Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Death by Humidity and Other Such Happenstances....April 25, 2016

MOTHER DEAREST. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How does it feel to be 29
finally!?!?!? I know it's taken a long time to get to this point, but
you're almost at the milestone of 30! One day you'll get there...but
probly not for the next 40 years ;)

Now that I've gotten the less important things out of the way- moving
on to ME! Haha

Monday was a STINKIN BLAST! We played football as a Zone at the park
all day! It was toooooooo much fun, and we finally broke through the
barriers of the zone! Now we're all zone unity and friends and all
that jazz, instead of awko ppl trying to ignore the more awko ppl
haha. It was a nice and breezy 65 outside, so I also got a nice tan as
well- the blessings just keep on coming! Oh, and we played Apples to
Apples together for a little while, that's always a riot. I was sore
for like 4 days after that, and not just from the 4 hours of football,
but also all the laughing gave me a nice set of abs hahaha

Tuesday we had District Mtg, and our new zone unity led us to take a
zone picture for the first time since Oct for me haha! So that's
awesome :)
Wednesday we do service at a food pantry with the Spanish Elders and
Sisters. That's always a fun time to hang out with them, and to serve.
I mean, serving mainly, but wearing pants is a close 2nd, and hanging
with them a veeeerrrry distant 3rd...hahaha jk, these missionaries are
my buddies! I stinkin love them! Between me, S. Charles, Hma Bird, Hma
Rhein, E. Justice, and E. Mendoza, people are lucky if we don't break
the roof of the place with all of our constant laughing! Aye ya yie, I
just want to hang with these guys 24/7 haha. It's the dream team!

Friday, actually all week, we went knocking all day. We were answered,
to name a few, by a shirtless Brit with a Star Wars tattoo, an
atheist, an agnostic, a hardcore Catholic, a lady who thought Mormons
were the "boys in suits with big blue eyes" (apt description really),
a girl we thought would be "Golden" but decided to just preach to us
and invite us to her Bible study, and a British woman who smelled of
wine and told us we had better leave before she set her "vicious dogs"
on us (her very scary chihuahuas that is). So all in all, a very
productive few hours haha! But really, it was soooooooooooo humid
outside I was dripping in sweat 5min into it...my sweat stains under
the arms extended to like 6inches down my side. Twas nasty. Blech,
humidity is the worst! I want to go back to where it's high and
dryyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

Saturday we spent the morning cleaning an apartment with 3 cats in it,
that hasn't had a human in it for 3 weeks....so to say there was cat
barf/hair/urine/other waste everywhere is an understatement. And most
things in the fridge had gone bad, and overall the place just smelled
foul. So we deep cleaned the snot out of that tiny apartment for 2.5
hours with 3 RS members, and got most of it at least habitable. The
smell just hung over me all day, and no matter how many times I
scrubbed my hands, I felt like I had cat barf under my nails...yeah,
not too pretty a picture haha! But all is well, because the ladies
took us to lunch at Smashburger after. It was Sis McCready (the family
who's garage we inhabit) and Sis Watkins who took us, and it was a
party haha. Sis Watkins reminds me a lot of you Mom, so that was kinda
Then we went out and we met a super awesome lady named Barbara. She's
got 4 super cute kids, and she herself is sooooo nice! We walked over
to her to ask if she knew the people who's house we were trying to
knock (turns out the members had moved to FL years ago, and the
directory was never fixed) and ended up chatting with her for 30ish
minutes about life and religion and God. She says missionaries had
talked to her before, but she wouldn't mind us coming again! We're
excited to go back over next week!

Sunday we both not only talked in Sacrament Meeting, but we also had
to teach the lesson in Gospel Principles haha. How's that for a double
whammy? Planning a lesson or talk will never be stressful for me again
lol! Especially because as missionaries you have so little time to
prepare for them- trying to fit time into your schedule is psycho, and
you end up just prepping during the time you have for lunch or dinner.
And then we ended the night last night with a few laps around a
hospital floor as we helped Laura gain some freedom as she walked for
the 1st time in 3 weeks. Ive spent so much time in a hospital the past
3 weeks, I think I'm going crazy haha! But it was good cuz we talked
about patriarchal blessings the whole time- do you realize what an
amazing gift they truly are??? Holy moly, as I explained them to her
more in depth, I gained a greater appreciation for my own. I realized
just how much I treasure the knowledge found within, and trying to
imagine my life the past 5 years without it is just impossible! I'd
probably be in China right now trying to figure out what the flip a
mongoose really is, instead of in Jersey figuring out what the flip
life really is! (But for real. What is a mongoose??)

So on that ridiculous bombshell that my exhausted brain just came up
with, I bid you adieu! But first, a random fact about Jersey: Jersey
has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the
Diner Capital of the World...(but really only by Jerseyites  hahaha)

I love you all!!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister

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