Monday, January 18, 2016

Breaking and Entering and Other Such Minor Things... *cough*.....January 18, 2016

Hello Mom! (and all you blog readers, cant forget about my fan club now haha ;)

It's pretty awesome that y'all are playing with the missionaries on Pday so much now! Having members to hang with is the best! E. Stark and Tu'ifua seem pretty awesome- wish I could meet them.  And yes, Tongans do eat horse and some eat dog as well (but not all of them do). The extent of my integration into the culture is learning some random phrases and eating Spam and rice all the time. It's actually pretty great- i love it!

For pday today we are gonna head over to the Post Office so we can figure out how we're gonna get all of S. Kafu's stuff home. And then we're packing her stuff. And then we're going to a members house so she can dye S. Kafu's hair... I've learned a lot of patience and humility this transfer haha- not everything is about me, and sometimes i just gotta bite my tongue and be nice :)  But its great, only 2 weeks left to go now til shes on her plane home! Crazy crazy.

Also, yes. You told me about the shooting at Kum and Go and how Mrs. (haha i almost called her Sister) Parish witnessed it. Glad everyone is ok and that they were able to lock down the school and make sure that y'all were safe. It was too close to home this time- the world's getting scarier and scarier for sure.

Snap momma, you're a busy bee this week! That's awesome though that you have so many ppl wanting you to sub :)
Yup, this Wed we have a missionary broadcast for 2hrs about teaching Repentance and Baptizing. Its really been a focus here for the past month or so, so I'm excited for the broadcast as well.
S. Kafu dies on Feb 3. She goes on her departing trip to the temple on Thurs and then to the Statue of Liberty on Mon. I'll be going on exchange with a Spanish sister in Princeton, so that should be fun! Gotta start brushing up on my Spanish now haha

This week was great!

Monday we had an awesome lesson with a Less Active and her Recent Convert son after pday. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and talked a lot about repentance and the process of it. Were going through the lessons again with Seven because you gotta do that after baptism and he was baptized in November. It went amazing, they're both super solid and she's working towards the temple and they're both making huge steps in the right direction. It's awesome!
Tuesday we had zone conference in East Brunswick. It was great, very spiritual. And i got to see S. Brown so that was ahmayzing. Then i got my hair trimmed real fast by the member dying s. kafus hair.
Had to take our car in this week to get the oil changed, fluids topped, and tires rotated. So that took some time. But i got an awesome Chevy hat from Pep Boys, so i think it was worth it! lol
Friday we went running from apt to apt all day. We had 5 scheduled in all different parts of our area, and we had to pick up and drop off TeamUps and all this other stuff so it was just crazy! But, i felt the Spirit super strong during a lesson with our most recent investigator Carmel. She asked me about Joseph Smith, so I explained the background and then recited the First Vision and it was just amazing, Idk what it was about this week- but i really noticed the Spirit a lot more. Whether from listening extra hard to music, or paying attention to certain words in a talk or song, or whatever- but I literally teared up like 3 times each day. I'm turning into even more of a baby lol! But its ok, I'm embracing it.

Now I shall tell you the hilarity of what happened to us Friday night. Preface: to get into our apartment there's 2 doors, an outside door that allows you into the hallway of apartments, and then our door itself. We were going out to the dumpster to throw some trash away, so we left our door unlocked and S. Kafu left the keys in the aprt (something I didn't know until too late lol). When we got to the outside door, it was locked....ugh. We went searching for our neighbors but they wouldn't answer their doors, so we were kinda stuck. Anyways, the only way you can get into our aprt is thru the teeny tiny bathroom window that's broken (which is slightly disturbing how easy it was to break into our own place. But I digress) so we have the BR window open and ready for crawling thru, and I ain't gonna crawl thru that so I was making the one who forgot the keys do it....but she's way too big lol. She can't hoist herself up, even with me boosting her. So we decided I'd do it. *sigh* She got down on her hands and knees and I literally stepped on her back and launched myself into the window. Well, I got about half way thru and I got stuck, because my face was about to slam into the toilet inside, and that wouldn't be too fun haha. At this point my huge behind and legs are hanging out the window while I'm red faced and holding myself up with one arm to stop myself from falling face first into the toilet/counter. I was basically doing one of those Buff People Push Ups where they do a hand stand and then lower and raise their WHOLE selves with their I'm glad I got these big guns ;)  haha! So I like slithered and wiggled and held myself until I could gently collapse onto the BR floor! It was an adventure for sure. I wish we coulda taken a video of it or something haha. But yeah, I'm basically a pro now at breaking into places lol #MissionSkillz

Also, it just snowed yesterday for the first time here. So thats fun haha
That's my week, I'll probably have a lot more stories for you next week- becuz our plans for this one are nuts!
Love you all!

Stay Warm!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister 
 new hat from Pep Boys
 Poly Swag...her current companion to the left, her first companion to the right
 Subway is taunting her with the new movie she has to wait to see

Zone Conference

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