Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday is a Missionary's Worst Nightmare.....February 8, 2016

Mother dear I love you so
(Like more than you seriously know).
And because of my love like this,
I believe this request should not be remiss:
Can I please oh please see without these frames?
A week and a half I've gone, though no one blames,
Without my cherished, beloved Eyes.
"Will I ever see again," my poor soul sighs,
"Without being confined by glass and plastic?"
I cannot see clock hands move with each tick,
Nor the ground's tricks as it's covered with sticks.
I wave at the blurred and fuzzy stuff,
Hoping they're people and not dogs with enormous fluff.
You see, I am a free soul that cannot be confined,
Yet these simple ocular devices bind!
My lenses are what I languishingly lack,
And I know you can provide stack upon stack.
So my Mother dear whom I love so,
I think you already know-
I am quite verbose and dramatic!
But that is why it is only pragmatic,
To fulfill this request and plea-
Will you please send a box of contacts for each eye for me? :)

Hola mi familia y amigos!

It's been a great and sad and wonderful and tough week. So basically the usual haha!

Monday s. Kafu and I spent the day in Toms River with s. Clarke and Brown as a last hurrah together. We all ate some fantastic Wendy's and talked for daaaayz. It was beautiful. Then we went to the Harrison's house with E. Clark and Holmes to have some YUMMY pork roll, egg, and cheese bagels and some fun convo. Those Elders are riots! Haha it was so fun to serve with them for one transfer! Then we had a great lesson with a less active S. Woods and she taught us how to make a shrimp pasta with broccoli! Ahhhhhhh, just delicious. So basically we ate all day and it was a beautiful last day to our time together haha :)

Tuesday was rough. Yikes, I didn't realize how much I love S. Kafu until she left haha. My brain and emotions need to catch up with the times! We finished packing and donating her stuff (all in all there were about 15 trash bags we donated), FedExed some stuff home, ate some BK, and then drove to transfers. There we unloaded her 3 bags into the "Dying" trailer and said our goodbyes. Ya know something? I had only hugged her like once before that time...I'm so terrible! Lol so we hugged, and she made me cry like the punk she is. And then we hugged again, and said some heartfelt goodbyes and stuff, made some promises of emails and weddings, and then it was over. Our glorious 7 weeks together was at an end, but it was time well spent haha. I love that girl too much, she cray for sure, but she cool. :)
S. Bulson hails from Auburn, WA (15 mi south of Seattle), she is 10 yrs younger than her 3 siblings, enjoys theater and choir, plays the guitar, favorite color is red, loves groundhogs, and has Tourette's. (Is that how you spell it? Idk [disclaimer: i have permission to share this...so ya]) So I am learning all her ways and her many motor ticks and things. It'll be a huge learning process for me, in patience, and in application- so here's to the next 7 weeks haha. It'll be great. Nothing like a motor and verbal ticking syndrome to keep you aware when you're tired! But she's awesome, quite the funny lil sprite- I think I could break her with my pinky lol :)

We have spent pretty much 24/7 of the past week doing my most FAVE thing ever about missionary work....knockin doors!!!! *crickets* yes please, hold your applause and cheers, I know it's hard to reign in your enthusiasm and excitement, but good on ya! LOL, I actually counted (is that terrible? I don't think so) and we knocked 248 doors in the past 6 days. That's in between our weekly planning, appointments, studying, church, and whatever else we had scheduled. Whew are my feet sore, but we met some pretty cool people. I met some people from Pakistan, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, and  England to name a few. So it was a great time! We taught some lessons, set some return appointments, shared some laughs, and had lots of awko moments. It was great :)
Also, the Super Bowl is the worst thing ever invented on a mission haha. Do you know how many doors we knocked last night to only be rejected right off the bat cuz the game??? I mean ok, the rejection rate is super high here, but the game did NOT help any lol! On the other side tho- BRONCOS WON HALLELUJAH TAKE THAT WORLD! SUPER BOWL 50 IS OURS!!!!!  BOOM.

One thing that I love about my mission is that it is SO perfect for me. I was pretty sad after my initial excitement about coming to Jersey that I wasn't going foreign and speaking a different language. And while I would still love to be totally immersed in another culture, I am truly so blessed to be in this state where everyone is from literally everywhere in the world. God knows my desire and love for learning anything and everything, and also how much I love learning about different cultures. I've already learned a lot about Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Africans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Dominicans, Koreans, Ecuadorians, etc etc- it's been so amazing. And I still got 11 months to learn!! I'm so excited :D

So, I hear y'all are supposed to get 3 baptisms in the ward pretty soon with those AWESOME Elders you guys are always hanging out with!!! They're truly some boss missionaries holy moly! I'm so proud of them and I don't even know them haha. Give them a high five for me! It's so funny, but back home I can't remember ever having investigators at church, or anyone getting baptized besides Br. Smith, and S. Chamberlain? Idk haha, but now as I look through my missionary eyes I'm realizing how oblivious I was before! I didn't know our ward had less actives...I mean sure maybe a few here and there, but now I know that each ward has like at least over 20. And now I know what a Ward Missionary and Ward Mission Leader does, and what ward councils do, and this and that and basically I knew like nothing about the Church until I came out here hahaha. My eyes have been opened! It's pretty great.

And i refuse to accept the fact that the Parishes are moving. They will forever live there and I dont care what they say because I'm not gonna let them sell their house! lol, do you know where theyre moving to?

Happy Valentine's to you too! And Dad? Ya better keep that shotgun of yours close this weekend... ;)

Enjoy the sun! Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

 Her companion's "dying" days

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