Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Avocado Madness...June 6, 2016

Man, this week has been a psycho roller coaster of emotions. This
transfer so far has been, without a doubt, the hardest 5 weeks of my
life. But I've also never been so blessed spiritually. God is good.

Let's talk about the miracles I've seen this week first:
Monday we were able to have a lesson with a former investigator of
1.5yrs named Amos, from Ghana. We had randomly called his number, and
he agreed to meet with us, the first time he's agreed since his
original missionaries got transferred away. We had an amazing meeting
with him and he is a HILARIOUS guy. Hard to understand sometimes, but
soooooooo funny. He's 24, in the army, and loves food like you would
not believe. He's also super stubborn. About everything. Including
reading and praying and meeting with us again. But we were able to
make a deal with him, that if he read 1 Nephi Chapter 1 we would tell
him our first names so that he could find us on FB hahaha! Well, he
read through chapter 2!!! And he took us to breakfast at a diner on
Saturday for our 2nd lesson :)  he's great. I gotta get a pic of him
Tuesday we got to see Alex again!!!!! We had to drop him because he's
been so busy with work, but we were able to meet with him again and
pick up where we left off!!! He's so willing to be baptized, we just
gotta arrange for us to meet so he can be taught the gospel! (Also,
there's a story attached to this meeting that I will tell later)
Wednesday we got fed by a cute couple who's interning here in NJ for
the summer as biomechanical engineers. They just got married in March
and are basically who I want to be off my mission haha. They went on
their missions to Paris, France (yes she actually knows Dallin Smith,
small world!) and he (from Tennessee) went to St. George,UT. And they
were kind enough to come to Amos' lesson on Sat at the diner, and they
were PERFECT to teach him! :)
Thursday we were able to have President Bean (in mission Pres.) come
with us with his daughter. They drove alllllll the way over from
Clinton to go to an appointment with us, which unfortunately juked,
and then they took us to dinner. We had Charlie Brown's! That place is
soooooooooooooooooo good! Then he gave us an hour long leadership
training full of scriptures and other awesome doctrine. He works for
the church as like a head supervisor for Institute and Seminary, and
he was called to the mission presidency last year- I swear, one day
he'll be a general authority. It was such an honor to have him be with
us for the night.
Friday we had our 6 hour long Mission Leadership Council in
Morristown. We left at 8am and didn't get back til 5pm because of
traffic. But it was worth it because the trainings that President and
Sister Taggart gave were amazing! I enjoy being a leader just for the
fact that I get to go to those hahaha, they're basically like winning
the spiritual jackpot.
Saturday we ate at diners twice for breakfast, and didn't eat anything
after that until 8pm when we got Subway and passed out on the floor.
So basically, my body is wrecked.
Sunday I got a much needed priesthood blessing from the elders. It
gave me the direction and counsel and comfort I so desperately needed.
I love the priesthood.

Now! Story time!
So, we finally get to meet with Alex again, after over a month of not
seeing him. We meet him at his aprt and walk with him over to a park
nearby. We sit at a picnic table and start getting into a discussion
and everything's going well and the Spirit's there and it's awesome. I
pull out the story in Mosiah where Alma and his people are suffering
under heavy burdens and taskmasters and start to cry out to God for
help, and He hears them and strengthens them to be able to carry the
loads on their backs. It's an awesome story, and it went really well
with what we were talking about, but I noticed as I was reading it
that Alex was getting a really creeped out look on his face. He was
staring past S.Baine and I looking concerned...and then this guy with
bugged out eyes comes around the fence behind us and asks if we were
talking about God. He was kinda creepy looking, but we gave him the
benefit of the doubt and Alex asked him if he would like to join us.
He sits down, and we ask him his name....its Alex....and he's from
Guatemala too, even though he's whiter than Marah (sorry lol, love
you). Well that's a lil creepier right? But in my mind I'm like,
"sweet! Yes! Another investigator! This can't be coincidence!".......I
was so wrong. He proceeds to bash us. For 30 minutes. And he won't let
us talk or stand up or do anything. He was so scary that I felt like
if I moved he would jump across the table and grab me and start
speaking in tongues or something. Yikes. And our poor Alex was just
sitting their speechless as the evil Alex spewed false doctrine and
started talking about the temple and Joseph Smith and oh my goodness I
was getting so annoyed at this guy. We told him to leave several
times, but he wouldn't listen, and all the while he kept talking to us
in a soft, tempered creepy. So eventually I interrupted
him, told him I don't care what he thinks, and then proceeded to bear
my testimony of what I know is true. And then we got up and left. It
was sooooooo lame. He ruined our lesson :(
But small mercy, Alex didn't believe a word the guy said, and said he
felt super "pukey" after that convo. So it's all good! Haha

Oh and we also got a huge box of avocados from the food pantry we
serve at. So we were using them contacting and we contacted this
Hispanic man without a shirt on and he really should have been and it
was gross and weird, but we gave him 2 avocados and hopefully that
helps out some missionaries in the future... Hahaha

So yeah, that's basically my week. I won't belabor you guys with all
my struggles. Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!
Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Princton Campus
 Cupcake Wars

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