Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 12, 2015

OK first off: I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO STINKIN MUCH!!!!! And I wish i was there tooo Dad!
2ndly, where and when did jenna get that flippin awesome hoodie?!?!?!? that thing is gorgeous holy moly!
I'm glad y'all get the chance to have fall break and relax a bit! i can't believe it's alrdy Oct and that is it the 12th too. so, just, gah! right now. you went to the one place i've wanted to go for yyyeeeeaaaaarrrrssssss! AND you get to see the Colemans?!? *sigh* it's a darn good thing Im livin it up in the east coast with the skyline and the fall colors right now (which I gotta tell you, are a thousand times better than home)

That's so hard! Please give them all my love! it's so sad that house is now just a memory, but its also nice having them so close to home! I hope they're doing better now. I love them so much!
Thats so heartwarming to know Ty is missing me! you never know with him, so its nice to know! Please let him now im missing his punk-self too since he wont respond to my emails :)

Sorry I dont have much this week. I've been struggling.  its been a huge adjustment with my new companion. And i havent taken a lot of pics because of that. Its been prettttty darn hard. Especially cuz shes making me walk super far everyday and Ive been in nonstop pain every day, she wont let me sit for any amount of time. So thats rough. but keep on keepin on right?

We did get a Less Active on date for the temple though! So his goal is to be back there on Dec 18, and then we have 2 ladies who we found family names for so we're going to the temple with them on Oct 23 and Nov 14. Pretty sweet right? I'm super excited for them all!!! I love this ward so much. I'm kinda hoping that I get one more transfer here , and then that I train here- I dont really want to leave the zone or area just yet. I feel like i have a lot of experience and work that needs to happen in this place. And i want to be there for S. Brown's dying testimony in March. And I want to skype y'all from here.

so ya, thats me in a nut shell. sorry i dont have a lot of details here, its just been a really rough week.

I love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister
Service Day at Passaic Park

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