Monday, August 29, 2016

The Week of Craziness....August 29, 2016

Hello All!
Forgive me if this email stinks, but my motivation to email and
actually do a good job at it has severely declined as I age hahaha

For Monday we did beach volleyball in Perth Amboy as a zone. It was a
blast! I got to go to the ocean for the first time in 8 months and I
LOVED it! It was the perfect day and we had lots of fun :)

Then I went on exchange to Perth Amboy the next day with Hermana
Holguin from El Paso,TX (but really from Chihuahua, Mexico)- and guess
what?? It was a walking area. Again. Hahahaha, ouch. My blisters
doubled in size, and I got 10 more mosquito bites. But I also ate
super good Hispanic food, and had awesome Korean drinks, and just
enjoyed life with S.Holguin. We found out we're basically the same
person, and I'm so glad I got to get to know her better. I also
learned some more Spanish, which is awesome!

On Wednesday, we had a special MLC with Elder Dube of the Seventy. He
came and taught and counseled with us leaders in the mission, and the
Spirit was so strong. The second he walked in the room, you knew he
was important and has power. He's pretty short, pretty average
looking, but he packs a spiritual punch. He did a role-play with
another elder on sister wood and I, and I almost started crying with
how he taught it. The Spirit just went whoom into my heart. He was
amazing, and I'm so glad I could learn from him.
Then on Friday we had all of the southern missionaries in a conference
with Elder Dube and President and Sister Taggart who all gave us
trainings  and it was super awesome. I wish I had gotten a picture
with him, but I never could.

We've been fed a lot this week because sister wood is goin home and
she's been in this Ward for 5 transfers now, so thats been cool too.

Oh! And Ellis Island on Saturday was the

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 volleyball pictures from last Pday
 Ellis Island

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