Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Means Keep Here....February 29, 2016

So. I have a plan. And I'm hereafter and forevermore going to try really really hard to implement it each week! But I am not perfect, so, we'll see how long this lasts (hopefully longer than my New Years resolutions lol)

This is my mass email. Mother dear, I am emailing you and everyone else separate from now on. So this is only a synopsis of my week. Here goes!

To begin: it totally does not feel like my birthday was just last week! It feels like that happened months ago! Looking back through our planner, so I could remember what happened and write them down for y'all, I just had my mind blown. It feels like forever ago haha! So sorry if my explanations are hazy, I am getting old ya know ;)

Monday was the best day of my life, as you could probably guess.

Tuesday was District Meeting, where I gave a training. Again. But I think I might have been able to bribe Elder Clark into not calling me anymore haha! I shared (as in gave most of) one of my gummy worm bags to the elders, and he ate pretty much half of it haha--it's like they say, way to a District Leaders good side, is through his stomach! Then that night we were at the Bruchez house for dinner. They're so great! Bobby was so funny trying to show off like all lil kids do. He brought out his Animatronic Yoda and we played with it like children for at least a solid 30 minutes haha. It was crazy! You'd say stuff and he would lightsaber attack you, or do the force, or say something clever. I mean seriously? The toys these kids have these days are crazy! Hoverboards and Animatronics and 3D TVs and and and...go play in some dirt kiddos ;).   Anyways, I digress. Back to my main point! The Bruchez's are awesome! It was so fun. And then after the dinner and desert and talking, we were able to answer her step-sons questions about the church. His questions were so on point, and the Spirit was present and strong during the entire thing. And we asked him what he was thinking about at one point, and he said "I really want to go read the Book of Mormon again tonight." He's pretty solid, I can see him getting baptized one day when he has the ability to decide for himself. :)

Thursday we had interviews with President, and I messed up. I blew it big time. I has happy and smiling and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I was last time. And he was sitting there kicking my foot and making me feel like he was my grandpa, and afterwards he shook my hand and I turned around to walk out the door and he grabbed both of my shoulders from behind and squeezed a few times, and basically I felt super loved and super happy about the whole thing and it was great. Until I learned from Sister Brown that there will be 19 new sisters this transfer, with 9 being English, and there is a high possibility I will train...Especially with the way my interview went. Aye ya yie I should have weeped and moaned and griped and been just completely terrible haha.  *sigh* I'm not ready to train! I don't even know how to missionary, and they want me to teach another person to? Yikes. But ya, so we'll see where that turns out in 3 weeks lol

Friday we went to an acupuncture appointment for S. Bulson. It was a pretty great 45 minutes to just sit and listen to the zen music and smell the incense and just be sorta skeptical about everything haha. But it worked! She's no longer punching or kicking me, or randomly falling on the floor. So whatever, it works for her and I ain't totally and completely in disbelief anymore. Just completely in disbelief ;)

Saturday we went to coordination meeting, where Elders Oakley and Clark proceeded to tell us they have no MSF and they have no food in the apartment. Last night they ate microwaved pancake mix because they had no oil... Lol! So when we got back to the apartment, I got thinking- we have soooooo much food here it's ridiculous. Half the stuff is just sitting in our cupboards not getting eaten. So I started chucking stuff in a bag to give to them. By the end they got a 20 pack of ramen, mashed potatoes, Cookie Crisp cereal, bag of starburst, box of gushers, 2 bags of these breadstick things, a box of couscous, 2 boxes of Mac n cheese, and 2 things of crackers. And when we showed up at their apartment with this huge bag, their eyes just lit up and they were so excited! They were like, "we love you! But appropriately!" Haha, I'm just so grateful God was able to give us the means to help them! I just love serving. And I love that God has given me the means, and the inspiration in which to do so. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do half the things I do if it weren't for His prodding and promptings. And I know that God truly does answer our prayers through other people, and that serving our fellowmen is serving God as well. Service is just so great!

Sunday we went to one of our investigators church services so that they would come to ours. So yes, I have in fact attended a Baptist church now. And yes, we were the only 2 white people in the building, and yes we got a lot of weird looks. But our investigator felt loved and said she looks forward to coming to ours. #WorthIt. The service was so....interesting...we were just standing and singing and clapping and saying hallelujah every other word. And there was drums and guitars and LED lights and dancers and holy moly it was a lot! People were up and about waving there hands as they sang and expressing themselves very...vigorously. Oh, and did I mention it was a Haitian Baptist church? So they spoke Creole and French too. It was an experience not to be forgotten for sure haha
Also on Sunday, I had an instance where I really wanted to just strangle my companion because I am impatient and quick to judge and I need to repent. Every Sunday we report our numbers to our District Leader at 9:30. Well, I thought it was weird when it hit about 10pm and he hadn't called. So I asked her where the phone was, and it was in her purse across the room...on silent. Not only had our District leader called us 8 times and texted 3 times, but the Zone Leaders had also called us a couple times. They basically thought we were dead. We switch off having the phone one day and driving the other, and it was her phone day. If it's your phone day, you should probly have the phone on you at all times, with at least vibrate on right? *sigh* anyways, all I can say is I'm super grateful for the Atonement that allows me to better myself and get over my proud and mean and judgmental self, because I need it.

A mission preps you for life like nothing else I can imagine. You learn about how the world works, finances, trusting others, the dynamics of working with others, the importance of being trustworthy, the products and discipline of hard work, the grueling task of not being able to just give up, knowing there is NO day where you can just slack off or sleep in or not work, getting out of your comfort zone and living there for 18 months, understanding that life is incredibly unbearably awkward- but embrace it, and thats not even touching on half of it, or the part of learning about yourself, or the Gospel, or or or or. Theres so much to learn! It's 10 years of experience packed and pressed and vacuum sealed into 18 months. Oi vay, its overwhelming- but i love it! Each and every day is a different story. A different adventure. A different testimony. A different witness. A different lesson. A different trial. All within the SAME choice. It all started with papers. A decision to serve. It's so cool to think about. I love it :)     ( mom, please share the above with Kasey <3)

So that's me this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week with all this Spring weather we're having- it's finally up to 50 today!!!! Even if it is raining...

Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Sister McAllister

P.S. My subject line is so clever right? *pats self on back* <----this is the pride im talking about hahahahaha :P
 Animatronic Yoda
 S. Bulson, her companion
 Marvel pants...who gave those to her???

 Subway run

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