Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm Super Keen for 2016 *drops mic and walks away*....January 4, 2016

It's 2016.
And while 2015 had a nice sheen.
Now its on to bigger and better things-
It'll be exciting to see what this year bring!.
High School for some,
And a Graduation to come.
Fires and guns,
And people named Tyler to shun!
Beautiful dogs named Duke,
And a rabbit to nuke;
Boys to ward away
With a shotgun each day,
And the celebration of birthdays!
(mines in 49 days *wink wink cough cough*)
So 2016 will be a stinkin amazing year,
So grab your tissues for some happy tears! :)

Whew. I have so little time to write this week, but I figured y'all would love a little 5 minute rhyme that you can't even call a poem cuz its so terrible haha! But enjoy it. Love it. Frame it if you want... Ahem. Anywaaaaays:
Hello hello hello!  Its the First letter from 2016!!!!!!!!  Some things to address first---
Thanks for handing out my letters!  ALSO: will you tell Sister Dana Smith and Sister Terry THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU for me? I just got their Christmas gifts and I am so happy and I feel so loved and I loved all the notes from everyone and the gifts from Sister Terry are sublime! :)
Whoa! KK actually shot a gun?!?! This is a monumental occasion that should be celebrated with much acclaim and pomp! Wheres the confetti? The 3 story cake? The wild bears dancing?? hahaha thats awesome!!! Good job KK! Isnt shooting the best? 
Tell kenzie hi for me! Also, give her the little sister smack down/scare tactics we've practiced Jenna and KK. It's finally time to use them! >:)

Onto other general things which I have the next 15 minutes to write so I apologize quite profusely if I make no sense or if my letters look like Tys with my grammar and spelling errors...oh wait. I dont think mine would ever get quite as bad... hahah ;)

It is finally getting cold here! AND I LOVE IT! Oh gosh. I've had to actually wear my winter coat and my hats and tights and scarves out here!!!! I'm so happy :D  Still no snow, but they say to be expecting it soon, so we'll see. I do have to say though, that it is a different cold than CO. It's cold AND damp here haha, the humidity is still insane even though its winter.

Me and Sister Kafu probly get along too well lol! Idk if its just because I'm coming from those 11 weeks and its just a huge relief or what,  becuz if we were like at home idk if I ever would have talked to her- her Tongan-ness and Sacramento ghettoness scares me lol! But its all good. She's stinkin awesome and I'm learning a LOT from her. One of the perks of sending someone home.

Lessseee.... I LOVE EATONTOWN WITH MY WHOLE HEART! My freaky memorization skillz are coming into play and im learning and getting to know and love everyone out here so much! It is a huge adjustment coming from an area where there is 1 set of missionaries in a ward to here where theres 3, but I love it! Our Elders are really cool :)

So, I'm basically a Less Active missionary I believe. haha, that seems to be all I work with. When I got to this area literally none of the less actives were being visited in our area, or really even talked to- but now we're seeing 4 or 5 a week! Theyre such amazing people. And its really cool to see how each of them still have a testimony its just lost beneath the ways of the world and you gotta dig it out :)

New Years Eve we got to go with a member in our ward to dinner! He invited the 5 sets of missionaries in our area and we all went and ate some fantastic food! We had calamari and shrimp and sushi and then I had chicken fajitas for my entree. Ah man, I was so full i didnt eat breakfast the next day lol!

Church was great and also super hilarious! It starts now at 11, so WC starts at 9:30 now-- for which I am forever grateful cuz the past few weeks we've started at 9 w/ WC at 7:30. Yikes!  But anyways, ppl got up and bore their testimonies and I was cracking up the whole time becuz of the ladies in our ward. One lady got up and talked about how she was soooo mad the other day and how she used her agency to be happy instead of mad at this person, regardless of what they did to her. So a really good testimony, but in the process of it all she said "You know when you get really mad, and like cartoon steam starts coming outta yer ears, and your stomachs all upset and you just feel like you really gotta poop? Well thats how mad I was."  And ooohhh gosh, hahaha I was busting up and S. Kafu was and the whole Bishopbric behind her was trying not too sooo hard they were turning red!!! Ah man. And then another lady got up and bore her testimony and said that word as well. LOL! It was spoken twice over the pulpit that day... oh gosh. And then the investigator we have that was in Gospel Principles with us is always super hilarious. I wish you could meet this guys!  We were talking about obedience and how we need to not lie or steal or anything like that, and as we were talking about lying and how thats a sin and not ok, he turns to the elders beside him and trys to whisper (but i can still hear him) "guys, I lied." And Elder B was like ?  and he goes "I lied to you before, we gotta talk after."  Which ok, it doesnt sound funny now that im reading what i typed, but if you knew him you'd crack up. and the way that he said it was a riot!

That's basically it for me i guess, haha we gotta run!  But thanks for your letter, I hope you get some rest soon mom, have fun at school girls, dont do drugs, just say no, and make good choices!

Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister
 NYE with Sister Kafu
 New Years Eve in Jersey

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