tag. Not all of us, but enough that they notice and hear about it either directly or through the grapevine. So S. Brown and I decided we would get them a journal like we missionaries have for people to sign, but that we would collect a whole bunch of the missionaries' entries and put them in ourselves. We had almost 100 of the missionaries email us their stuff in the past 2 weeks! The journal's really cute, and I hope it lets them know how much we do care and do love them. They're seriously the best. It's crazy how inspired and powerful they are. I feel like I came here and gained a Mission Mom and Dad (and siblings) in the Taggart family :) We're going to give it to them tomorrow at transfer conference.

Attention everyone. A very important announcement is about to be made. Turn all your cellular devices and gizmos and gadgets off and sit down, because S.McAllister is going to rock your world: *ahem* I HIT MY 3 MONTH MARK LAST THURSDAY!!! Where did the time go? Did it fly out the window? Did on the wind it blow? Or down the river flow? Or fade with the fireflies glow? I don't even know, oh where, oh where, did my time go?   Annnyyywwaaayyyyyssss, that's enough rhyming for me (at the moment 😏). Time flies so fast out here. It's super weird. On one hand I feel like I've been here forever and it's time to go, but on the other it feels like I'm never gonna leave. Everyone says that it goes faster and faster til you make it to your 6 month mark, and then at your 9 month mark its like you've only been here a day and the rest of your mission lasts about a week....(too be sung in a glorious manner) :crrraaazzzziznnnneeeesssss!

Thursday was fantastic. We had the opportunity to go to Ellis Island again!!! I seriously love that place. If I ever move out to the East Coast, I would love to be able to work there in the history center. The people are great, workers and foreigners, and the view is awesome. I can't get enough. Then S. Brown and I went and saw a lady from our ward who's in a rehab center recovering from a sudden onset of seizures. Shes super sweet, and we were able to walk with her around the lawn outside the facility. We love her, she's too sweet. Then S. Brown and I had dinner with the Bonhards. They're one stinkin awesome family. I can't say enough about them. They really make me feel welcome whenever I have the chance to talk with them. We had cheese-stuffed burgers! They were really good. Plus it was my 3 month mark, AND I DIDNT GET A TRAINERS CALL! HALLELUJAH PRAISE AMEN. that was a huge load off my back, and I didn't have a heart attack, and I don't have to teach what I lack, and do something for which I have no knack. Bam. *drops mic and wal- no...And bounds joyfully- away.* 

Also, Sister Brown got an STL call, so she's leaving and I'm staying here, I'll just get a new comp. she's heading to the bug infested aprt, so ya....she's um, ecstatic? *cough* sure, we'll go with that... But cool part is, is that she's still in my zone! So all the zone activities every week we'll see each other, and she can go on exchanges with me too! Super cool :) transfer conf should be pretty insane though too, half my zone is getting transferred, and it seems like the world is being tilted on its head from everything that we've I'll let ya know if I survive tues haha

I got your cinnamon rolls! Thank you thank you thank you! It's so fun to taste home.

We didn't get a chance to watch the moon fully :( We have to be home by 9:30 and in bed by 10:30, so we left S.Cardoso as it was half eclipsed, and then when we got home it was fully gone, but hadn't turned red yet. We waited around to see it, but the clouds were blocking the whole thing anyways, so we only saw a glimpse of orange. Darn Jersey, trying to crush my astronomy dreams 😭🚀

So idk if I'm adapting to the weather or what, but it's been 60s-70s for the past week with 50% humidity and its felt like home. Hopefully it really isn't that humid here, so that when I come home in 15 months I'm not looking like The Thing from Fantastic 4...
I don't think I'll ever eat more chicken and rice in the rest of my life than I eat out here. Practically every meal is chicken and rice, done a different way each time, but it's still basically the same. I love rice, but sometimes I really just crave mashed potatoes or green beans- but then my members always get us Boston Market if they can't feed us, so I get my craving sated at least a little bit ;)
Also I am telling you now, you have not had pizza til you've had Jersey pizza. It might be the closest thing to heaven on earth- outside the temple, the home, and church of course. My goodness, I'll never be able to enjoy dominos, little caesars, or Costco again. So it's a mighty good thing I'll be here for another 15 months.

Mission lingo in case I use it ever in an email:
Born- when you started your mish
Die- when you end your mish
Kill- when your comp dies, and you were their last comp
Flip- exclamation of frustration, excitement, overwhelmedness, etc
Mom/Dad-  your trainer
All other familial terms- related to above
Ex: I was born in Emerson. I'll die in Dec next year. Idk who will kill me, but flip. Also, my Mom is wonderful and Sister Anderson is my aunt.

Anyways, that's it for me. I love you all! Keep rocking it in the most bestest state in the nation!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
Watching the lunar eclipse

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