Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Transfer, New Comp, New Month, New Missionaries.....February 1, 2016

It's kinda funny how weather for the 2 of us keeps swapping places, when its 50 where i am it's snowing where you are!
My french will one day pay off with all the Haitian people here! One day i will use it for good- but today is not that day lol!
Oh my goodness will family scripture study be AMAZING! Reading the scriptures truly does EVERYTHING for us. It answers questions, helps us feel the Spirit, brightens our day, etc etc. Keep at it!
KK is not old enough to go to HS. I'm calling Horizon and telling them to hold her back! yikes, shes gonna tear the place apart haha ;)

This week was fun. Got a lot of "dying stuff" out of the way, like a LOT of that done...and still got more to do today- it'll be a relief when Tuesday happens haha! Love her to death, but there's just too much to stress about at the end.

My new comp is S. Bulson. She's one transfer older than me, and I actually have a pic with her from way back in August when we went to the temple. It should be an interesting transfer. i'm the senior comp, and I'm leading out the area after 1 transfer of being here...we'll see how this goes haha!

Monday I was in Elizabeth all day with Sisters Godfrey and Llana while S. Kafu went to Ellis and the Statue. It was a good day, I mostly just sat in the back of the car while the sisters got groceries and shopped and paid parking tickets and other misc boring things, but it was good. Those sisters are awesome! Then s. Kafu and I drove the 2hrs back to the south with all the traffic a long the way lol, such a long drive! Going to Denver for the temple will be no problemo when I get back!
Tuesday we had an AMAZING District Meeting! We first had a training by one of the counsellors in the mission presidency before the meetings to the whole zone. It was about how we need to sanctify ourselves. How we're the conduit for the Spirit to work, and if we're sanctified, purified, it allows Him to do His work. Otherwise we're ineffective and He can't work with us. He used an awesome demonstration with a light bulb, water, a wire, and salt. We're truly the "salt of the earth "! Haha  and then we had district meetings, in which I gave a training as well on How to Begin Teaching and Promising Blessings. And boy oh boy was it nerve racking, because of the meetings before and after the District Meeting, PT was there with his daughter Emily (who is about to go to Malaga Spain on her mission), and the zone leaders were there, and the senior couples were there...yikes! Haha I was so nervous to give it in front of PT, but I guess it went ok.  Then we had a Fundamentals Training after district mtgs given by PT. The only difference between a pro and an apprentice is the fundamentals. Same is true in all aspects of life! It was a truly inspired couple hours we all had together :)
Then we spent the rest of the day getting juked by appointments and rejected by people- so Satan works hard to make us not happy. But the trick is to thump him on his metaphorical head and tell him to leave you alone- CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY and you will be! Ain't nobody gonna make it otherwise... Including our wayward brother who's a meanie and likes to make others miserable like himself. Not today Satan.
Wednesday we spent our usual morning in the food pantry doing service and talking to our very interesting friends Gary and Dorothy. We also had a lesson with our investigator Carmel! She's progressing slowly but surely, I can already see her in the church, it's just a matter of teaching her to her understanding. Gotta become a better teacher!  Then we had dinner with the Woodwards. They are seriously the coolest couple ever and I can totally see y'all hanging out if you could. Their sarcasm and humor is on point! So great.
Thursday we weekly planned and cleaned the apartment for Transfer Cleaning. That took a long time haha, but it was so nice to see it so beautifully sparkly! (Not that it was terrible before *cough* ;)
Friday s. Kafu packed all day, got stuff out of the way, and we also went and had lunch with a less active who is so sweet. She's amazing truly. I have so much love for her. If a mission has taught me anything (which ok, I learn something new everyday!) it's that everyone deserves love and it is SO easy to love them. There's so many people in our ward at home I know I haven't really noticed becuz my view was tunnel visioned on myself and the couple people I knew. But holy moly when I get back y'all best believe I'll be besties with everyone! Haha
Saturday we saw 2 less actives were working with and it was just the best. I'm so grateful for all the people I've met out here, for all the things they teach me, and all the ways they have blessed my life. These people out here are amazing.

Sunday was a day full of goodbyes for s. Kafu. I took a lot of pictures yesterday haha, but it was an amazing Sabbath. I felt the Spirit so strong! I truly know that "man was not made for the Sabbath, [but] the Sabbath was made for man". It's such an awesome day to get true renewal and revival for the week! I would encourage you to watch the Apostles train the General Authorities on Sabbath Day Observance, it's on It's so inspiring and so spiritually rousing. I loved it! (And I especially loved the part where Sister Oscarson is coughing and Elder Bednar whips a cough drop outta his pocket like the prepared Boy Scout he is hahaha, it was adorable.)

Also. I have eaten Ghanian food now. It was glorious. Stupendous. Beautiful. Marvelous. Spicy. Tantalizing. Superb. Magnificent. Ah! I can't say enough about it! I had peanut butter soup, and an amazing rice and chicken, and some sorta black spice that's INSANELY spicy. Like I'm talking melt your mouth spicy cuz we all know Afticans are born with steel mouths and stomachs lol, it was amazing! I'm excited to eat there again in the coming weeks >:)

I love you all!
Stay warm.
Stay Jersey Strong!
love, Sister McAllister
 Graffiti Wall
 photo bombing
 She's a Jersorado-an
 S. Kafu packing to go home

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