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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....November 30, 2015

Attention everyone. Attention. A very important announcement must be made... *ahem* TOMORROW IS DECEMBER!!!!! BUST OUT YOUR LIGHTS AND TREES AND ELVES AND SNOW SHOVELS CUZ WE BOUT TO BLAST THIS CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! (thank you, that is all)     Have I ever told you how much I LOVE Christmas?!? Becuz this is hands down my favorite time of the year! I love literally everything about it! Oh gosh I wish it could stay this way for the whole year! We've been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of November.
Anyways, wow! It's snowed a lot/ been super cold in CO! We're still 30s-40s and they aren't expecting snow here til at least Dec 16.
send the Gparentals all my love! they are the best gparentals ever!!!!
Ah, missionary dinners. I would love to be a missionary in our home ward- that'd be super fun! lol
Yay Palmer Turkey day! aaaallllsssoooo, um, can i see the pics that all the peeps sent you? lol, literally everyone is telling me about them and how they were on FB and stuff- and I'm pretty sure S. Carlson and I were doing SUPER embarrassing stuff...soooooo ya haha
SCI! Tell him hi!! I email him every week, but you can still tell him hi for me :)  Give him a HUGE hug! :D

So, in my little mini-week since I last emailed you a whole 5 days ago, a LOT has happened! So crazy hahah, it's really been crunch time with the holidays! And December is even crazier, so I'm super excited for that :)

Wednesday we went to the park after we emailed and played football as a half zone ("again? Flippin again?!" *cough* Jenna) in preparation for the Turkey Bowl the next day. It was pretty fun! Football is definitely a sport I gotta work at a little, but I've watched Remember the Titans so I think I have all the technique and awesome sauce dance moves down- but it's so rigged becuz the elders are always QB and they never look at the sisters, so I never got passed to haha #TheirLoss *brushes off shoulders in a non prideful way and cues Ain't No Mountain High Enough*

Thursday was Turkey Day...full of Turkey Bowls...and actual turkey... which is suuuuuper ironic since I don't like turkey (#IronyTaught!) but anyways haha. Turkey Bowl was AWESOME! It was super fun! Even though the above paragraph says it all- I got a couple good passes in, and they realized that I can kick straight, so that was a plus haha. It was fun to destress and chill for 3 hours that morning! And then we went over to the Bonhard's house first for dinner. They are such an awesome family! I love them sooooo much, and sometimes I wish I wasn't a missionary that way I could just hang out with them all day- they're the BEST! I gotta take a picture with them and their awesomeness before I leave (if I leave...).  We were there for quite a long time, and then we went over to the Cardoso's house! She's so sweet and awesome! She made enough food for like 20 ppl, but there was only 5 or 6 of us i think, so we got a lot of leftovers haha! And we helped her set up her Christmas tree and decorate it! So that was fun- I've never put up a fake tree before, so S. Carlson was laughing at me becuz I didn't realize you had to...break the branches? or something like that lol, you have to like fluff them so it looks good... I didnt see the difference, but whatevs, i still like real trees better- so thanks mom and dad! Going up in the mtns each year to cut it down is the best :D   And suffice it to say: i was super major bloated that day with all the food I had eaten, my food baby was huge! But i figure the 3 hrs of football balances it out, so really- there was no calories eaten *cough*.

Friday we did service at the senior center again which was super fun. Then we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders for 24 hours. I was with Hermana Skelton from Washington (basically the Spanish version of me!) here in Emerson while S. Carlson went to Jersey City with Hermana Mortensen. It was an awesome exchange! We went and knocked doors all night and all morning, and found 2 people!!!!! It was a miracle! TWO PEOPLE! IN 6 HOURS OF KNOCKING!!!! Thats the most Ive ever gotten!!!! So know we have 2 return appointments for next week where we get to teach them the first lesson (the Restoration)! Exchange miracles are so real! Saturday we exchanged back in JC, and then saw Richard that night. 

Sunday was an interesting day haha. It started off with an...interesting... ward council in the morning, but we had an awesome Sacrament meeting with amazing talks on VT and HT! Really great stuff! Then Gospel Doctrine was interesting, and the 3rd hour was spent with a specialist lady from the stake coming in a reprimanding us to keep the church clean...ya lol. its a huge issue here in Jersey to have our meetinghouses be clean and nice...awko. Lol so it was a little tension filled during the morning and then in 3rd hour. But it's all good! After church we practiced singing a song with a cpl of the ladies from RS! And i was just the comedic relief for the ladies becuz i never took choir and idk if im alto or soprano so ya lol, it was kinda a trainwreck for me- but i got them all busting up #AllThatMatters THEN that night we went to the Cutler's house. theyre a young cpl with 3 hyper girls- it was super fun! They moved here from Korea 1.5 yrs ago (he served his mission there, and work moved them there) so they fed us Korean BBQ and "jopchow" (<-- thats how you pronounce it in english lol) We played with there kids for a while, and it was super fun! They're a younger cpl and super chill so we were all being sarcastic and witty together and it was beautiful.

When Hermana Skelton and I were knocking doors, we knocked into this Indian woman named Ahnsie. We shared the Christmas video with her and then talked with her a bit about Christ. Well, she doesnt speak very good english, but she started to relate how Christ has helped her in her life. Her daughter has cancer and its terminal, and her husband and family is in India working and sending money over here or something to that effect. She started crying really hard. And idk if you all know, but I'm empathetic, so I could feel her pain and her sadness- she was hurting so bad. But then she asked us to pray for Sarah and her family, so we did. And the Spirit was SO strong in that room. I could feel the peace enter into her and push out the pain. I could feel the lightening of her sadness. It was amazing. And though that was all that happened, and she's not interested in learning, it just reconfirmed my testimony that God is aware of each of us. He is no respecter of persons, and His love and peace can be felt by all of us, no matter who we are.

Well, that's all from me folks! I hope you have a very happy and warm first week of December! 
Love you!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister
 Turkey Bowl

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