Thursday, October 8, 2015

I See Your "Crazy Week" and Raise It To My "Insane Week"...October 7, 2015

Where do I even begin with this letter? I feel so discombobulated and bamboozled right now-- snap, those are beautiful words. I should start using them more often! Haha

First of all. Jenna was stinkin gorgeous holy moly I can't even rn can she shtawp??? She needs a permanent full body paper sack to put herself in. Also, side tangent, dad needs to start honing his shooting *cough* concealed weapon *cough* 
WAY TO GO KK YOU GET THAT DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! MY LIL SIS IS A BOSS! Man, why do all y'all gotta be so much cooler than I am. I thought I left a legacy of awesomeness, but now I'm being overshadowed too quick. Some people.
Um, I didn't ok this move! This is not acceptable and I demand a refund on...something, but idk what, but I demand a refund! Wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? 😭 I love their house. And it's gonna be great to have them close by home, but cmon we won't have or biannual trips to Utah anymore. Blah, why does it have to happen while I'm goooonnnneee?  Ok. Enough moping Sister McAllister. Pull yourself together, you are a missionary! Go, teach, win. (The previous statement is an adaption from the Incredibles and is in no way meant to be a copyright infringement  or an act of plagiarism. That is all. Have a nice day.)<----idk what even goes on in my mind, I am so sorry lol
Anyways, I'm glad you, aunt Debbie, and uncle mark could help them out these past few weeks. And I'm super glad you got to see Ty! The lil flipper hasn't emailed me for a month....I'll get him back one of these days, I have plans for him. 😈😇

This week has been insane to say the least. We had a hurricane coming our way and everyone was flippin out becuz they thought it was the next Sandy, we had a service project on Monday that lasted allllll day, we were spiritually filled with a bulldozer on the weekend, and my nails have not been painted for 2 whole days. Yes. It is indeed that drastic over here in Jersey that I have had bare nails for 2 whole days. The Second Coming must be coming quickly.

So the hurricane. We didn't even hear about it til Thursday when a cpl ppl cancelled their appts on the weekend becuz they wanted to prepare. And then it made sense that it had been raining nonstop all day, and would continue to do so for the next 3 days....anyways, everyone was flippin out becuz of the possibility it could shoot north and hit us, so they were buying out the grocery stores of canned food and water. It was kinda crazy haha, I felt like I was in one of them apocalypse movies! We were told to have a full tank of gas and to buy food so we'd be prepared, and we had to have the directions to all the important places written down just in case.  Ya, none of that was needed haha, but in any case, I got to use my boots for the first time! I love em :)

The service project on Monday was awesome! We went to Passaic and helped build a playground for the kids there. We helped out a program called "Kaboom!" that's all about making sure kids are getting out and playing rather than having screen time all day. It was a lot of fun! My group built the benches and spread mulch and planted the garden! That is one nice playground, and it was cool that all of us working were volunteers. We were there from 8am-6pm, so to say that our backs and our legs and our everything is sore is an understatement. At this point I feel like taking a chainsaw to my ankles would be less painful that having my feet still attached to me hahaha. But it was fantastic, and fun, and the weather was perfect, and the people great, and the children cute, and and and and. It was amazing and I feel so accomplished knowing I helped! The kids got out of school and were lining the paths asking us when they could come play on it 😊. Also, Matt Lauer and Savannah from the Today show came and "helped" out (as in they carried a pot for 30sec and then set it down while the camera followed them). But we all took a group pic with them and they said we were gonna be on the Today Show at some be looking in the sea of purple shirts for my camo hat! :) 

Conference was amazing. What more can be said? I feel so blessed to have seen it and heard all the wonderful talks! It's so amazing in the mission too, I feel like I got sooooooo much revelation and good things from this one. Ah, I love it. But I also wanted to jump through the screen and lift President Monson up when he started struggling. I actually think I started crying because I was actually scared we would see him die at the pulpit. Holy moly, but his talk was fantastic and so spiritual. But when he started repeating his words at the end and slumping below the microphone my heart hurt so much. You just love him so much it physically hurts to see him like that. I was waiting for President Nelson to stand up and prop him up like he did with Elder Wirthlin in 2007, but I guess the Spirit told him not to or something. But anyways, I feel so uplifted and spiritually fed right now. I want Conference to be every week!

Wellll, all is going well with my new companion. You'll be pleased to know that you know her! Hints: she is from Utah. The first part of her name is dads name, but with a c. She has brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She loves sister Anderson.......have you guessed yet? Go on. Guess. I'm going to wait til you've guessed........ Ok fine.
*channels inner Dora* say it with me! Sister Carlson!!!  Yup. We're greeniebusting each other! And sisters Kang and Anderson are greeniebusting each other down south too. Crazy right? AND Sister Troconis is now in Jersey!!! She was there with the other trainees on Tuesday! AND her trainer is sister Carlson's trainer! Small world!! Ah. It was a fun day. AND it rained! So that was fun. But the 2.5 hrs it took to get home weren't #NJTrafficAtItsFinest

I can't believe I've almost been out 4 months, the time is flying by! A part of me wants to stay in Emerson til after Christmas, but I also want to go experience more of Jersey. We'll see what happens, but I'm glad I get to stay here until Nov 10 at least.

That's basically all from me! I love you all! And please tell Sister Chase and all the YW thank you for their notes! I love them 😄

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 new companion....Sister Carlson
 2 MTC companions and last companion
 left her mark at the park
 Passaic Park playground she helped build

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