Monday, April 11, 2016

Hospitals and Fried Chicken....April 11, 2016

'Twas an interesting and loooooooong week, so let's just get into it!

Monday was a super awko time for everyone so I'm not even going to
elaborate on that one...

Tuesday was AWESOME! We had zone meeting where the zone leaders pumped
us all up to go out and work! Ah, it was such an exciting meeting! We
had lunch and played games together as a zone, and then we had a
training by one of our members who sells Vivint. He came and shared
with us techniques on how to get into people's homes. He makes it look
so stinkin easy, but I know it's not haha. It's something to practice
for sure, and the ideas and things he gave us to do are going to be
pretty effective too- I can already tell! I'm excited to go knocking
After the meeting we had a lesson with our recent convert Kelly about
the temple. She's preparing to go on the 22nd! We can't wait to have
her go and do baptisms!! We're trying to find some of her family names
that she can take too, but it's a little harder because her family
comes from Hungary haha, but they can't hide forever from us! We'll
find the lil guys. #FamilySearchPros
Then we went and saw our MIA less active Wendy who likes to go missing
for days on end, but we finally saw her! And we were able to help her
commit to stop her Word of Wisdom issues!
Then we went back and saw our investigator Alex with Sister Vilaro
with us this time. Mom, she's basically a mix between you and me.
She's got your photography skills, but my sass level hahahahaha oh
gosh I love her so much! She makes learning so fun and simple- Alex
truly enjoyed himself haha, and he learned a lot! He has an instant
friend in her too :)

Wednesday we had a bumpin time at the food pantry where we serve. It
was mass chaos because so much food was coming in, and shelves were
trying to be put up, and people were still trying to get their food at
the same time, and there's only so many volunteers there...whew, we
were running all over the place lifting bags and throwing out the
garbage and taking extra shelf units into the creepy basement! But it
was soooooo fun too because Elder Justice and Elder Mendoza were there
with us. It was basically a party with those 2, gosh they just crack
me up nonstop! We ended up going to get Chinese food with them
afterwards for lunch, and just had a gloriously hilarious time. I
think we might have scared the owner with how loud our laughter was
haha (oh, and we were cracking up cuz the name of the place is Holy
Wong hahahahahahah #MissionaryHumor)
Then we went over to our new investigators house and HOLY COW she
cooked enough food to feed an army of elders, let alone 2 sisters! We
had homemade fried chicken, green beans and pork, mashed potatoes and
gravy, cornbread, and cheesecake. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we're still eating
the food and it's been almost a week! We have a whole bag of fried
chicken left! And she gave us 8 of her homemade cinnamon buns so I'm
in heaven. So goooooooood. But anyways haha, Karen and Sonny are
awesome! And it turns out that her mom was a member and that she was
taught by missionaries for a while back in the 90s and early 2000s.
Maybe it's her time? Who knows, but it's cool to see the connections
that some people have with the church.

Our recent convert Laura has been in the hospital since Wednesday. She
hasn't really progressed since she's been in there so she's pretty
worried. She's been in and out of the hospital for years, because she
not only has gastro-paresis but she also has like every infection and
disease and possible health problem known to man. The poor woman is
just being put through the ringer for the past 15 years :(   So we've
been sure to visit her every day for a little while because no one in
the ward goes over besides the RS Pres and her home teacher- it's
kinda sad how cold and closed off this ward is. It's gonna be a huge
challenge to get them more involved just within ward functions itself,
let alone missionary work.  But I digress. Laura is awesome, she's a
psychologist, a NYC ballerina, and she worked with Mother Theresa- oh
and she helped cure kids of autism. True fact. You could probably look
her up and get all sorts of books that have been written about her,
she's so awesome! I love her so much.

That's probably about it for me, this whole weeks been a blur!
Hopefully I'll have more to say next week :)

Random Jersey fact: Jersey has the highest cost of living.  *looks
into empty pockets* yup. Accurate fact.

Love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong!
Love, Sister McAllister

 How can it be April already?
15 pieces of fried chicken

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