Monday, December 7, 2015

Miracles All Day Every Day In Emerson.....December 7, 2015

Mom. I'm going to tell you something, and then I'm going to tell you something else, ok? Ok. Prepare yourself- "Don't [flip] out!" (<--Tangled) Christmas is in 18 days! Pretty crazy right? Last I checked it was Halloween! haha  I'm super excited when y'all get to open my presents, I was sooooo happy when I found each one :)
Transfers are on the 15, so next Tuesday, and I will find out if I'm leaving or staying on Sunday night at 10pm. lol, so I'll email you next Monday and let ya know! Everyone says it would be crazy if I stayed another, but we'll see- cuz I dont really feel like I'm leaving, ironically.
AH! Liz and Maureen! tell them Hi for meeeeeeee!!! I love them soooo much :)
That's a stinkin awesome Nativity from the Waldo fire. I can't believe anything survived! That was one scary, huge fire.
YAY tree!!!! Pleeaaassseeee send me pics next week!
Idk about ornaments, just get me something nerdy like always lol!
SCI IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE AND GIVING HIS FAREWELL THIS WEEK?!?! WHEN DID HE GET SO OLD??? AHHHHHHHHHHHH thats soooooooo exciting!!!!! Please oh please oh please tell him I love and miss him!!! He's gonna slay in Arkansas!

Pday was pretty fun, we played soccer and gator ball again. A lot of people actually showed up this time! Then we had dinner with the Nashes that night, and went to an apt with a LA and her non member son. We got to teach them about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and gave them a reading plan for this month to get them started :)

Tuesday was awesome! We had an all mission mtg in Short Hills! It was super fun to see everyone again, and they showed a rly cool video of transfer conference. We then practiced for 2 hrs after lunch as a mission our Christmas music that were doing for the huge fireside were putting on on the 13. And y'all know how much I love singing (in groups), so that was fun! And then we drove for 2.5 hours to get home cuz traffic. Lame.

Wednesday we drove down to Newark and back...twice. Oh goodness our miles are gonna be shot this month! Haha, but we picked up S. Cooper so she could come with us while her comp went to the temple. We had a great day of helping some members with health problems put up their Christmas decorations, and we met with Br. M. He's so awesome! He's gonna be Santa for the ward party this week haha. That night as we were coming back from Newark we got a call from the elders in the area above us- they were stranded! So we drove the 30 min to them and took them to their apartment since their car was in the shop. They gave us sushi as thanks, so I think we're pretty square haha #WayToAMissionarysHeart

Thursday we planned in the morning, and then in the afternoon we just went and tried literally everyone we had a name for in New Milford. And we talked to ALL 4!!! We taught 2 of them, touched base with the 3rd, and set up a return apt with the 4th! MIRACLES!!! (To be said like Josh says "spherical" #FlashbackToChildhood) And one of the two people we taught is super, weirdly prepared! She grew up in India in a non religious house, but she went to a missionary school. Whose parents do that? haha  She was taught to pray and about the importance of Sunday, etc. and she said that all the missionaries wore a white robe like thing with a blue sash, and that when we knocked on her door a cpl weeks ago, she recognized us and wanted to talk with us! (Which ok, we weren't wearing white or blue robe things, but we'll take it) super cool! And she straight up asked us if our church had a Christmas thing this season, and we pulled out 2 different flyers for a fireside and the ward party and gave them to her! So cooool!

Friday we had mini pday, in which I drew an Elder a Yoda, and also in which I got like 20 bazillion requests for drawing and holy moly I have absolutely NO time to draw on the mission! Presssssuuuuurrrrrreeeee. Anyways, then we went and saw a bunch of our less actives that day. Richard played us a bunch of songs on his keyboard, S. K gave us cookies...again..., Br. P showed us more squirrel videos he made- again, and S. B talked our ears off and had us crying from laughter- again. It was a beautiful day! Lol. And while we were at S. Ks home, the secretary lady stopped us and asked if we were church people, we said yup, and then she asked if our church ever went on missions. Haha! So we got to tell her all about our missions and the church, and she said that's stinkin awesome and she always wanted to go on a mission in her church, but never did. I was gonna tell her that we have senior missionaries too, if she wanted to go on a mission ;) but we ran out of time and had to leave to make it to our next apt. Pretty cool unplanned teaching stuff!! I love it!

Saturday weeeeeeeeeeeee- sat in a car shop for 5 hours...... Yup our poor little Phil (short for Philip---short for Philip J. Coulson #YesINamedHim) needed 2 new tires and they couldn't get a hold of our vehicle coordinator to have him authorize it and we were out of our area becuz that's the only Pep Boys near us so we couldn't even proselyte. So we sat. For 2 hrs. And then walked to get Chinese food. And then sat for 2 more hours. Yaaaaaay! But the mechanic was super nice and funny, so he talked with us a bit and he was cool. BUT, this is the cool part of this story: A light had been on in Phil for like at least a month if not longer, and we had just ignored it for a while, thinking nothing of it cuz it wasn't the engine light and it wasn't the oil light. Well, it turned out to be the tire light- and there was a gash in our tire leaking air....for a month...and our tire didn't go flat...and we drove all over Jersey that month...and we didn't die! #TenderMercy MIRACLES!!! Ya, it's pretty amazing how awesome the Lord is!    (And Phil's got our back #SecretAgentStatus ;)

Fast Sunday was a fantastic Sabbath!! All of the testimonies and lessons were part of my own testimony so everything was reaffirmed and I felt the Spirit super strong! I love the members here in Emerson, it's really my home away from home, and I dont think i would mind too terribly bad if i stayed for one more transfer- just for the holidays haha :)

That's about it for me haha, thanks for your letters each week! Can't wait to send you your presents! I LOVE YOU ALL! Please give Gma and Gpa an extra squeeze for me :)

Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister

 She is quite the artist, isn't she?

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