Wednesday, August 10, 2016

HoodLyfe....August 1, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!!!
You'll have to forgive me this week, im typing on a computer for the first time in 4.5 months...theres going to be typos everywhere!!!!

Also this might be scattered and short because ya, i cant focus right now lol!!! Hopefully you'll get it all!

So being in Scotch Plains now i have been in the hood for a week! It's great! Theres so many people on the streets and in the houses and literally we can just talk to everyone everywhere! I loooooooove it! Theres doo-rags and garbage and peeling paint and sketch grocery corner stores and little children on bikes and drunk people and random other things EVERYWHERE! Im in heaven.

We found a really cool guy named Fred on Thursday. He had a stroke a couple of years ago and so he's deaf and has other health problems and is just a super humble guy. We were walking to another appointment and he was taking out his garbage. We stopped and said hi and he asked US "which church are you from, what do you believe, etc etc". Wow! We ended up having a 30-40 min conversation with him and set up an appointment to see him on Saturday at 6pm. He juked, but its ok because later we learned that he just couldnt hear us knocking on the door. Lol, we totally didnt take that into account :P

Then we had MLC on Friday that went from 10-5pm- whew, that was long! But it was super spiritually uplifting, even if they did pack on way more responsibilities for us STLs than we used to have. I'm super stresssed right now. But its all good inthe hood (hahahahahahah i can LITERALLY say that now!!!!! yaaas!)

Then we went to Ellis Island on Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL TO SEE NYC AGAIN!!!!! AND TO TALK TO ALL THE FOREIGNERS!!! AHHHHHHHHH! *tear* so beautiful :)

Thats about all for me! sorry for the shortness, im getting kicked off the computer by the newbie elders who need a computer to email becuz they dont have an ipad!

OH! NJMM finally got FB too. So, if you see my profile change- its me, not some random hacker hahaha. Love you all!!!

Stay Jersey Strong!
Love, Sister McAllister
 Ellis Island
 new Comp...Sister Woods
 STL training with Pres

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