Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hello to you my fantastic mother.

Ya, 3 years of language just looks better on your application, it's not required- so yay for Jenna dropping it! Ms Angela is the best and I love her- please tell her I said so!!! 
I am currently sending KK all of my good luck vibes for her tryouts. And I'll send the rest to Jenna next week :)  Volleyball is pretty sweet- I think I'm gonna come back a true playa cuz I'm working on my skillz out here! I'm not too shabby according to Sister Brown!!! I miss sports in HS though, those were the good ole days- cherish em girls!!! Way to go Camrie and Haley- I love those girls/their families :D  We got a good group of ppl out there in CO. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS BEEN 26 YEARS!!!!! WOWEE! Have a fantastic time celebrating that!

My week was pretty much amazing. I don't really remember any of it except for this weekend though, so bear with me in this letter!

I know we did service at one point- we pulled weeds for a member in their huge 10x4 garden. That was a little hot and sweaty, but we got oatmeal chocolate chip cookies so whatever. It was worth it.

We also visited the squirrel man's house and he showed us a super sketch video. We were having a good lesson and he goes "lemme pull up the beginning of this video on Netflix, it's about a Mormon missionary who's really an axe murderer but the beginning is so real!" and Sister Brown and I turned to each other like "whaaaaaaa?????". Anyways we were like 'nah. don't. please leave it off.' but he pulled it up anyways, and just on the opening credits you could feel the Spirit leave. We got such a bad feeling, and both of us were holding up BoMs so we didn't have to look at the screen and we were trying to bring the Spirit back but the movie is sooo sketch. It was horrible. Long story short, we left in like 2 seconds. Like bye, we out. We are not about dat life.

COOL STORY: We went to an apartment complex that you have to use buzzers to get in!!!!! I'm really in the east coast!!! I was sooooo excited! The people living there were probably creeped out, but whatever. It was cool!

COOLER STORY: We've started up a Friday night sports night for our ward! We let everyone know about it and we tell them all to bring their friends too so we got a huge turnout last week! A lot of less actives and recent converts came and it was just an awesome night! Yay for using sports to bring people to the gospel!

COOLEST STORY: I went to the temple on Saturday! I went inside NYC! I went through the Lincoln Tunnel! I walked the streets of NYC! It was fantastic! You're just driving along in NY and trying to avoid death-by-taxi-drivers when all the sudden- BAM- the temple! It's just right there on the corner next to Central Park and the Lincoln Center. It's wonderful. You walk inside and the sounds just fade. It's so quiet in there. In the session I actually forgot I was in NY for a while. It's so beautiful too! The inside, it is just gorgeous stained glass and marble and silver and gold and clean and pure and white and celestial. I loved it! I learned so many new things this trip too! I don't know if it was just because its my first time in the mission field, or because the thing that's sometimes switched in the temple was new and everything about it was amazing (like the others, but I understood so much more this time). Idk, but whatever the reason, so much was clarified and expounded upon and built upon on this trip. I love it!  The blessings of the temple are endless. I love thinking about the covenants we make there and the blessings that God will give us for following the gospel and doing as He commands. As President Monson said "Always have the temple in your sights!". There is no better place to be. There is no place more holy on earth. You have to get there. It is SO amazing.

After the temple we went to Maplewood where S. Brown's Recent Converts are from. It's straight up hood. It's awesome. I loved the people she introduced me too, they're all so real there.

Yesterday was S.Brown's bday, so we celebrated that at the Cardoso's. She's so sweet. She made 2 cakes and got presents and everything- some for me too! We love her so much, and she's really going through a hard time right now- so if y'all could pray for her that'd be wonderful! I know that S.Brown and I are both here for her. It's crazy to realize your purpose out here. I love these people so much, and it really breaks my heart when they are hurting. S.Brown and I's eyes are soooo puffy this morning from last night.

Anyways, that's basically all I got this week! Sorry for the shortness of the letter, my brain is so fried right now! I can't remember what happened on Friday, let alone Tues. Hopefully next weeks will be better! I love you all!!!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister

PS My bishop is going to Denver today...not jealous at all.
PPS I wrote this and didn't know where it could fit logically in my letter (#Spock) so here: Some things you need to know about Jersey: they take their pizza VERY seriously, sometimes there are 5 pizza parlors on one block, you pay AFTER you eat anywhere, sometimes in order to turn left you must FIRST turn right, left turn lanes seldom exist, 2 lane roads don't exist unless you're on the parkway, you can't turn right on a red light, the majority of cop cars are undercover, no one likes wearing clothes apparently #ShortsThatAreBasicallyUnderwear, if you're not going 20 over- you're slow, ain't nobody got time for nothin, bus stops exist every 50ft, there are large communities of Jewish people, there are Catholic high schools in every town, there are lots of Hindus with cool clothes, little dogs are the only dogs, foreign-accent interpretation is a survival skill, tolls are life, ceiling lights don't exist #LampsEverywhere, sink disposals are a foreign concept, what is AC that's not a swamp cooler?, people would rather have a cool car than a nice house, if you smile at the cashier they ask "why you so happy? I didn't do nothin for ya...", if you're nice to strangers you're basically an alien from the depths of space, parallel parking is the only way to park, and I apparently have an accent.
 Their temple group
 Sis. Brown's bday dinner
 One of the 1st military pocket sized BoM dated 1943
 Avenger socks for $3

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