Monday, October 3, 2016

PA, NY, NJ, etc etc....October 3, 2016

Sorry my emails having trouble sending stuff right now, hopefully it will all go through keeps rejecting my emails lol!

This week we went to Pennsylvania, New York, and Ellis Island all in 3 days. I guess you could say we're going places haha

This week was pretty slow overall, still no investigators but I refuse to be down about it. I went 6 months in Emerson without anyone either, but I know we can get this area rolling! Super excited for this week!

So on Thursday we went on the prettiest drive ever! We drove through High Point State Park (the highest point in NJ, a whopping 1000+ It was super pretty with the leaves changing, not totally yet, but lots of cool colors. We were going to a member's house that lives in Pennsylvania, and we drove through New York to get there- basically I'm touring the east coast haha! I love it! I think I'd like to live in Pennsylvania one day, but well see if I can give up the mountains in Colorado :)

We also got to go to Ellis Island on Saturday to volunteer again! We missed Conference, but it was a blast. Felt the Spirit super strong and I loved it. Met lots of people from everywhere around the world: Scotland, England, France, Italy, Australia, Russia, and Norway are the ones I remember and asked about anyways haha. By yes, it was awesome and I love going there every chance I get! 

AND THEN CONFERENCE WAS BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD, A BAG OF APPLES, AND A BAG OF CHIPS!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. AWESOME. Just awesome. I'm so glad we get the chance to hear from our Prophet and Apostles every 6 months. They always say exactly what I need to hear! It was a spiritual uplift and kick into "compound gear";)  Here are some of my favorite things from each talk: 
  • President Uchtdorf: the more adept you become, the more you take it for granted. Don't do that!
  • Elder Hales: live a consecrated life!
  • Sister McConkie: God needs brace daughters
  • Elder Christensen: look at the fruits of Joseph's labors! *insert looong list here*
  • Elder Cornish: He believes in us, even when we don't believe in ourselves
  • Elder Andersen: find the puzzle pieces!!!
  • Elder Cook: do NOT elevate anything over Christ
  • Elder Stevenson: look to the Book, look to the Lord
  • Elder Christofferson: it's not what we've DONE, but what we BECOME
  • Elder Bassett: don't pry at the plates
  • Elder Yamashita: be ambitious for Christ!
  • Elder Oaks: sharing the gospel is not a burden, but a JOY
  • President Monson: this is the ONE perfect plan for peace
  • President Nelson: in order to endure the Atonement, Christ focused on JOY
  • Elder Meurs: sacrament, Mosiah 3:19
  • Sister Reeves: the sting of repentance is swallowed up in FORGIVENESS
  • Elder Ballard: never doubt Joseph Smith 
  • Brother Davies: JOY comes from worship
  • Elder Robbins: heart-changing requires heart-rending sacrifice
  • President Eyring: count your many blessings and every doubt will fly (also he grew up in Princeton, I served in one of the 2 wards that exist there now :)
  • Elder Cook: JUST SERVE
  • Elder Rasband: remember remember
  • Elder Schmutz: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (aka. My FAVE scripture)
  • Elder Nattress: He loves one by one.
  • Elder Renlund: repentance is the good news of the Gospel

Gosh I love Conference so much! Can't believe it's the last one in my mission...but hey, I got SO much out of it, I can't complain- only count my blessings. ☺️
Love y'all!

Also, shoutout to my family! Sorry I didn't send a separate email this week! Our pday was packed! But I loved your letter mom and I love all of you! Have a great 1st week of October!!!!!

Stay Jersey Strong.
Love, Sister McAllister
 she loves fall!
 She got the cinnamon rolls....hurray
 Just hanging with lady liberty and the seagull

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