Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Run Ragged...April 18, 2016

This week has been pretty bland to be honest haha, so I'll try my best to spice it up a bit!

Tuesday was a fun day for me though! I got to go on exchange with S. McConkie again!!!!!! In Toms River again!!!! It was so fun to see all the people there and to get to know them better. With my memory, I have all their names and faces down pat, and none of them have any idea who I am! Lol, it's the funniest thing. The poor people are so confused about how in the world I know who they are and they got NO clue who I am. I enjoy it hahahahaha >:)  but most of all I enjoyed the time I spent with S. McConkie. She's such a boss. Man, and whenever I'm with her, everything is just so easy and simple. We get along real well, and I feel like we're the same person on most fronts! It was basically a party...a really mellow, chill party. Ya. Whoo! Haha. Oh! And I realized while I was with her that we both "killed" each other's "mom"s. I sent S. Kafu home, and she sent S. Brown home. Lol! So we got a kick outta that :)

Thursday we had a 7hour zone conference with President and Sister Taggart and the Assistants (one of which is now E. Adams, who I came out with! Stinkin awesome) and PT's training about the reason we're on this earth really hit me. We're here to learn how to do the will of the Father. Christ spent His whole life following God's plan and doing His will, and He was the only perfect man who has ever walked the earth! The Plan is only going to work, and agency is only going to as well if we are obedient. And I thought it was pretty cool to cuz PT talked a lot about space haha. He showed a picture of the Milky Way and talked about how it's 160,000 light years across, and light travels at about 180,000mi/sec. And he told us to just imagine how stinkin huge the universe is. He said it brings into perspective just how great are God's creations. A lot of people were shocked and like mindblowned, but cmon people!!! Why do you think I like space so much???? Why are the rest of you not studying it as much as me??? Haha, it was pretty funny to see their faces. But God's power and love and creations are truly awe inspiring. I love it so much.

Throughout the week we've spent a lot of time with a recent convert named Laura in the hospital. No one from the ward, outside of 2 people, have visited her the past 1.5 weeks she's been in. She's so grateful every time we come, because she just craves the company and the escape from the sadness the hospital gives her. I think it's sad how more people don't's really shown me just how important a visit or a call is. I think when I get home, I'll be the designated "hospital visitor" in the ward! Haha, I'm gonna kill everyone with kindness and with my annoying face every minute I can spare ha hahahahaha it'll be awesome!

Oh! And Sunday was stake conference here- and guess who I saw????  Jarren. With his wife. In NJ. Where they now live. not in CO. Not a youngin in HS at SC. Weeeeiiiiird! I wanted to go up and say hi, maybe snap a pic for all y'all at home, but he and his wife dodged out suuuuuper fast after conference was over. Lame, but I did see him! Haha

Dats it for me!! Life is pretty crazy in this ward- they all expect us to do everything since the ward doesn't care...we right now have a Less active on the phone asking us to like wash her dog, take him to the vet, drive her car, etc etc allllllll of which we can't do...but no one else in the ward apparently will. Haha, so yay for being overwhelmed with non-missionary tasks. Like I'm also organizing a cleaning effort for Laura's aprt, by myself. She wants me to run it. But I'm a missionary. And should be out knocking doors. Not supervising cleaning for the 6 hrs that it will take...aye ya yie!

Anyways hahahahaha, I'm done now.  Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Not Colorado sunsets, but it will do she says
 Splits with Sister McConkie
 Her and comp visiting someone in the hospital
 Zone 7 and 8 sisters

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