Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Fat Goose-Egg....June 20, 2016

My wonderful familia and friends- I hope I will find the time to email
you all today, because we only have about 20 min to do so! We are
having an All-Mission Summer Conference today where we play games at
the park and then meet back together for a slideshow, talent show, and
a fireside from the Taggart's son. It's pretty weird to come full
circle, because this same exact event happened my first ever Pday in
the mission last year...blech. *shudders* But anyways, I hope this
email will make sense (I rough drafted it last night)

Well in the first exciting bit of news: we got fed 4 times this
week!!!!! Two of them being yesterday haha. It's a Christmas
miracle!!!! I feel like the ward is slowly warming up to us, and I
actually have a few friendly faces in the crowd now :)
And 2nd (not so much exciting news, as weird news) I've met sooooo
many people this week that remind me of Dad or Ty. I mean one of the
Elders in particular, but a couple others too, are spot on for Ty- and
then a few members here remind me of Dad. So it's been kinda nice! A
home away from home so to speak lol.

And then for the rest of the news, and most of it is blah haha, so sorry!
The last transfer, and then this week too, have been the hardest in my
mission so far. Not just because of companion issues, but because the
work in this area is suffering SO bad. We have NO progressing
investigators, NO one interested in coming to church, NO one wanting
to give us the time of day, and hardly any new investigators from week
to week. We have been out knocking doors, street contacting, Walmart
contacting, park contacting, chalk-drawing, Home Depot contacting,
parking lot contacting, food contacting, pleading for referrals from
members, knocking with the name it and we've probably done
it this week. This has been THE longest week of my life... For at
least 6 hours each day we are out walking around trying with all our
might to find someone who is interested and wants to progress. We are
searching our guts out for ONE prepared person. And we haven't been
able to find a single one... Not a single person. *sigh* Am I doing
something wrong? Am I not trying hard enough? Should I grab myself a
wheelchair so I can walk faster and talk to more people quicker? My
feet are literally about to fall off because they hurt so bad. My
liver is going to be shot after all the ibuprofen I've been popping!
And I feel like we should be getting some sort of blessings because of
the efforts and tries we have made. But we get nothing. Zip. Nada.
Zilch. And it's been like this for 75% of my mission, not counting my
awesome 3 months in Eatontown. It's been rough feeling so discouraged
all the time. I feel like I'll never measure up to what God needs from
me. I'm too weak. I feel like I'll never meet someone who wants to
progress and eventually get baptized.

But enough with the doom and gloom- ain't nobody got time for that! Haha
This week we saw one cool blessing. We went to try and see a
college-aged Hindu that I had knocked into on exchange about a month
ago. We've been trying and trying to see Sreeja again but every time
we go back we meet someone new that lives there haha. Well this time
we met her friend Varsha (well, we had already met her before) who
told us Sreeja wasn't there, but that she wanted to talk with us
herself. Apparently Sreeja had been telling her 3 other roommates
about us and about the Book of Mormon we gave her! And Varsha,
although a Hindu, was raised by her grandma til she was about 13 and
her grandmas a Christian! So she knows most of the Bible stories, and
the general idea of Christ, etc etc. So when we showed up again this
time, she invited us right in and wanted us to teach her! We only had
15min until our next appointment, but we were able to teach her the
1st part of the plan of salvation- and she understood it all! We
taught her about Adam and Eve and the wonderful plan that God has for
us and she said "I haven't heard that before. That makes sense!" She
said the closing prayer perfectly, and wants to meet with us again
next week!  That was pretty cool.

That's it for me! I'm currently writing this as we listen to an Elder
jam on the piano for the talent show. I love you all!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

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