Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"I'm King of the Rock. And There Ain't Nothing You Girls Can Do About It."....October 10, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week we had Zone Conference, 'twas great! I got to see a bunch of my friends again, and I got to see Sister Bird before she goes home next week. I love that girl, she's a forever friend for sure! I'm so grateful for the mission- for the chance I have to meet so many awesome people that I never would have otherwise. I have so many lifelong friends that I met out here :)
Super weird, but this Zone Conference was my last one, the next one is after I go in January...so I bore my testimony with the rest of the missionaries going home in the next 3 months. Ah! So creepy. I'm so old lol. I'm not ready for all these "lasts".
I can honestly say I absolutely adore the Taggart's. I mean, I always have, but the time I got to spend around them on Friday at the conference was awesome. They are like my 2nd parents out here, and I'm real excited for the chance that I have to be friends with them throughout my life. They mean so much to me!
Also, I love the Stevenson's in my ward. He's the ward mission leader and she's the relief society president and they are both AMAZING! He's sarcastic and random, and she's eclectic and wonderful and together they are the couple I want to be when I grow up haha! I have a lot of respect for the both of them, and I really look up to them. They have had a huge impact on me in this area :)

In other news, I just got back from hiking a mountain! Well, a mountain for NJ...but a hill anywhere else haha! It's the highest I've been in 15 months #1800.  One thing that stinks is that my asthma kicked in for the first time in a yearish, but it was so beautiful to feel the wind, the chill, and hear the wind through the trees. That's my favorite sound in the world, I could listen to it for hours! It was a spectacular view too, and there were even some trees changing colors, so that was cool. The colors are super vibrant out here, I love it. I'd take my burning lungs for that any day ☺️

And funny story: I have found out there IS such a thing as toooooooo obsessed. I think myself a very proud geek, but man, i am MILD compared to some people. We met this lady last night and just started talking to her. We brought it to the gospel and started talking of Jesus Christ and showed her a video and everything, but she literally would NOT stop talking about LotR. Now, I love Middle Earth just like the next guy, and I would even label myself "obsessed"- but yikes...it was almost scary haha. We added her on FB so we could send her more videos and awesome links, but ALL I have gotten from her is endless links and pics and LotR quotes for 24 hours. I never thought I'd say this, but I had to block someone because they fangirl too hard! I know, I know, I'm one to talk, but I seriously am astounded by the fact that she's able to send me 25 pics in 2 secs, with the movie quotes...in English AND in Elvish. Hahahaha help!

The work's been slow this week, we were able to pick up a new investigator: the husband of a less active that we're meeting with tomorrow for dinner (yay Hispanic food!) but that's about all. We've just been finding awkward people that only want to talk about LotR and not Christ haha
I have faith that this week will be awesome though! The last week of the transfer usually is :)

I love you all!
Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
High Point
 Saying goodbye to Sis. Bird

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