Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Exchanges with Hermana Paharo ....May 16, 2016

This week was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
long. Aye ya yie. I feel like I've been Sister Baine's comp for a
month already, and it's only been 2 weeks!

Monday we had the easiest lesson I've ever taught on my mission
happen. We have a family of investigators that we were able to pick up
this last week! Alfred we've been trying since I got to this area, but
we were finally able to get a hold of him, and we also met his wife
Aisha. They're from Africa, and are some of the kindest people I've
met. We were able to sit down with the both of them and teach them the
entire Restoration. They had a lot of amazing questions and it all
just flowed right along perfectly. We invited them to be baptized and
they said yes! We talked all about the Book of Mormon and how, if you
know it is true- then you know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, Jesus
Christ is our Savior, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints is God's kingdom once again established on the earth. They
accepted it all and said they would begin studying the Book of Mormon!
They we concerned about the need to be baptized again, but we set up
another appointment with them for Wednesday.

Tuesday we had zone meeting. Where Sister Baine and I had to give a 25
minute training on being consecrated, with only 1 day of a heads up.
So that was pretty stressful...oh, and to top it off, I've been
ragingly sick all week. I'm talking chest and head congestion, hacking
up my lungs, bleeding from my sinuses, etc etc etc. So my mind was
pretty scattered in the training, I felt bad for S.Baine haha
That night we had an appointment at McDonalds with a less active, but
he juked us. But we saw some of the Spanish members there, and they
bought us dinner and chatted with us for a while! It was so nice! Juan
is actually the guy in charge of the food pantry that we work at, so
it was cool to meet his wife and kids.

Wednesday was a hot mess.   We tried to meet with Alfred and Aisha,
and we tried to have a member come teach with us who is from Liberia
herself. And none of it worked out... We had the apt scheduled for
8pm, and we were actually in front of their apartment at 7:30pm
contacting a man out playing with his kids. While that's happening, I
DRIVE AWAAAAAAAAAAY!! I made eye contact with all 4 of them, and they
were acting really skittish/embarrassed to be caught leaving before
out apt time. I should have gone over and talked to them, but I didn't
want to leave my companion, and I'm generally scared to talk to people
in general, so I didn't. Ugh, I'm regretting that soooo much right
now. We had our member drive allllllll the way from Trenton where she
lives to come and teach this family. And she brought her 5 year old
daughter along so she could be entertained with Alfred's kids! *sigh*
learned my lesson on that one. :/

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was able to go on my first ever
exchange as an STL! I went with Hermana Bird, we were Spanglish for
those days! It was soooooooooo fun! I absolutely ADORE this sister!
She's basically exactly like me, and we just had a party for 3 days
really haha, it felt so natural! I want to be Spanish so I can be her
companion now lol, but alas, they must keep our awesomeness'
separated. I must say that I did feel a bit of pressure though during
the whole thing, because she's training a new missionary who's
struggling pretty bad- I didn't know how to help her. I felt so
helpless, and like I was just throwing out random advice because I
didn't know how to help. I tried to tune into the Spirit, but I'm just
so nervous as a leader. I've had all these district and zone leaders
calling us, President and Sister Taggart have been calling us for our
advice/input and yikes...I'm not prepared for that! I don't know
what's going on haha, and I'm always pretty sure that my opinion isn't
valid. Blah, it's so stressful!

One thing I learned about miracles this week: "Miracles. They come big
and small. They come when we least expect them and when we desperately
need them. And sometimes we pray and pray until our knees are sore for
the miracle we want, but then God gives us the miracle we need."

Hope y'all have a great week!
Random fact about Jersey: New Jersey is home to the original Taylor
Ham or Pork Roll. 😍
Love you!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Hermana Bird
 creepy farm in the dark
Sister Baine didn't want to smile

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