Monday, August 3, 2015

PT is the best, and Christian music is on point. That is all....August 3, 2015

Yo respondo a tu carta------   (Learning Spanish from an app. holla.  #WhoKnew?)

Hello Mommacita! And everyone else reading this! (when did I get so popular? oh wait... ;)  
East Coast life is fabulous. I am loving it out here! And ya know, despite how much I complain about the humidity, it's not that bad. Like everyone over dramatized it and told me all these gruesome horror stories- not really but you get my point- and it's not to bad. I kinda like it actually.
I'm glad you love my letters! I try to stay upbeat and all that. I think it helps a lot that my comp is amazing and we can just be our dorky annoying selves with each other and cry together from laughing so hard! Oh, btw, did you get the video I sent last week? Or did that not show up as well? And I'm plenty negative with myself haha, I just internalize it cuz I don't like telling peeps my probs #Introvert4Life BUT I do try to stay positive and focus on the positives :)
I love NYC so much. My goodness, when I first saw it I was like "I will live there someday". Ya, I know mom, we'll see if that actually happens- cuz we all know I love my mountains and open air- but something in me just wants it soooo bad. I have no idea where it came from!
I did indeed carry a watermelon, and every second of it I was laughing internally about that. My comp hasn't seen Dirty Dancing, so she just looked at me like I was crazy (spoiler alert: I am) while I was busting up and carrying a watermelon outta Shop Rite. yeeeaaahhhh, sometimes I think I'm too awkward to exist lol
I got your package! And Gma's! And Kasey's MTC letter! YAY! We stopped by the mission office on our way back from Morristown this week, so that's how I got them so fast :)  Good job following the rules tho momma! Cuz I really don't know anything, and maybe it's just missionary gossip that that's why the rule was instituted? IDK, so playing it safe is good. Oh and I also got a letter from Jan Christensen. So funny, his opening line was "Dear Sister McAllister, i bet you're wondering who this brother christensen is..." and I was legit thinking that the whole time trying to rack my brains and figure out who it was haha! He's a keeper for a HT tho!
I'm glad Jenna got the Pairsh approval! They're so great! Now for their baptism.... ;)
EMILY IS GOING TO OHIO??!?!?!?!?! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY EAST USA SWAAAAAGGGGG!!!! I'm glad you could all do that for her opening! that's so awesome! A couple of friends from BYU and from the MTC I hung out with went to Ohio, IDK which mission - probs Columbus- but ya never know :)
I'm glad Jenna will have a good seminary teacher this year! I wish some of mine were not as boring ya know? And that I had had only one like Sister Brown instead of 5....but eh, c'est la vie. #MyFrenchIsKickingBackIn!
Hope ya have fun at school tomorrow! Don't kill those darn admins yet, maybe wait a week? ;)
It was weird seeing the 4th of July pic with only 4 of you...but y'all are gorgeous so whatevs.

So this week was veeeeerrrryy slow. We got juked left and right and forward and behind and up and down and sideways and crossways and kiddy corner and 360 and all that. Kinda depressing. The guy we had on date to baptize yesterday has been avoiding us for 2 weeks, and the people we try to meet up with or see don't show up, or say "eh, not today". I was surprised to learn at the end of the week that we had 14 lessons, cuz it felt like we had had 4. oh well. C'est la vie to that as well! haha

Despite that, it was a pretty fun week!  We had dinner with a member, Br. D, this week; and I gotta tell ya, I love him. He's so sarcastic, but he keeps a serious face, and he's blunt and honest and just your stereotypical Jersey man. It's awesome! Sister Brown's been telling me how like the past sisters have all been like "he's mean" or "he's so hurtful" and all these different things, but he's not! He's just super sarcastic and blunt! You'll like say "wow it's a beautiful day out!" and he'll go "wow, took ya that long to figure it out?". or something like that, ya know? Gah, he reminds me so much of home, I love it! I wanna hang with him like alllllll day! And he took me seriously when I said I want to be an astronaut, and we talked about the logistics of getting there and where I'd have to work, and where I was going to school and all these different things. He's super chill. It's awesome.

Monday we played volleyball and gator ball with all the elders again. I really love em. They're hilarious! My zone is awesome :)

We had Specialized Training on Wed this week. It's for all the trainers and trainees and you basically split off and sit and all the trainers talk about their trainees and vice versa. So it was real nice to sit with the Taggart's and just have a group discussion about what we're all struggling with and what we all love and how we're trying to grow. It was really cool :)

Thursday we had interviews with PT (President Taggart). He's so cool. I swear he's gonna become a 2nd dad once he gets to know me better- I already love him thats all I know. He ate lunch with Sister Brown and I too. The Elders offered to eat with him and he was like "nah, I think I'll eat with these nice sisters instead. You go have fun now." He's real funny too. He's great!

In other news, we dropped John this week :(  We met with him again and had an awesome lesson with the Spirit and everything and he just said "I'm devoted to my religion. Catholicism is true and right. I won't be converted.". He said he'd keep reading the BoM, so idk, maybe there's hope in the future for him!
We went to the squirrel man's house this week as well. We taught about family history and he pulled out this super old video from the 50s of his family! It was SO cool! I loved the clothes and the cars and the simplicity and the houses and everything. 50s were the bomb man.
We went to a members house to eat the other day, and she's Jamaican. Everything she says is hilarious! She's so outgoing and her accent makes everything 1000 times better.
Saw another member the other day- she's 94! Her old folks home is soooooo classy. It's like walking into the Bellagio in Vegas or something! Everything is so posh and classy, including her! She's so sweet :)
Helped another member with FASFA the other day too. She was trying to do it for her son cuz he doesn't really care about anything right now, but she couldn't figure it out. So in her little Filipino accent she was like "Help, help! The government doesn't want to give me money! I need the money to send this nobody to college!" It was pretty funny in her accent anyway...
We also spent hours and hours this week putting the huge binder full of teaching records called the Area Book into our iPads....yaaaay, filing. I'm so glad that's done. #NoMorePaper

BEST NEWS THIS WEEK!!!!!------ I get to go to the temple on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited! I'm like getting to do everything in the first transfer I'm here! It's awesome! :D

Sorry not much happened this week, I wish I had more to tell you! I mean, I could just blab on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how wonderful I am, but I don't think you need that reminder ;)

Anyways, I love you all!

Stay Jersey Strong

Love,  Sister McAllister

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