Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lazy Sister McAllister....August 8, 2016

Soooooo pictures are worth a thousand words right? And I just sent
like 10 of them, so technically I've already sent you all 10,000
words. Your welcome. Hence, my letter will be short today. Annnnnnnd
I'm just super lazy right now, and email are such a bother sometimes
hahahaha- sorry. I'm lame. But I honestly will try!

This week was crazy. We went on 2 exchanges, and I left the area both
times! Aye ya yie! By the time Sister Wood goes home I'll have NO idea
about this area....and I'm leaving the area again on Tues! Yikes. But
exchanges were fun. I went Spanish in Perth Amboy one time, and then I
went to Plainfield a couple days ago. I met a lot of cool people each
time! Sometimes I wish I could just hop around the mission, or hop
between missions, so I can learn and experience everything!

Cool story this week- I met 2 amazing people at QOTS this week
(Questions Of The Soul, it's a booth we set up on the sketch streets
of Plainfield). The first is Cornetta, an 85 year old from Bridgetown,
Barbados! She was the cutest thing, and our 30 minute conversation all
started from  me complimenting her shirt!  I was able to give her a
Book of Mormon for her to read on her flight back, and she said after
talking to me that she would stop the missionaries next time she saw
them in Barbados! Super awesome. And THEN! I met Samantha! She was
wearing a Deadpool shirt, so it gave me an automatic opening to ask
her if she loved Marvel...she did. And we talked for a good 40 minutes
about life and kids and Marvel and God!!! Ah! She was the easiest
person to talk to ever! We related so well and quick! I love her
already. I'm hope I can see her again, she gave us her number, so I
have high hopes!

 Thursday we had an all Mission conference to train us on FB and all
the glories that can be found there....woooooo. Lol, it's been fun
learning how we can help the work move forward online. Online

I love Sister Wood so much! I'm getting a little trunky with all the
home talk and prepping for life after etc etc etc. so hopefully I can
stawp that lol :)

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 clever sign
 QOTS...Questions of the Soul booth??
 comp unity in black seaweed masks

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