Monday, August 29, 2016

Blisters, Guyabas, and Chaufas de Pollo...August 22, 2016

This week has been CRAZY! But nothing like how this next week will be,
we literally have almost every hour planned for with meetings and
appointments and service!
But first, let me talk about this past week haha, I'm getting ahead of myself

I went on exchange with Sis Shaffer on tues-wed, I love this girl so
much. My 3rd exchange with her, in 3 transfers (1 of them being 3days
long) and I just wish sooooooooo badly to be her companion haha! We
fell right into a teaching rhythm, and basically it feels like we've
already been companions- but now I want it for real! She's such an
amazing person and missionary. I have super high respect for her-
she's a boss. In the best, humble kind of way :)
It was a cool exchange too, we saw a lot of miracles. We were able to
help a woman who said she wanted to leave the church, and we saw her
turn her thoughts around in the space of an hour to say she loves the
church. The Spirit works in wonderful, beautiful ways! We also met
some super awesome guys while we were contacting on E. Front St in our
area. A couple were high, a couple were Muslim, a couple were
Christian, a few were Hispanic, lots of them were bosses, and
basically I just love people. I don't know why I get in my head so
much when I'm about to talk to a person, because 60% of the time
they'll at least be nice even if they're not interested...blah. One
day I won't be shy anymore!!!

One thing we do every Friday and Saturday is set up a table
stand/booth on E.Front St with the 6 other missionaries that attend
services in our building. It's super fun, because it lets people know
you're going to talk to them and it automatically gives you something
to say, instead of the awko taco
method we use in street contacting hahahaha. I love it! It's a great
way to find people, and we've seen lots of success come from it. Lots
of seed planting, but lots of new investigators as well :)
On Saturday we were leaving the booth and getting in our car and there
was this man sitting under a tree by the parking lot. I said hi and he
was super nice in his reply, but I chickened out and walked away. Then
as we were all packing up to leave he moved closer and i told  him to
have a great day, k, I felt an impression I needed to talk to him...I
ignored it and got in the car and started driving away. The other
elders and sisters were behind me, so I figured maybe one of them will
be courageous enough to do it. I was a onto drive out of the parking
lot, when I flipped the car around and when back. In the process of
doing that, we met a man named Greg! He was selling stuff for his
addiction recovery group he's a part of. He was asking $5 for a tin of
Guyabas, but all I had was $2. He took them and we started talking
about how God has helped him remain sober and how Christ changed his
life around. He was amazing and so kind, and basically a miracle. We
talked with him for a while, and then continued on to where we had
left from, and a sister was talking to the man. I'm sad I ignored it,
but so glad I turned around to try and fix it, otherwise we never
would have met Greg! God takes our efforts and blesses us for them-
now I just need to listen on the first go-round. Oh, another miracle
attached to that, I didn't have $2 in cash on me all day. When we were
packing up at the booth, a Spanish couple was walking by and noticed
$2 on the ground. They walked back to give it to me, I tried to
refuse, but the little old lady seemed to give me a stern talking-to
in Spanish, so I took it haha. Well, that's where the $2 went, to help
Greg and his organization. Wow! God works in weird, awesome ways :)

Oh, I also went on exchange to Kearny this week with Hermana Allen.
And guess what!?!? It's a walking area. K, I don't even have walking
days, let alone a walking area. But the Lord called me to there for a
reason (still trying to figure out what it was lol, but it'll come to
me one day). I walked at least 6 miles, in the blazing sun and
humidity, and I got 2 blisters on my feet as proof of my labor
hahahaha. Nah, but it was great! I learned a lot more Spanish, ate
some Peruvian chaufas de pollo, and learned that it is still indeed
possible for me to jump ship and swim back to my awkward shyness when
I'm in uncomfortable I basically failed my 1st
exchange as an STL...woohoo! In pain, hot, sweaty, thirsty,
blistering, sore, shy, etc etc- I was a hot mess, and my poor sister
had to suffer for it. I feel so bad, I wish I had a do-over for those
24 hours. But lesson learned I guess. Hey! Maybe that was what I was
supposed to learn- give it my all ALL the time! Never fall back into
"shy mode", stay the new me...*sigh*   One day.

Anyways! Then on Sunday we got to have lunch with the Acampora family
(yes, the same kind man who cracks my neck and back for me) and it
felt like a slice of home, just a little more Italian and Filipino :)

Today we're going to be playing volleyball on the beach in Perth
Amboy! And Sister Wood and I are getting our hair done (1st haircut
for me in 14 months!), so I have to run. But know I love you all!!!!!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 Plainsfield, NJ
 Rita's is Life
Helpers at the Soup Kitchen

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