Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lobster Got Your Tongue?.....May 9, 2016

Well well well. Here we are again my friends. One more milestone in
the mission down, only got one of those skype calls left man 😳 super

This week has been a doozy, and boy am I begging to take a nap right
now! Since Monday its just been endless craziness!
 Tuesday was transfers, and my beloved companion S.Charles was sent to
Sparta :(  although, I'm sure she's happy about this development
considering there's horses up there haha!
Wednesday we went to district meeting and met our new districts, and
then my new companion S. Baine and I went knocking all day. (She's
from Alamo, Nevada, went to a year at BYU-I, and is the oldest sibling
in her family.) we were able to find some really cool people to talk
to, even if none of them became new investigators. There was one house
we knocked, where a 14ish year old opened the door with a softball
shirt on. So I struck up a convo about softball and she was such a
sweet girl! We started talking about our message and all that, and her
dad yelled down the stairs that he's on a conference call, and can we
come back in 30 minutes? We think he's just wanting to get rid of us,
but we say yes, and come back in 30 minutes. Well, they were both so
excited to talk with us, and they wanted to hear more about Jesus
Christ and our faith! We had a good 20 minute convo with them- he
didn't want to blow us off after all!

Thursday I went to my 6 hour long New Leader Training in Morristown.
I'm really glad they have that haha, cuz it's made me feel a whole lot
better about everything! One of the things that stood out to me the
most in it, is that President said "leaders don't wait for the storm
to pass. They learn how to dance in the rain, and they're the first
ones out there doing it!" And then he showed a picture of an elder,
thigh-deep in a flood, majestically and happily holding an ineffective
umbrella over his soaked self haha. I've been working on my positivity
for the past couple years now, and I know I've gotten a lot better,
but I still have so much further to go! Especially about missionary
work. So I really enjoyed that bit. I want to be like that Elder!!!
But I don't think it'll rain enough to flood like that here... ;)

Friday we then had our 6 hour long Mission Leadership Council, where
all the leaders in the mission meet together in Morristown. President
gave an awesome training, based on a meeting he and several other
mission presidents had with Elder Oaks recently, all about the power
of faith and obedience. One thing that stood out to me is he said: "a
lot of the time we think Satans plan was forced obedience. But Satan
only said he would guarantee salvation for the spirits. He promised
salvation without excellence, which means there would be no obedience
to celestial laws. It's a shortcut to salvation which captured the
lazy spirits. There's no such thing as a free lunch.  It would have
been a system of rewards without effort. Obedience is not necessary
when 'anything goes'! Understanding Satan's plan, helps us appreciates
God's more. We would grow and progress, understand and learn, know and
live and love the principles of the gospel." (Those are some of the
notes I took on it, hopefully it makes sense haha) But I really loved
it! Obedience is power, and it's the way to become exalted! :)

Saturday we spent allllllll day running from appointment to
appointment. It was an amazing day!
Sunday we had Mothers Day dinner with the McCready's: steak and
lobster! It was soooooooo good! They had some family in town with
them, so they got all the Italian family together and it was CRAZY. So
much yelling and loudness and the Italian accents just got thicker and
thicker and the food was sooooooooooo good haha, I have no way to
describe the organized chaos, but it was fun!
And then ya know, I talked to some of y'all. So I guess it was a good day ;)
Oh, and right before we came back to skype yesterday, we were walking
and saw these 3 women sitting on their steps with their dog, teaching
a little girl how to ride her bike. So we stopped and shared a Mothers
Day message with them from Alma 56:47-48 about the stripling warriors.
They loved it! And we ended up talking to them for about 25 minutes,
gave them BoMs and pamphlets, and exchanged info! They gave us hugs
too. Like whut??? That NEVER happens. They were SO happy we had
stopped and that we were so kind about our message and not trying to
shove it down their throats, 2 of them are from Albuquerque and said
they would read the book on their drive back! Such a cool experience.

I still can't believe it's May. But you know what else I can't
believe? This random fact about Jersey: Jersey has more Cubans in
Union City per square mile, than Havana, Cuba. Yup. Melting pot fo
sho. (Sorry I've been so bad at sending these lol! I keep forgetting)

I love y'all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
Goodbye Sister Charles
 Hello Sister Baine
 New STLs

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