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I Think I Need A Virtual Hug....October 26, 2015

Hellooooo (Epic)! 
I can't believe Halloween is this week either. Last I checked it was the 1st of October and I was shocked then about the lateness in the year....but now its almost November and my 4 Month mark was Saturday. Weeeiiiirrrrddddd.
Um Mom, is the apocalypse coming and you didnt tell us?!? You didnt decorate???? For a holiday?!?!  holy moly the world is coming to an end! Everyone hide your kids, hide your wife, hide errythang- cuz its getting real up in herr. 
Man, I wish i was back in school. I love learning. I miss high school (but mostly college) all the time! Live it up girls, it only lasts a little while!
JENNA!!!! I am going to ask you the most important question of your life, ok? ok. DID you BEAT VISTA?!?!?! I need all the details c'mon! I want to know of your boss self ok?
Aw yay, Sundays with the Grandparents are the best! I love them :)
Baby Pairsh is adorable! I'm sorry to hear about Lil Ladybug though-. I'll be praying for them for sure- they're my fav little family :)
Bishop actually just emailed me about the missionary who came home in his family! So weird, because I got the feeling I should write them a letter last night, so I did, and I sent it off this morning before I even knew he had emailed me! Crazy crazy lol
OH MY GOSH STOP. STOP RIGHT NOW. NO MORE. HOW ARE YOU 2 SUCH STINKIN. GORGEOUS. LIL. FLIPS????? stttaaawwwwpppp. i literally can't even with you two. Why cant y'all save some beauty for the rest of us poor folks?? jeez louise y'all are too much

So there's not real much for me to talk about this week- sorry! but I'll do my best to stretch it out and bore you with the details ;)

Lessseeee... Monday we had an awesome Pday of Zone Sports in which we played basketball and had lots and lots of fun! I have been dubbed a "baller" by some of the elders and an "alright sister" by the's high praise, ok? Like supa high. They love me, I can tell, ok? So ya, that's pretty sweeeeet. This zone is seriously amazing this transfer. We got the best zone in the mission, hands down. #WeNumber1 #Zone1Swag  But forreal, these elders are my bros, I just want to hang with them all the time they're so cool. It's tight!  Alsooooo, one of them may or may not owe me a slushie becuz I made 10 swish 3-pointers in a row....yup momma- my 8ish yrs of bball are paying off! ;)

Tuesday we watched the Piano Guys Face2Face broadcast. It was awesome! If y'all don't know what the Face2Face stuff is, go look it up!!! They have Lindsey Sterling, Elder and Sister Bednar, and David Archuleta- and they're just really cool face-to-face Q&As with them. Also, the musical ppl play a lot of cool songs! I'll send you the one I took a recording of, it's beautiful.   Annnnndddddd I may or may not now be converted to the Piano Guys....they're just too cool, and their music is gorgeous and beautiful and you just want to float on a cloud and cry while you listen to them. And I have also decided that when I come home, I'm either taking cello or piano lessons. Cuz I've wanted to do that for a while, but I never like really wanted to do it, ya know what I'm saying? But now I do, so its a done deal. Can't hold me back. Sorry mom, you're gonna have a musical daughter instead of 3 ballers. :)

Wednesday we had lunch with Br. M like we always do. He's super awesome, and he's on date to go back to the temple on December 18th!!!!! It's been years since he's been, so it's fffaaaannnnttttaaasssstiiiiiccccc!!! We also went to the chiropractor which was wonderful for my neck and I feel so heavenly afterwards, its beautiful. We also met a lady on a bench who was playing a guitar. We stopped and chatted with her for a while, and though she didn't want to hear our message, we prayed with her and she said that we are just "beautiful girls that shine so bright" that we brightened up her day! The Spirit is so great :)

Thursday we had a 7 hr long Zone Conference in Paterson. It was super good! The trainings and lessons and role plays we were taught were perfect. The Spirit was so strong, you always come away from these meetings feeling so excited! It's so fun to be all together with the other missionaries in the zones around you for a little while- and to be with PT and Sis Taggart and the APs is great. I love em all so much!

Friday and Saturday we went on exchange with Sister Stout and Sister Brown. I went to Caldwell with S. Stout, and S. Carlson stayed in Emerson with S. Brown. It was a good exchange, and i met a few cool people in Caldwell. But let's just say it was pretty emotional for me and I'm struggling with a lot of stuff right now soooo to say that my eyes were swollen and puffy for the weekend was an understatement. I wore my glasses for 2 days because my eyes were burning so bad haha.  I'll just say that the Sisters are great though, and that its amazing being in this group of missionaries who are all so full of love for each other and everyone around them. Its great.

Saturday was a fun night hahaha  We went to an African party without knowing? lol, this lady from Sierra Leone invited us over for dinner, and we show up and there are Africans everywhere and the music is suuuuper loud and the food is everywhere and everyone is was awesome! haha We came in and said the prayer over the food, and then everyone dug in and we were just these 2 white Americans sittin on the couch eating the really spicy African food while the music was blarin so loud you couldnt hear nothin and the people were all up and dancing. I loved it! I love Africans so much, they are such a fun and boisterous and kind and cool people. They were all super nice, but we cant speak their language, and their accents are super strong, but their general ideas always came across. The music was cool too, even though we're not supposed to listen- but there's a missionary saying "if you can't control it, enjoy it." so we did! And they gave us this super spicy stuff to eat and I only had a drop/bite of it and my whole mouth was on fire. Like i literally thought i was about to start shooting flames. It was suuuuuper spicy haha, and these people were sitting there eating a whole spoonful of this stuff! They got mouths of steel i'm telling ya! Africans also have this really good soda called Vimto. It tastes like that pink little kid medicine that you just want to chug cuz it tastes so good...ya its a carbonated version of that and I LOVED IT. holy moly, I want to have that always. it was sooooooo goood!

Sunday was the Primary Program and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! We had 4 investigators and 3 less actives at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a glorious day! Oh my goodness I need to sing from the mountain tops how wonderful it was to see them all there!!!!!!! And the Spirit was so strong because of the children!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!   Also, we found 2 more family names for S. Walker for her to take to the temple! She's super excited and she cried and danced as usual- she's so sweet! i love how much she loves this work and this gospel, it's great!  We also got to see our main man Richard... and Larry, and Seth, and Joe haha. They're so cool, and you can always tell they're choice spirits of the Lord :)    We then went to the Parks house for dinner. I seriously love them, you always come away feeling so loved and unjudged and beautiful! They're so nice, and I love their lil Koreanness and their children are hilarious and so talented its crazy. We had a piano recital in the basement (cuz in order for the kids to play I had to say i would play a song too...yikes!) and they play beautifully. Like basically professionally except they're 9 and 10. It's crazy haha. And then they made me play, so i went up and sorta tapped out the LotR and the Hobbit songs that I know....they were very nice to me about it haha- but I sounded terrible after their 2 daughters!

We've been tracting 24/7 for the past 3 weeks and it's getting sooooooooo discouraging. It's good practice talking to people i guess, but no one wants to listen and I feel like we're almost wasting our time? Like there should be something more productive to do, but oh well.

That's basically it for me- today we're going on a Zone Hike and playing Baseball after- so I'm super excited for that! Also, I wrote a new poem, so if my i[ad decides to connect to the wifi anytime soon I'll send you my pics and that poem!

I love you all a ton!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you in 60 days!!!!!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

P.S. Can Marah please be in the christmas skype sesh? :)
 Poor girl and her hurting feet
 Fall time in the East

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