Wednesday, April 6, 2016

German: The Celestial Language & Ice Cream After Conference....April 4, 2016

My dear wonderful family (yes that includes all of you not blood
related, sheesh) it has been another week! Holy cow, time just keeps
getting quicker and quicker! Is it just me, or has God made the
minutes years and the hours months and the weeks days?? Like for real,
I'm all discombobulated right now trying to think of last week and all
the crazy psycho things that happened... Oi vai, I got my work cut out
for me today! Type faster thumbs!!!

Monday I got to play sports for the first time in 4 months!!!!! It was
so great to play basketball again- even if it did take me like 1.5
hours to actually warm up and be good again (you will not believe the
number of layups I missed XD )  'twas a wonderfully sweaty time.
Anyone who says elders stink more than sisters has clearly never met
me after I've enjoyed a couple hours of kicking everyone's trash. It's
a condition. Called something like (now I'm paraphrasing here, I
forgot what the actual certified professional called it) Sweating Hard
Enough to Cover Your Tears of Shame. Ya. That sounds right actually.
"I remembered it again!"

Tuesday was God's day.
Enough said about that. Done deal. End of story. Walking away after
gently setting down the mic. Final credits rolling. Finished.
Nah haha, but for real it was an amazing day. We had an inspired
District Meeting from Elder Brown, and then spent lunch with our
hilarious zone. THEN we went to a media referral that we had called
and set an appointment with. Well guess, stinkin, what!!! Turns out
she's not an investigator....she's an inactive member who hasn't been
active in 4 years!! I was so blown away. We had NO idea going in that
she was a member. So she started using Mormon vernacular and throwing
out "ward" and "stake" and "missionary" and S. Charles and I were just
like...........what? Yup. She requested a Book of Mormon to share it
with her fiancé's mother- and she quoted "every member a missionary".
She's doing more than most active members in the ward right now
hahaha! But yeah, her testimony is suuuuuper strong. It's just a
bummer, because the whole reason she stopped going to church is
because of the people. She was getting hardcore judged for the things
she was doing when she was young (20 years ago now) and I guess she's
never gotten over it. We're excited though to see what happens this
week. She was a real sweet lady.  So ya, this is Miracle #1.
Miracle #2
We then go to another media referrals house. And walking up its a
huuuuuuge mansion, so we were a little worried it would be a person
wanting to bash (cuz hello) but it turned out to be a reeeaaaaalllllly
nice lady from Egypt/Qatar. She had been searching for a Catholic
Church close to home and somehow stumbled upon Well she
talked to some missionaries over the phone, and then requested us to
come over and give her a Book of Mormon. It's actually really cool.
She grew up Muslim in Egypt, and she converted to Christianity when
she was in her 20s- but she had to hide it for 9 years because she
would be put to death otherwise. She then came here to America, and
has lived here for 14 years. So we told her all about the Book of
Mormon and why it's so important, and we explained a lot about the
functions of the ward itself. She said "I'm 51 years old now! Why have
I not learned of this before?" And she was super excited to read the
Book of Mormon. We set a return appointment for Friday.
Then, Miracle #3, we had an appointment that night with a Former
Investigator the sisters dropped 3 months ago. He's solid! Since then
a lot of crazy things have happened in his life, and he really wants
to repent and make things right, he says that he knows this is the
path God wants him to take, and that he wants to get baptized soon!
We're so excited to help him progress on his path towards our heavenly
home. He's so prepared!!
I have no clue why we were so blessed this day, maybe to make up for
the rest of the week, but it was truly amazing to see God's hand so
prevalent in our day. It just all worked out right from the beginning.

The rest of the week goes as follows: knock all day Wednesday, no
success. Go to ELLIS ISLAND Thursday for a training!!! Eat at a turkey
farm built in 1802 that night. Knock all day Friday, no success. See a
recent convert, Laura, that night and
Answer all her questions and just love her. She's so awesome. And then
it was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I learned soooooooo much and the spirit
was so strong and President Uchtdorf cried after Elder Kearons talk
and Elder Holland is a crack up and it was just amazing, I'm so glad
we could hear President Monson talk too, he's so strong. My love for
all of them has grown so much out here- I truly adore each and every
one of them.
My favorite talks (I'll just say the name and then it's up to you to
go read their talks #Challenge): Elder Duncan, Elder Bednar, Elder
Waddell, Elder Cook, President Uchtdorf, Elder Kearon, Elder Oaks, and
Elder Holland. They were so great. I want them to be on Gospel Library
now so I can devour the text hahaha :)

But anyways, that was my week in a nutshell. Pretty great! I shall
leave you with a random fact about Jersey: Jersey has the most dense
system of highways and railways in the US.

I love you all!!!!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

P.S. Thanks KC for the graduation card, and thanks to the Colemans for
the postcard!!! I loved them both :D

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