Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ellis, the Temple, a General Authority, Christmas Fireside, and Transfers...December 14, 2015

I am being transferred!!!!! I'm going DOWN TO THE SHORE! I'll be in Eatontown! AND. I WILL BE IN S. BROWNS ZONE. AGAIN! and I'll also have another Poly comp- her name is Sister Kafu. Lol, our family and the South Pacifics (E. Ketywan, and Lavalua something like that lol)

Oh my goodness Momma, thank you! I didn't realize I would be getting so much for Christmas! Marah sent me something, you sent me 2 boxes, Br. M gave me a gift, etc etc. I'm so blessed! I love you all sooooo much!!!!!1 :D

Wow, that did look cold for the tree! I mean normally theres lots of snow, but it isnt actually snowing when we go! Also, your weather is pretty crazy over there- we're still 50s and sunny. Everyone told me to prep for the gross, icy, 8ft of snow winters here, and its been beautiful! lol...... one sec, i gotta go find some wood to knock on.......ok, continuing:

SCI WENT TO THE TEMPLE AND YOUR PICS WERE SO CUTE AND NOW HES AN EAGLE AND HOLY MOLY ITS BEAUTIFUL AND I JUST WANT TO CRY IM SO PROUD OF HIM!!! Such a cute lil missionary <3   Also, tell Br. Call congrats! ( is it now Bishop Teeples, and Br. Smith and him, or what? i cant remember who the other counselor was... haha)

S. Cardoso is my favorite and im going to miss her sooooooo much! It was so wonderful to spend that day with her doing her family names and eating our street vendor food together. Shes definitely one I'll come back to see- I gotta go to Joe's baptism in June of 2017!

I'll be happy to just talk to you guys and gma and gpa and whoever else is there that day! only 11 more days mom!

My car's name will always be Phil- wherever I go. lol :)

Where to even begin with this week...it completely flew by and I have absolutely no idea what happened! I'll try to recall it as best I can in the short amount of time I have to email everyone.

Monday we had pday and we went indoor-glow-mini-golfing with part of the zone! It was super fun, and I won out of my little group (so our years of going mini-golfing as a family have paid off! #Success). Then we went to target and went grocery shopping and went home to shower and get ready for dinner with the Nash family! I love those people. The boys are like lil brothers to me, I want to adopt them! We should merge our families...Jenna just has to marry one of the boys, or KK- theres enough to go around haha. Nah, but they're super tight, I feel like y'all would get along with them real well!

Tuesday we weekly planned, helped a lady move into her house a bit, read the Book of Mormon with the cutest less active's daughter, and then cleaned our own apartment for transfers. It was a busy day, but a successful one as well!

Wednesday we had 5 set appointments back to back to back, so we were running like crazy trying to see and teach everyone! It was really our only full day in our area in which to do so. So we saw Br. P and talked about squirrels, we saw S. K and talked about her and her secret spy life, we saw Richard again, and ate lunch with Br. M again. Oh my goodness i'm going to miss all of these people sooooooo much! They've stolen my heart.

Thursday we went to Ellis for the day, and becuz the sun sets so early we got to see it! It was soooo pretty! Then we went and had dinner with our investigator Damaris. She's still recovering from surgery, but she went back to work last week becuz she's gotta pay the bills. She's so amazing. I really love her. I just want her to get stinkin baptized so bad! But it's ok, only when she's ready.

Friday we had an All Mission Tour with Elder David F. Evans, he just finished 6 yrs as the Missionary Department Executive thingy, idk. but he was super high up in the missionary dept- he counseled and talked with President Nelson every day! It was cool. He went around and changed a lot of procedures and traditions and really cracked down on all of us, but it was a great meeting. It's so important to follow our leaders- they truly are inspired of God. And no matter how hard it is to change, or how bitter some people are about it, it's always worth it.  Anyways, then we travelled home and helped prep for the Ward Christmas party that night. It was fun! We had a lot of LAs there, and we got to sit with them and have a good time. I love this ward so much! It's super frustrating at times and I feel like I'm just banging my head on a brick wall, but they are such good people. I'm going to miss them all for sure! This is what almost 6 months in an area does to you :'(

Saturday we went to the temple with S. Cardoso! But boy was it a whirlwind lol. She called us at midnight the night before, so we were like still half asleep talking to her- her ride had cancelled and so now she was wondering if we could meet at her house at 6:45am instead of 9am. Oh gosh lol, so we said sure we'll be there and went back to sleep. We woke up at 5:30am and got going, only to find her there with a bunch of the sisters from our ward that we love! Lol, they drove us to the temple, and then they went through a session while we went and did baptisms for S. Cardosos grandmas and grandpa and dad. The Spirit was so powerful! I've done probly like 100 baptisms by now, but I've never done or seen done a family name. Wow. It really brought it home for me seeing her baptized for her grandmas- these really are saving ordinances. We are doing the work for them so they have the opportunity to feel like we feel- to be saved as well- and to live with us for eternity! Think about it. Everyone who ever has lived or ever will has the amazing, blessed opportunity to be baptized at some point by proxy. We are literally saving souls when we go to the temple. I just want to cry right now lol, it's so beautiful. I constantly find myself thinking "O how great the plan of our God!" (2 Nephi 9:13) all the time. He is so amazing, and His plan is perfect.      Anyways, at the temple (which we didnt purposely set up *cough*) we saw S. Brown and her comp and a bunch of other missionaries, so we got to go through a session with them! It was so special, I loved it. Then we ate our lamb gyros (street vendors man)  with S. Cardoso- they're only $5 and they are heaven wrapped in tin foil- I wanted like 10 more after my first bite haha. We got home and then went to appointments the rest of the night.

Sunday we had church, my last Sunday in Emerson. Bittersweet. It was a great Sunday too.  After church we drove to Morristown for the Missionary Musical Christmas Fireside! We had been practicing for a while, and it was beautiful. The Spirit was so strong, and yes I cried during the last song when the whole congregation started singing. It's amazing the Spirit that can be brought by music.

And then this morning I got my transfer call. Eatontown here I come! I'm excited I'm going to the shore in the winter- cuz I could NOT stand the heat in the summer...can you imagine?? I would like literally melt and die haha. So I'm going from Zone 1 to Zone 8, from the very top north, to the very bottom south. Fun stuff! lol Im excited, so we'll see how this next transfer goes....which, ok mom, don't flip out. But the way things are looking now, I wont be home for Christmas next year- we got pushed back 2 weeks, so its looking like the first week of January for me. The next 2 transfers are going to be 7 weeks long instead of 6. haha, so sorry! I wish I coulda been, and I might still be- who knows!

Anyways, I love you all!!! I'll send you my address next week? Is that too close to Christmas to have them sent? If so, send em to the mission home.

Stay Jersey Strong!
Sister McAllister
 temple trip
 street vendor food
 She is 94
 Look who she met at the Temple? more missionaries

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