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Merry Christmas.....December 21, 2015

Hola- from down the shore- me familia!!!

I'm so exctied to talk with y'all on FRIDAY!!!
Man, our family and Poly's tho, we cant get enough! Ilove em haha :)
I still cant believe Sci is gonna be in the MTC on the 30th. So crazy awesome!!

But anyways, lets talk about me here ;)

Holy cow, it is a whole new world down here, I feel like I just switched countries or something. The roads are crazy (the jughandles are everywhere), the area is sooooo cool (I finally have a township that's sketch!), and the members actually have ward council and do it effectively, like what? I was so shocked. And I met with the ward mission leader the first cpl days I was here!

Sooooo. Monday was a chillaxin pday, I packed and we got a lot of little stuff done. And then we had dinner with the Nash family one last time...I literally cried when I walked out of their house after saying goodbye to all of them. I couldn't handle it lol, I love them SO much, they're like family to me. And it was super hard cuz I wanted to give the boys hugs or at least something more than a high five or pound or handshake haha, but I just said bye for the next year at least and then we left. Emerson has left a huge hole in my heart. I never realized how much I would come to love the people here on my mission, but I was a hot mess that night as it sunk in that I wouldn't see these people for a loooooong time. S. Cardoso sent me a video and all it is is Joe sobbing his heart out and saying he'll miss me  oh my goodness my heart broke.  I can't wait to see all of those people I grew so close with again, I know I'll keep in touch with them after through FB or letters or something, but it hurts to know the rest of my mission I can't really. *sigh*

Tuesday was transfers, and I am soooooo far down south that it takes  1hr 45min to get home if there's only a little traffic. So we got back around 7pmthat night. I'm literally down in the boonies haha. But the south is soooooooo cool! Everything is so beach-ified and sandy and cute, and the people are cool, and there's so many black people down here! I. Love. It. I've been waiting to serve in an area like this for 6 months! I'm sooo excited.

Friday we had the all mission Christmas party with the Taggarts!! It was super fun! The food was great, the talks were awesome, the talent cool, the games fun, etc etc. I loved it! And then to my great surprise I had like 5 or 6 packages/letters waiting for me in the mail room! I feel so loved  but do you know how stinkin hard it has been to have those for 4 days now and NOT open them?? I'm literally dying of excitement and restraint. I should get a huge pat on the back for my sacrifice and struggle as I have patiently not opened them...and set the packages down and covered them with something so I didn't have to look at them anymore...*cough*. The temptation is so high haha, I've had my present from Marah for like years now and I haven't opened that one either. You should be proud. Can I get a badge for this? My "not-opening-the-present-early badge". I want it framed and shipped to me haha ;) although, I have gotten my present opening urge tampered by the fact that members here have given me 3 presents now---and I've opened all of them...they won't know! But I couldn't wait, I just had to! I swear I've degraded back to being a toddler when it comes to presents and things that come to me in the mission, I just have to open them the second I get them lol.  But don't worry, I'll open them at the appointed day, 4 DAYS FROM NOW!!! Where I get to spend the morning with the missionaries in my zone, which just so happens to include my fave ppl S. Brown and S. Clarke!!! Booyah.

Sunday was my first time meeting the ward, and guess what I had to do....s. Kang was transferred out of here and she has been directing the choir for the Christmas program today,but she's gone and I'm here now. Lol, so 5 min before sacrament I learn I'm supposed to conduct the whole thing, with a few choir songs I've never heard sung before. I wanted the ground to swallow me up and die. Flip. It was so terrible. Hahaah but hey, the whole ward got to know and see me for that hour- Silver lining! And they were all super nice about it as I uselessly waved my arm around and the organist shot me with his dagger eyes. :)
Random tidbits:
  1. Did you know McDonald's now has breakfast ALL DAY?!? This is the best thing since Wendy's 4 for $4 meals. Fast food is getting so much better each day. So beautiful. *sniff*
  2. My hair is visible to partially blind people. Yup. Take that Ariel! My hair is better than yours, muhahaha. #PrincessesGotNuthinOnMe    Ok so back story on this fact lol, when we were in NYC with S. Cardoso last Saturday an elderly man tapped me on the shoulder and asked which street he was on, so I looked for the street sign and told him he was on 65th street. To which he said "I just want you to know you have gorgeous hair, the color is so beautiful! You know, I'm partially blind and I can't see much, but I could see your hair! I was a Boy Scout when I was younger and my rabbi always told us to give one sincere compliment a day, so im being sincere. You have a wonderful day." And he then preceded to walk away. He was soooo nice! Lol it was super unexpected.
  3. I have an African soul. If I could have been born like as anything else, I would want to be from Africa. Those people are soooo stinkin amazing! I love them.
  4. The beach is not called the beach here. You don't say "I'm going to the beach." You say "I'm going down the shore."   Also, today will mark the 2nd time I have ever seen the ocean and I am SO EXCITED! I got to see the West coast first, and now I'm seeing the East coast for my 2nd time! So coooooool. Today we're planning on going to the Sandy Hook lighthouse. It's currently 50ish degrees, so it should be pretty fun :)
  5. I speak Creole.   Lol one of our investigators is from Haiti and he started saying some stuff in French, so I responded and interpreted for S. Kafu, and he was like "you speak creole?!" And I was like uuuuhhhhhhh no? But apparently "mange" means eat in both languages sooooo, haha. That was pretty funny

Thats it for me really! 
I'll talk to you in 4 days!
I Love you!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 All her Christmas loot she received at the mission home
 Sister Brown, Sister Clarke
 Favorite family she had to say goodbye to this past week
 Sassy church vans....lol
 Mission Christmas party

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