Monday, August 15, 2016

The Smells of Plainfield: Laundry Detergent and Weed.....August 15, 2016

Hello All!!! Boy, am I ready for fall. It's felt like 108 for the past
week straight, with 60%+ humidity as well- I guess you can say I've

I had the awesome opportunity to go on 2 exchanges this week! One with
Sister Henry in Maplewood, and one with Sister Fernandez here in my
area. S.Henry is from St.Lucia in the Caribbean, it was so fun to
spend that time with her! We taught a lot of people together, and
she's a real stellar missionary. She puts the "work" in "hard work"!
And then with Sister Fernandez, man, we had a blast!!!! It was soooooo
fun! She's such an awesome missionary as well! Her sarcasm is on
point, and we made some pretty cool videos together too #ThugLife
Lol, both of them have only been out for a few transfers, so it was
weird. They have as much time left, as I've been out almost! I've
become the grandma of the mission 😂
One thing that's been pretty awesome this week is the kindness of the
people here! Everyone we talk to, either on the street, or on the
doorstep- they've all given us water! I have been given a nice,cold
water bottle 6 times this week. It has been such a huge blessing.
Because if any of you know me, you know I hate heat. And that's before
humidity gets involved. So I double hate heat here. But God has been
giving me little tender mercies :)

We were knocking doors a couple days ago, pretty late at night, and at
one of them we talked to a lady Adrienna through her window. She
wasn't interested, but when we asked, she gave us 3 houses we could
try. We've been trying them periodically ever since, and so far 2/3
have been amazing! The 1st house actually was good friends with a
member that feeds us all the time. So we were able to have a great
conversation with him! And he already has a connection to the church!
And the 2nd one is this sweet-as-can-be grandma from the south. She
literally let us right in, and wanted to feed us and have us stay for
a little while! We unfortunately had an appointment we had to get to
pretty quickly, but she was just so kind to us- and interested in
having us come back! She actually asked us to before we could even say

Then on Friday night, S.Fernandez and I were able to set our
investigator Rachel on date for Aug 28!!!! This is only my 2nd time
meeting her, but she was super willing to be baptized. When we asked
her what a good goal would be she said "next Sunday"! We had to
explain that she needs to come to church a couple times first so that
she can have a support system and family in the church, but it was
awesome! She's super sweet. Her accents so strong sometimes it's hard
to understand her lol

One thing Ive learned on the mission is how important the Sabbath is.
It really is our recharge, restart, replenish day that the Lord has
given us to recuperate before the next week. When we give it to Him,
He gives us waaaaaay more in return! I love it!

And I love all of you as well!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 found elders old coats in their closet
 Panda after 13.5 months...finally
 S. companion
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