Monday, August 24, 2015

Weeds and Thrift Shoppin Life...August 24, 2015

My peeps, y'all are for keeps!

Yay for the girls and their awesomeness in VB! Kill em this season! 
Thomas is an adorable name for the McCombs' baby!
I'm glad you like your souvenirs! I put a lot of thought and effort into them, so I know you'll cherish them 5ever because they're from moi. ;)
I TOTALLY CALLED YOUR CALLING! I turned to S.Brown and was like "flip. my moms not gonna tell me til Mon, I wanna know now!" and then I was like--I bet she'll be called stake since it's big and she's alrdy been RS pres, so what would she be excited about----girls camp, duh! Bam. I'm so good. *brushes off shoulders* thank you, thank you. ;)
Elder Pelsue is tight! Pres Smith told me about him before I got out here and then I happened to meet him at the zone conference right before he left for home! He looked so familiar and I realized it's because we went on trek together! Small world indeed :)
Psh, the error of my ways? Softball is still much better than VB. I just have the skills to play now- I would never play before because I didn't know how and thought I'd look like a dweeb (news flash, I totally do out here), but whatevs, I'm ballin'.
I get to go to Ellis every month I'm in an area close enough to it! So here's hoping I stay in the north.
JENNA!!!! INDEXING IS THE BEST! I love it! I really got into it at BYU, I would do it all the time in my free time! Family history is so cool <3
Please, send me the songs however they'll fit! I don't care how many emails it takes---y'all are wonderful! Thank you!!!!

So this week was pretty fantastic. 

S. Brown and I really are best friends- my goodness, you can't put us together for anything, we just crack up in 5 seconds! I don't even need to work out because I'm getting abs from the laughter. I think our "me" sides have come out, ya we were ourselves before, but now that we've been together a transfer its all comin out. Its so awesome that we can be ourselves with each other tho! I love not worrying about what my comp thinks of me, or how are we going to get along, or I have to sacrifice this to keep the peace; we're just so chill and laid back, it's awesome! Shoot, I can already tell we're gonna be besties4lyfe #5Eva    and I'm gonna make sure PT keeps us together for the rest of her mission, and then i can get a new comp in March---that's how it'll work. You'll see.

We did service this week (pulling weeds again, I think it's spreading somehow #PunsForLife). The weeds we pulled were taller than we were though, so that was pretty interesting. We had to get the heavy duty clippers to chop the treeweeds in half before we could throw em in the can. We were pretty itchy afterwards, and I swear that one stinkin wasp was following me for hours. Gah, why do the bugs I hate follow me? I know I'm irresistible, but cut me some slaaaaccckkkk.

Anyways, transfer conference was last week and EVERYTHING changed. Holy cow. We now have 4 APs, 2 are travelling and they go on 3 day exchanges with the elders instead of 1 day with the ZLs, the Koreans aren't in our zone anymore :(, my district leader left, we got a new ZL because the old one is now a travelling AP, 20 missionaries left and only 14 came in, and a lot of people got doubled out of their areas. It was crazy. And it was the only transfer conf that S. Brown hasn't been too her whole mission, and she knows these people better than I do, so she was flippin out. Things are sooooo weird now, but I love it!

I went to a chiropractor on Friday. It was swweeeeeeeeeeet. S. Brown needed her hips and back adjusted, and I had been aching for a while too- so we went to a member who is a chiropractor and he fixed us for free #MembersAreTheBest! He cracked my neck and got the muscle spasms out and I was just floating on cloud 9 the rest of the day. My neck is so tension free! It's so wonderful. My neck cracked at least 20 times each side. It was so loud! The lil jokester looked out the window and was like "wow, I wonder if those people heard that!" haha   He looked at me and was like "I'm the chiropractor here and even I'm surprised."  Boy, that's when you know you done messed up (a a ron). but now 19 years or tension have left my neck and back--- I feel like a new person *insert majestic singing here*

3 favorite families right here----the Brossard's, the Nashes, and the Madariaga's. Bishop Brossard and his family are so chill. He's this little korean man that can actually jump and play VB, his kids are lil spiritual walking faith bombs, and his wife is super sweet. I love chillin with them. The Madariaga's have the cutest relationship I have ever seen and I want one like it! They are both from the Philippines and they both served in the same mission at the same time (which is funny because they didn't like each other). They are so funny! They were telling us stories about all these different things, and then we got on the subject of how no one likes to wear clothes here and S. Madariaga goes "There was a man running shirtless as we were driving and I told him (her husband) to slow down so I could look at his abs!" and he goes "yeah, so I did, and I told her not to break her neck" hahahaha I died! And with their Filipino accents its sooooooo cute/funny. Man, that was one good dinner!  The Nashes are my people! holy cow, they literally get me. My Coloradans are so chill. I love talking to them all the time/chilling with them/ and it's hard too because Megan just left for Boise State and she was super awesome too. But whatever, the boys are cool too. S. Nash made HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM LIKE YOURS MOM!!!! And she gave me some!!!!!! *insert my dead body here*  I looooooooooooooooooove theeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmm.

Also, S. Brown is going to adopt me into her poly family, and I am officially to be known, now and forevermore, as a poly sista. I have been accepted into the fold! #Whaddup #AreYouProudMomma?
But forreal, S.Brown and I are gonna hang all the time in Utah when I get home. We gonna be sistas for lyfe.

I didn't have time to write about my typical day mom, I'm so sorry! But I'll for sure send it next week!

I love you all, stay fly.

Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister
 McDonald's with a conveyor belt?
 these girls crack me up....2 peas in a pod
 friends for life

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