Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rain, FroYo, and STL calls....May 2, 2016


I hope this last week of April treated all y'all very well, it was
sure fun for Sister Charles and I!

Let me set the mood of the week: it starts at a beautiful, breezy 70
degrees on Monday, and proceeds to be that calm and wonderful until
Thursday, and Sunday where it begins to downpour all day. The sky is
gray, there's puddles everywhere. The rain doesn't let up for a
moment. The humidity is insane. The temperature stays around the
50s...And I honestly could not be a more happy person. Holy flip man!
I loooooooooooooooooved this week. It was perfect everything!!!

Monday we went to the park and played football and basketball again,
and we also got FroYo because we got a coupon in the mail! It was the
perfect way to cool off!! I also realized I still have a $10 gift card
to Yoyogurt that I gotta use when I get home- ain't got none of those
out here!

Awesome thing about this week is that we actually got fed! We got fed.
By people. For like the first time since I've been here. Members fed
us. I think the zombie apocalypse might have just broken out really,
or the world needs to spontaneously combust right now- the members
actually know we exist!!?? So weird.  But ya, we got fed Tuesday
(salmon- way better than Dads and Ty's version of slapping some lemon
on it and calling it good haha), Wednesday by our investigator (ham
and mac n cheese and key lime pie), Thursday (tomato and tortilla
soup), and Saturday we went to a RS activity where we made frozen
meals. To say we're drowning in leftovers is an understatement! My
stomach couldn't handle this normal amount of food hahahahaha, it's
shrunk since my Emerson days! But it's all soooooooooooo good.

We also got to help out at the Food Pantry twice this week! On
Wednesday we took a journey down to Trenton to pick up the elders, and
then went to the pantry- I got to see PA! And the Delaware! And now I
can say I've been in Trenton haha, pretty awesomely sketch place. But
ya, we took some bomb pics with the elders and hermanas after, and had
Chinese food together both times haha. Wednesday and Friday party!!! I
love the 6 of us together, it's stinkin hilarious each time!

As for my transfers IM FLIPPING FLIPPING OUT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, had to get the crash cart to come in and resuscitate me.
Anyways. Yes. Transfers. So, you are looking at (or rather, looking at
the text of) the newest Sister Training Leader in NJMM. *casually
flips the remaining patch of hair on bald head* it's no biggie.

Sorry. Had to breathe into a paper bag there for a minute. I'm back
now! Yes so. My life will be a LOT more interesting this transfer. I'm
going to go to ALL the leadership meetings, and I'll have stewardship
over at least 4 other sisters if not more, and I'll be going on
exchanges, and basically drowning. I can't be a leader. I don't even
know how to missionary yet and they want me to teach others how to
missionary! That seems backwards to me. I want to abdicate. I hereby
refuse to lead. I want to be a follower. It's so much easier 😭😰

That's all I can think of right now! Lol my mind is just racing with
this new call....I couldn't fall asleep last night til 12:30 cuz of
it. Soooooo yeah, haha, hope all of your weeks are great!!!

Love you!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 The Super 6

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