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LABOR DAY SWAG...Sep 7, 2015

Oh my dear, wonderful, fantastic Coloradans - how i miss you.

Aw I'm so glad y'all got to go see the balloons and have that awesome family time! I miss hanging with y'all!!!
The weather was great over there? The weather has been FANTASTIC over here. The past 3 days have been 75 degrees with no humidity and I literally feel like I am in heaven and the Lord is blessing me SO much right now. I love Him.
I'm glad you've had so many jobs! The Lord is so wonderful in His blessings.
Yay for KK! And seriously. I'm about to walk to CO and kick some bootays. This is ridiculous. #IWontTellJennaYouToldMeIfYouDont
Aw man, KC. Maybe I should resend it. It might be the iPad formatting or something that's messing it up. PLEASE TELL HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I SENT HER AN EMAIL BUT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW I LOVE HER STILL AND THAT I REMEMBERED BECUZ I ACTUALLY DID. *ahem* wow, my throat hurts from that yelling...
People are telling me I need to go into communications or journalism because of how I write....but idk. I mean, I feel like I write better than I talk and sometimes I really wish I could just write my investigators their lessons- but idk about a major.
Kelsey is always pretty. #LeaveSomeForTheRestOfUs
Bro Nash was telling me about the BYU game at church yesterday (My fellow Coloradans get me). That's crazy cool! And I am SO done with Hill RN. Seriously. He keeps doing this and it's annoying. My goodness.
Thanks for telling me the lil tidbits. I love world/national news and I love being kept in the loop on some things.
AND- y'all are too gorgeous for words. My lil sisters aint lil anymore and my family is so adorable I wanna cry. I can't handle it.
I LOVE your pics from this morning! I miss that sunrise. #Homesick #ButItsNotATerminalSickness

My week was fantastic and draining and loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg. I just want to collapse and sleep for the next decade, but alas- I am a missionary for the next 15 months (well... not alas, but you get my point). 

We've been helping this Jamaican lady in our ward find her family. On Monday we found 3 people, and yesterday we found 4 more! She's so excited! She always gets up and starts crying and yelling and shaking and basically spazzing out with joy- it's adorable. She literally cannot control herself she's so full of happiness, and Monday night she didn't sleep because she kept thinking about her ancestors. :)   She took us out to lunch today- we went to the International Buffet. I loooooooovvvvveeeeeee shrimp and sushi and crab soooooooooooo much! It was so great to eat it again. Man, that was some good food; and some great company too. Every meeting with her is so funny/interesting: she has a lot of stories of Jamaica and her childhood, and her accent makes everything so much better! S. Brown and I are trying to convince her to move out to Utah so she can open her dream Jamaican restaurant "Grandma Dawn's". I'd go there every day for her food, so it has to happen.

Friday we had Leadership Training from 9-3pm. It's for all the new missionaries in the past 3 months, so my group was the oldest there (besides our trainers) which is really weird cuz i am such a newbie still. The meeting was really good! The trainings from PT and Sis Taggart and the APs were awesome an super spiritual, and the role plays were totally inspired. It didn't seem like it was a 6hr long meeting...i kinda wanted to stay there longer lol.    And every time I'm in a big setting like that with a lot of our missionaries, I can't help but think how awesome they all are. I love our mission!!
Friday we also had sports night- so that was super chill. The Nash"s came out and played and we got a lot of less actives and investigators there too! It was fun to play and we had a lil spiritual msg on the side too :)

Saturday we did service for like 4 hrs. We helped set up for a court of honor (the ppl here need the smallest excuse for a party, and they have to throw extravagant ones too), and then we had some appointments and came back for the party later so we could talk to the LAs there. 
We actually had a lot of lessons this week! And a lot of member presents! Our numbers are looking up :D

We've had several super strong families move into the ward recently! And yesterday night the Chavez family fed us! She fed us chiles rellenos (which is basically fried peppers stuffed with cheese) and banana splits. They're from Alaska and they have 3 sons with another kid on the way. And this lady is suuuuuper pretty. I'm talking like model status- she's so cute and her boys are so cute and her husband is adorable and all of them together make them my fav couple/family. it was a good night :)

We have been back to the squirrel guy's house, but we just taught his cute wife becuz he was out back. She's super cute, and she struggles a lot. She has Parkinson's disease and is really shriveled up and almost immobile- but she has this super strong desire to be sealed to her parents in the temple and to do family history work! She's amazing!  

BUG NEWS! (hahahahahaha that's a typo, but I'm keeping it because it totally works with what I'm going to tell you all about) Soooooooo. Friday, we were coming home from a fantastic day of 6 lessons, 2 hours of sports, and 6 hours of leadership training when we get a call from the STLs......yeah. They have bed bugs. And no members would take them in. So guess who is? yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for 4 people trying to cram on 3 beds but you cant snuggle/touch each other because it's against mission rules....Dont worry, we made sure they were bug free before they even stepped foot in our apartment. They decontaminated all their stuff and themselves, and they've been staying in our little one room apartment with us for 3 days now. We're running out of food, space, sanity, and patience- but all is well. The exterminator is supposed to come tomorrow, so who knows how much longer they are going to be staying with us..#PatienceIsAVirtueThatI'mStillWorkingOn

Funny story for the day:
We were trying to be sly last night and heart attack/ding-dong ditch the Nash's house...yup, basically everything that could go wrong went wrong. We went under the cover of darkness, but the problem is that they keep their curtains open and their porch light on. So we were sitting in the car coming up with a plan of attack ("I have a plan. Attack." #NameThatMovieJenna) when a man walks out of the blackness right next to our car with his MASSIVE dog. Holy moly we had a stinking heart attack (ironic i know). He came outta no where! So we sat there waiting for him to leave, and we get out of the car and decide to go through the neighbors front yard from the side. Whelp, that neighbor decided he needs a motion sensor floodlight. What the flip?! So we flip out and try to hide behind the bushes, but they're stinking twigs so S.Brown starts running back to the car when she falls in a hole in the yard and twists her ankle. So I don't see this until she's already on the ground, and I'm like shoot. AND THEN, she fell on the car keys SO THE FLIPPIN CAR ALARM GOES OFF!  So we're like "flipper dip, sister" and we book it back to the car in the safe darkness of the night. We get back in and S.Brown's like "we gotta go, I can't do it with my ankle" and I'm like "nah, I got this. sight and sound sister." So I get out and leave the door open- meanwhile we can still see all of them sitting in their living room watching tv/movies- so I go from the other side where their house borders a fence to the railroad. It's pitch black and all I can hear are the stinkin leaves crunching under my feet. So I just casually walk along the street straight past the front of their house until I can get to the fence. Then I follow it along the tree/bush line until I can get to their front porch. I'm in the light and they are like 5 ft away- I'm literally in plain sight and I can see them clearly through the window. SO I just casually place the sign and hearts on their wall by their door, and walk away back into the dark. My heart was literally going a mile a minute. I swore they were gonna turn their heads any second and see me...or that a scary wolf or something was gonna burst from the woods and eat me. Same difference...   Whew, so that was that. We pealed outta there so fast. I was gonna knock and run, but i felt that would be pushin our luck even more cuz I probs would have biffed it and then been found on their lawn face planted.... so ya. That's our fun story for the week. :)

With that bombshell I bid you adieu. 
Stay Jersey Strong!
Sister McAllister
 Jamaican they are helping find her ancestors
 Bed bugs create a new foursome
 sports night
 New Jersey Strong

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