Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1 Month in Eatontown....January 11, 2016

Hello (hello) Hello (hello) [I] welcome you today! Hello (hello)...idk how the rest of the song goes but just sing it to yourselves and know that I am singing right a long with you! haha

First things First Family:
maaaaannnn Ty stayed forevur. Last year the bum ditched out on me after like 4 days! What a "flippin joke dude" ;)  Tell him he's completely whipped and he needs to mail me his man card lol! Kenzie's got him wrapped around her little finger for sure >:)
wowowowowowow MOM! You're a missionary! Oh my gosh it'll be the funnest thing ever and you can go on team-ups with the missionaries and feel the Spirit super strong and love life and make new friends and fellowship people AND also make sure the missionaries get fed becuz lets be honest that's like SUPER important to elders haha. I'm so excited for you!
Have fun at your massage! We'll go together when I get back so I can have my 1st ever one- I guess I'll have to just be grateful for the tennis ball and frozen water bottle massages my feet get lol!
It's Sister Kafu Latu-Vaki (her first name is Kilisitina, but dont tell her i told you;)  And she's doing good- I mean super trunky, but who wouldnt be when you got 3 weeks left *shrugs*
MY LOVELY SISTERS WHOM I LOVE SO MUCH: WHY IS MY INBOX NOT FILLED WITH BEAUTIFUL LETTERS PROFESSING YOUR AMAZINGNESS AT LIFE?? WHY IS IT WAILING AND CRYING BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT FILL IT WITH LETTERS AND PICTURES?? PLEASE LIKEN THE SCRIPTURES TO YOURSELVES AND "FEED MY [INBOX]". hahahah haha ha ha. ha. huh. but for real doe. Are you going on strike? Are you boycotting letters to me? Whats the dealio sisters?? Do i need to beg and plead? Cuz i just might lol

Anyways, enough with my dramatic side-------------~~~~~~~~~/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\<><><><><>^v^v^v
(^ i apologize for my randomness, but sometimes you just gotta spice things up a bit)
Time for a snapshot view of my week!

Tuesday we had a YSA come out with us for the whole day after our meetings. Her name is Attorious and she's beautifully blunt, and exuberant, and wonderful. I loved having her with us for 6 hours- she really is the life of any metaphorical party (b/c she is my nonsocial twin. holla) We had a lot of good lessons with less actives, and with her as well. We really got to sit down with her and get to know her and just love her. She's so amazing, especially with the cards shes been dealt in life- man, she gives me so much vigor to strengthen my faith to be like hers! (did that even make sense? no? oh well, moving on!)

Wednesday we talked with some kids on the way to an apt. They were super nice and awesome and we basically taught them the Restoration while they were playing. They understood it really well and both took Book of Mormons. Planting seeds people!

Thursday was hilariously frustrating. We had an apt with a woman named Nancy who is SO solid at 4. But she didn't come to the door. So we thought, oh maybe shes not home. So we go to leave and the Spirit tells us to look for her car. We honed our stalkers skillz and found it waaaaay in the back of the lot, not in her usual spot. And we're like C'MON Nancy! So then we go and try her front door, and her keys are hanging from the clearly she's home. But she still wont answer... we think maybe shes walking her dog at this point. We said a prayer and then started walking trying to find her. We get the feeling to go towards the main road, a lo and flippin behold she drives past us in her car.  But prayers answered, we were led to her and found her...just as she was leaving us to drown in our frustration. So we get in our car and leave to go to another apt. ON THE WAY we drive past a park. And what do we see? Her. And her dog. Walking. In the park. Now at this moment we're debating if its too creeper stalkerish to go to her and stop her, but we just say yolo and went haha. AS WE WERE PARKING she put her dog in the car and drove offffffffffffffffffffffghljlkvhsdfgkjspdgf. *sigh* She drove 5 minutes to walk her dog for 2 minutes at a park in the cold?!?!?!   But whatever. I'm over it. Truly. It's no big deal. *facepalms* 

Moving on because my blood pressure needs to settle ;)

Saturday we were trying a less active the ward council told us to go see, and on the way there there's 3 kids riding hover-boards. So we stop and talk with them and they're all super chill and they're like "cmon you can try!" And i very politely and cooly declined becuz i would probably fall on my face and break something, or I'd fall in general and that's not ok to do in a skirt so nope. But they were awesome and it turns out that Harley just moved here from IL and he used to have missionaries all the time in his house there! So we got his number and address and all that and we have a return apt with him soon, and the others we gave Books of Mormon too and they were pretty pumped for it. I love kids!!!

This morning we went to Long Branch Beach and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful and it was freezing. Like 13 degrees with the windchill, but so worth it!

I love you all lots! Time is flying so fast, I can't believe it. I've already been in Eatontown a month! Crazy crazy. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. Weeelll, maybe punching T....actually no. Not even that hahaha ;)

Love you all!
Stay Warm!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister
 twinning with her old companion
 sunrise at the shore

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