Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Volleyball and Migraines...August 17, 2015

Hello all you wonderful people in the West- y'all best stay there cuz things are too weird in the East.... And I don't want to share ;)

alrighty, my week went a little like this:

Pday we played 2 hours of vball with our bishop before he left for Denver and with the Nash's from Highlands Ranch #MyPeople.  I'm not too shabby at Vball! I'm gonna have mad skills when I get home so y'all better watch out ;) We also then played 2 more hours of vball with the elders and the Nashs, 1 hour of gator ball, and 30 min of basketball in which i scored 4 points #PostLife  So yaaaa ,we were pretty sore the next day lol- all worth it tho!

Wednesday our member who was going to feed us dinner had to cancel because her daughter's at girl's camp and something went weird so she didn't know what her and her husband were gonna do so she just gave us $40. Yup. 40 dang dollars to buy ourselves dinner. I'm like, how much do you think we eat/spend in a meal??? But whatever, we got the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life and bought Subway for lunch the next day. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat Dominos or Little Caesars again. #JerseyPizzaIsLife

Thursday we helped the people we did FASFA for a while ago register for some different classes becuz he didn't know how to and his little Filipino mom doesn't do English well enough to even attempt it haha, so we helped out with that and are apparently the "lifesavers" and "only reason my son is going to college"...so ya, we're basically heroes here in Emerson, it's NBD *brushes off shoulder*

FRIDAY. We went on a double exchange with the senior sisters in Paterson. yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss. My first experience in the hooooooood. I loved it! My goodness, the people are crazy and weird and slightly sketch sometimes but they're AWESOME! We went to downtown Patty looking for inactives and it was tight. People would be sitting on the corner rollin one and stop to talk to us becuz we are the "people of God". Everybody's out on their porches allllll the time, there's block dance party's where they blast music to be heard down the whole block! It's wonderful. I had to wash my hands pretty well when we got back, but it was so cool.

Saturday-----S. Brown and I went to Ellis again! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the skyline. I love the city so much! It's so awesome to help out so many people trying to find their ancestors. Each time the spirit is SO strong! I also met the coolest old lady there. She's from Toledo, Ohio and she was visiting NY for the 1st time with her daughter. I had a really long convo with her about ancestry and what I'm doing here and why I volunteer/am a missionary. We talked about how God oftentimes answers our prayers through other people, and she turned to me and was like "I know! You are an answer to my prayers!" and I'm like what??? but it was awesome. She made me soooo happy. She has pajama days becuz she is retired now, but she has days where she doesn't even look in the mirror and she doesn't bother about getting ready and she just does puzzles and reads all day. I'm like- best invention ever!!!! Shoot, I'm always gonna remember the coolest lady I ever met at Ellis on my mission told me about pajama days. Love her, she's awesome :)

Saturday we also went to a baptism for S. Brown's old investigator from Englewood. So that was super cool too.

Sunday we had a huge potluck after church, and we also taught primary and sunday school again this week. So it was a great day as well.

FUNNY stuff: S. Brown gets migraines, which ok that stinks and I feel suuuuuuper bad about it, but she also gets super high when she does. Like me when I got my wisdom teeth out. So it's been a hilarious week :)
Also, as stated above, I have mad vball skillz. Everyone asks me if I played in HS, and I'm like nope. Black sheep of the family over herr.
Anyways, thanks for working on my songs, I know it's a lot and y'all are busy and I keep adding things for you to do liiiikkkkeeee: maybe sending me my wisdom teeth vids cuz S. Brown wants em, and my poems as well. 

I love you all!!! Stay awesome possums over there in da west :)
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

P.S. I did sealings for the 1st time in the temple when we went. It was super cool! I loved it :D
 Her District leader is leaving so this is her last pic of them all together
 Double exchange with senior sisters
 Ellis Island

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