Monday, June 13, 2016

It is Hot, Hot, HOT!....June 13, 2016

Hello Everyone!!! It looks like I'm staying here in good ole
Plainsboro for another transfer with S.Baine- should be an adventure!
Something else I learned about transfers- instead of 2 companionships
we cover, we'll be covering 5 companionships now as STLs! Wow! We now
have all of zone 7 and zone 8 to train and lead! AND my old comps
S.Bulson and S.Carlson fall under that umbrella now, so that should be
fun hahaha! Bringing back the good old days :)

As a note before I start detailing the awesomeness of my week- telling
you this now in the hopes that it will eradicate any future tangents
before they begin- I'm getting so old in the mission...I hit my year
mark in 11 days... and that scares me, because I'm not ready to be
this old and start thinking about the fact that my time is short. I
don't want my time to be short in the Lord's service! It's sooooooo
weird! I feel like I just came out yesterday. But here I am almost a
year down the road! Time flies too fast, it needs to slow its roll

*ahem* K. Yes. On to the week!
Monday, as you know from my pics last week, we walked around Princeton
with the Hermanas taking pics and being goofs and getting creeped out
in dark cathedrals- you know, the usual. And then that night we got to
go over to the Bishop's house for dinner! A few other members were
there, from Ghana, and they had brought their friend with them. Cool
story: he was supposed to leave the day before, but they convinced
him/forced him to stay one more day so he could come to this dinner.
Well, we shared our spiritual thought and everyone was talking about
their thoughts and feelings and sharing testimonies and all that, and
the friend was just sitting on the couch taking it all in. And then,
right as we're about to close, he pipes up! And he says that this was
exactly what he needed to hear because he's been struggling with a
dilemma for a long time, and this was the perfect answer he needed!
And then he basically bore his testimony about Christ and the Spirit
was SUPER strong- and he recognized that it was the Spirit too! Ah! So
cool. God works in mysterious ways! :)

Tuesday was zone meeting and S.Baine and I gave our 2nd training
together. It went IMMENSELY better than the 1st because: 1. I wasn't
dying of disease 2. We were better prepared and 3. It only had to be
10 minutes long instead of 25. Whew. Then we had a training given to
us by President Taggart- it was so fun to see him and have lunch with
him! And then I went on a Spanish exchange the rest of the day. I was
actually pretty amazed at how much I could follow a conversation based
on the few words I know, the little French I know, body language, and
expression! S.Rhein kept asking me if I wanted her to translate, but I
could understand the gist of what was said each lesson. Super weirdly
awesome! Man, I want to learn a 2nd language soooooooooooooo bad!!!
One day.

Wednesday we exchanged back, went to service and got a TON of food,
and then I went on an STL exchange with S.McConkie in Toms River. That
was a much needed exchange haha. It was so great to be with her for a
3rd time! The "Mc's" were together again at last! I really needed the
2 day break from my area and companion. It's been a struggle bus the
past transfer, so it was nice to take a step back and breathe, look at
life from the outside, and then go back and work on it. And S.McConkie
is a boss too, so that helped as well haha! She's so awesome. She
knows how to lead and help and love and serve and advise SO well. I
want to be a leader like her one day! She's amazing.

Thursday we cleaned our apartment and car after we exchanged back.
Friday we had service and apartment inspections. And we went to Taco
Bell with the 4 Spanish missionaries afterwards- that's always a
blast! Although sadly, our cool group keeps dwindling. S.Bird and
E.Mendoza got transferred away, it won't be the same :/
I adore S.Bird. She truly is not only an amazing missionary with a
heart of gold, but one of the most genuine and honestly-herself people
you will ever meet. I'm gonna miss her. But we still have 3 transfers
to serve around each other again!

Sunday was a beautiful day. It's so cool how wonderful the Sabbath is.
The Spirit was so strong during church, and everything just seemed to
work out. We went finding for the few hours we had last night from 6-9
and taught 6 lessons! That's insane for this area. Usually we get 6
lessons in 2 days, not 3 hours! Everyone we talked to was sooooo nice!
We were able to give out 3 Books of Mormon and invite someone to
church!!! I love missionary work :)

It's already June 13! Summer is just flying by, and soon it will be
chilly enough for long sleeves!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Haha
I hope you all are doing well, and aren't dying from heat and humidity
like Jersey is haha

Love you!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

Stalker alert!
Not sure why but this picture just makes me laugh

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