Monday, February 22, 2016

20 Is Just 02 Backwards....February 22, 2016

HOLY MOLY IM A 5 YEAR OLD TRAPPED IN A 20 YEAR OLD BODY. How did this happen?!?!
haha, thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! i got to best friends and family anywhere :)

my week was great!-------

Monday we ate at a Chinese buffet with all the elders, so that was SO stinkin fun haha. It was us and then the 6 of them and we just had a blast. Honestly, I get a long so much better with elders than sisters most times, so I was just super grateful s. Bulson was willing to go, because she's not really...elderish...ya, that makes sense, right? Haha so anyways, it was a lovely bonding time and we had too much fun together!

And then that night we finally ended up being able to see S. Marcelus and Seven!!!! It's been toooooooo long since I've seen them, gah! It was just so beautiful. I love that family so much!

Tuesday was District meetings where I was again, for the 3 time, asked to give a training. Cmon people! Theres 6 other people in the district to choose, why me?? Haha, but it ended up being great because we were running overtime and he just asked me to give it this week instead. #AvoidanceTactics
We also had ourselves 6 hours of tracting planned because we had no appointments or anything. Well, because the weather loves us so much, it decided to have a torrential downpour/tsunami/hurricane/typhoon/making the ocean fall from the! We got soaked. To the bone. It was cooooooold. But also, it was our miracle day. Funny how that works right? We found 2 new investigators and taught 3 lessons in the space of 2 hours. And we had only knocked 2 rows of doors in one apartment complex! AND one of them coincidentally is a media referral we had been trying to get a hold of for a week or so! We had been by her apartment previously at night, but she wasn't home, and since we had come in the day time this time, we had no idea it was that same apartment! Well, Tearra let us right in and let us share a lesson with her and her 3 kids right on the spot. We're going back to see her tonight too! And the other new investigator is a girl named Paulina. She let us right in as well and when we showed her "Because of Him" she was like "where can I get that video? Can you send that to me? Can I download it?" Lol, she was so excited about it! And then we sat there for at least 25 minutes and taught her all about the Book of Mormon and church and everything. She's just so willing to do Gods will. (Tangent time) sometimes it really amazes me how some of these youngsters are so spiritually tuned. Like when I was her age, and if I wasn't a member, I'd be more worried about good grades and sports than God. It's pretty inspiring to see these kids just wanting to be closer to Him.

And basically the rest of the week was awesome as well, lots of knocking and appointments getting cancelled, but lots of tender mercies as well. Saturday we actually met with the husband of the lady that let us in after the super was gonna kick us out. And he was so adorable! Lol, he had 2 chairs set up for us already and he had his Book of Mormon out on the table in front of him. We hadn't really taught about it the time we saw him before, and when we asked him if he had read it he said "no, I've been waiting for you to come back and teach me more!" So we taught him the Restoration and he's just genuinely so sweet. I can't wait to teach him more!

Sunday was a crazy day! We were at church from 11:30-6. It was ward conference, so all the stake leaders were there as well, and they had a lunch for them beforehand since they were just coming from the 3 hours of being with the Spanish branch. So we were there at 11:30 to help set up, 12:15 to eat, 1-4 for church and 4-5:30 for ward council, and then we stayed and talked to a few of the council by the time we got out of there it was soooooo late haha. It was crazy! But also super fun. I love this ward so much, everyone is just amazing here.

And then we come to today. Just another ordinary Monday, another pday, another laundry and chores day, another grocery store day, another email day. But man, am I completely blown away by the outpouring of love I've received the past week! My inbox is flooded with emails and my couch with packages and letters- THANK YOU! You are all so stinkin amazing you make a girl want to cry! I can't believe just how many wonderful people I have the privilege to call friends and family. To say I love you guys is a terrible understatement- I cherish, adore, treasure...and all the other synonyms along that line that I cant remember right now.. you guys! Thanks so much for everything!!! I kinda basically want to live in one huge house with all of you at the same time and just have our awesomeness and fun times permeate the entire place. One day... hahaha :)

I've kinda run outta time trying to email 25 different people at the same time, so i apologize for the spaciness of this email (<--- although, i am a space person myself... *bu dum tsss* ;)
But just know that I love you all, and that this mission is SO AMAZING! WOW. I'm in love with it. I never want to leave and the time just seems to be going quicker and quicker and thats super alarming and its not supposed to be that way and im not supposed to hit my 8 months in 2 days because thats terrible and no. sorry. im staying in jersey- with my nametag- forever. the end.

Well, now that thats been decided, i shall bid you adieu.
J'aimez vous!
Stay Jersey Strong!
Sister McAllister

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