Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nursing Homes and Deer Sightings...September 19, 2016

MOM NOTE....Sorry this is out of order. I totally forgot to post this before the last email.  BLAH!

IDEA!!!!!!!  Wow, sorry for the outburst right at the beginning, but
as you can tell, I can't contain all this excitement for pumpkins and
leaves and crisp air and scarecrows and pumpkins and leaves and
pumpkins and sweater weather and pumpkins and NO 90+ DEGREE DAYS. Boy
oh boy, this is gonna be "RIGHTEOUS! RIGHTEOUS!"

I felt super successful this week. It was an amazing week. Sis Burk
and I have really gotten to know one another and we're really good
friends, even though she does things that super bug me: like jumping
on me while I sit and then shaking me around and hugging me for 10
minute intervals while I shrivel into the chair in a weak attempt to
escape, cutting down my soda addiction, trying (key word) to make me
health conscious, etc etc ;)  so basically, all good things.

This week we helped one of our investigators with
a....stinky....situation. She's about 84 and has lost both her legs to
diabetes. She's having a real struggle right now in her life, and it's
really cool how God uses us to help her on Saturday. We originally
planned to see her at 6:30pm, but for some reason she called us and
asked us to come earlier. Well, we went at 4:30pm, and about 15 min
into our visit she had to use the bathroom. And let's just say, I'll
tell you the details later, but we had to stay an extra 40min and help
her. Pretty interesting, I definitely felt like a nurse lol- maybe
it's trying to tell me something!
But the cool thing was, I felt the Spirit so strong the whole time.
And we're promised as missionaries that when we feel the Spirit, they
do too. I truly know that when we're in the service of our fellow
being, were also in the service of our God. :)

Not much else has happened this week, we've had to drop literally
everyone in our area book because they haven't been seen in 150+ days,
or aren't progressing. But we have the faith we'll find some prepared
people! Woohoo!

I also do think I've ever been in so many nursing homes in my life. Lol

We just spent 3 hours playing dodgeball and slapdisk and it was
suuuuuuper fun! I got a couple floor burns from it, but it was worth
it. I love sports.

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